What would be the best caption for this?

What would be the best caption for this?
by hazratee

What would be the best caption for? Isn't this embarrassing or what? Does he think he is in chaleh midoon?


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Faramarz Jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


That would be Einolah Kofti if I am not mistaken :-)


Can I poke your Halo ?

by dead on

Can I poke your Halo ?

Republican جمهوریخواه

چه بی‌ نمک، واه واه بی‌ تربیت!

Republican جمهوریخواه



متصدی تشریفات: ببین مستر پرزیدنت، باز از اون حرفا زدی، نیگا کن اونجارو که یه جماعتی دارن ازت قهر می‌کنن.

محمود خُله: به بُمبم.




by Truthseeker9 on


khaleh mosheh

He is saying

by khaleh mosheh on

Look to the left your holiness- we have installed some flash lights for you to use as your Halo.

Anahid Hojjati

Black guy to AN:

by Anahid Hojjati on

Black guy to AN: You better say nothing nasty about our first black president or I will kick your ass so hard that you will become first monkey of your country in space.


I'll crack ur head open w/ ur harmonica if u as much as sneeze!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred


He is asking him " can you pull this"

by Bavafa on

as AN pulls the finger, he is going to let out one sheeshaki and says, this is an echo of your speech.


Mardom Mazloom

بازی بازی، با چیز ما ها نه بازی !!

Mardom Mazloom

میری اون بالا زر-زر کنی, وای به حالت اگه ما سیاها رو وارد داستان توطئه جهانیت کنی!

محمود به خودش: این بابا انگشتش اگر اینه، وضع بقیه اعضا ش مشخصه... نه به مهدی قسم! اگر از این غلتا باز بکنم! با ملاها از این گوها خوردم هنوز جاش میسوزه!!


اون چیه دستت؟ به ولای علی‌ اگه جیک بزنی همونو تو ماتحتت می‌کنم!


Everything is sacred


کلاااااغ پر.


that was easy.  you lost.

hamsade ghadimi

security guard: "if i see

by hamsade ghadimi on

security guard: "if i see you use that goddamn phone again, i'm gonna kick yo ass so hard you land in mecca."

mahmoudi (trying his english): "one two three...i love you...happy new year."


صمد آقای نیو یورکی!



به من میگن صمد آقا!

خیال نکن که اینجا ده خودته که صداتو بلند کردی! اینجا کدخدا داره!

چنان بزنم به چشش!

یدلله کوفتی، بیا اینو ببر پاسگاه! 


Black gentleman to mahmood bi_mokh

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Now, is it true about you son of a b**ch hanging my black brothers in Baloochistan for being Sunni muslims like brother Malcolm X?

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

برو حمّام،بوی گند میدَهی !


فاکس نیوز با پخش تصاویری از صحنه های ملاقات و جلسات احمدی نژاد و زوم کردن بروی لباسهای احمدی نژاد نشان داد که در تمام این مدت آقای احمدی نژاد کت و شلوار خاکستری خود را به تن داشته و لباسهای او تغییری نکرده است .


مجری این شبکه لباس احمدی نژاد در طول اقامت در نیویورک را دستمایه تمسخر خود قرار داد و مدعی شد که رییس جمهور ایران در اقامت خود در نیویورک لباس خود را عوض نکرده بود و 3 روز با یک کت و شلوار در نشست ها و جلسات مهم حاضر شد.


مجری دیگر فاکس نیوز با اشاره به دمای بالای 30 درجه منهتن مدعی شد (گفت) که احمدی نژاد در روز پنج شنبه فرصت پیدا کرد که لباس خود را عوض کند


Farah Rusta


Farah Rusta



سیاهپوسته: یک دفعه بهت گفتم همینجا بشین تا صدات کنن

احمدی نژاد (تو دلش):اگه ایرون بودی میدادم ریپت کنن




مثل آدم میشینی‌ گوه زیادی هم نمی‌خوری! شیر فهم شد؟


Everything is sacred


To pick

by Raoul1955 on

a nose as big as yours, you will need thick fingers like mine.


I tell you for the last time,

by kazem0574 on

This is not a mosque, or you aunties house, DO NOT TAKE YOU SHOES OFF AGAIN. The stink has already nearly emptied the UN hall. I am placing a guard behind you, he will remove you next time you do that.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

It looks

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


that he is being strapped to the electric chair. The black guy is reading AN a last prayer.

Why is it that whenever I see AN he looks like he is either on trial or should be?

Disclaimer: I am opposed to the death penalty. That includes opposing it for AN.


Niloufar Parsi

excuse me Mr. President

by Niloufar Parsi on

would you like some nabaat with your chai


Iran Paidar,

by kazem0574 on

This man has no right hand so it must be the enemies of IR who have digitally stuck it there.

Ha, Ha HAAAAA..........Well done Iran Paidar, a big 1 to you and huge 0 to Sargord.

Iran Paidar 1st

According to Sargord Pasdar

by Iran Paidar 1st on

According to Sargord Pasdar, "(The hand pointing up is obviously from a different person than the large African man to his left.)"

Now, look at the actual picture in below link. You will see that like everything else that this guy says, is he full of BS or what?




by Miko on

Mr.President, It is time for your annual Prostate exam.



by Majid on



اگر امسال هم بخوای قصّهء بی بی گوزَک نشخوار کنی میندازمت بیرون! شیر فهم شد؟



Why embarrassing?

by Puck on

I did not find his appearance and his speech at the UN embarrassing at all. He said what others wish they could have said. What Chaleh maydoon?

I only wish he could have avoided the "Mehdi" remarks during his interview with the Fox News. 

My heart is true as steel.

Sargord Pirouz

Too easy: "Excuse me," to

by Sargord Pirouz on

Too easy:

"Excuse me," to the African gentleman to the left. "Mr. President, please look up at the screen behind you."

(The hand pointing up is obviously from a different person than the large African man to his left.)