are saltanat-talabs (monarchists) an endangered species ?

by hoomangolshan

with each passing year, there are fewer and fewer monarchies left in the world...  do you think that it is realistic to expect a monarchy to ever return to iran ?


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by Rostam on

Just 30 years ago, we used to think that "akhoond" is an endangered specie. Look now 30 years later, what do you see?

You wrote that with each passing year, there are fewer monarchists in the world. Not so in Iran, specially among the younger generation who are not binded by the feeling of hate.

In general, I think the reason for your blog is to vent your hate of monarchists and "chezoondane saltanat talabhaa". This is one reason this site exist to vent off our old and tired complexes. Makes us feel good, does it not?

And this is exactly the attitude that has kept the mollahs in power for more than 32 years. The correct attitude is to ask, "how we can work together towards a free and prosperous Iran, Monarchist, Republican and all the rest?"

They say that usually "hate" is more powerful than "reason". It is an illness that thankfully the newer generation is getting cleansed from.