Parallels in History

by Hajminator

History is being repeated once again. More than 10 000 000 innocents were being eradicated by the Nazi regime less than 65 years ago. Nazism is characterized by the evils of genocide, racism, and extreme nationalism. Looking at this dark moments and from a national German perspective. We see that most Germans were not Nazis - very few were actually members of the Nazi party. Most Germans did not even know about the mass murders, because Hitler's censorship of the press did not let them know any of it.

But, to a Zionist - oh no! That's all wrong, the Germans were all bloodthirsty monsters, all of them, trying to kill every last Jew! And the Zionists do not even mention that other, non-Jewish people were also killed in the Holocaust: Gypsies (Roma), Socialists, Communists, Poles, Hungarians, Frenchman, Danes, Checks, Slovaks, and any German who dared to criticize Hitler or the Third Reich. They all perished. 6 million out of the 10 million Holocaust victims were Jewish.

But, the rest are totally ignored by the Zionists. As are the victims of the modern day holocaust, the Palestinians.

The national slogan of Israel should begin by: Das blutrünstige Monster, Kriegsanstifter, kriegsverlanger! (The bloodthirsty monster, Inciter of war, prolonger of war!)


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Zionist detector,

by Hajminator on

Thank you to have enlighten this blog by these timely and relevant information.

Happy new year anyway my friend :-)



What a crap!

by Hajminator on

We celebrate the new year and there are people about to die in the most general indifference of those who do not lack anything.
تو که از غم دیگران بی غمی   نشاید که نامت نهند آدمی


UN Official: Gaza Facing 'Life or Death' Situation

by zionist detector (not verified) on

A senior United Nations official says many families in Gaza are facing a life-or-death situation as Israel continues its military offensive against Hamas.

U.N. humanitarian coordinator Maxwell Gaylord released a statement Wednesday calling on Israel to allow more humanitarian aid to flow into Gaza, which has been under a blockade.

Gaylord says it is crucial for the Karni border crossing to be opened to allow in wheat grain for the 750,000 people who rely upon U.N. relief. He also says electricity needs to be fully restored to Gaza's hospitals, which are overwhelmed with patients.

Many other world powers and human rights groups have expressed concern about the humanitarian situation in Gaza. Britain on Wednesday pledged $10 million in emergency aid for the Gaza Strip, calling the human cost of Israel's assault on the Palestinian territory "unacceptable."


United Nations: Israel's massacre of Palestinian civilians

by zionist detector (not verified) on

continues. More than 390 Palestinians have been killed since the start of the Israeli campaign on Gaza, and some 1,900 others are reported wounded.

"A minimum of 25 percent of all those killed are civilians and it may well be far higher," Christopher Gunness, a spoksman for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, told AFP on Wednesday.

Hajminator: Zionism must be exposed for the sake of humanity.


Zionist detector

by Hajminator on

It should be so, by quoting Rabelais again: Speak the truth and shame the Devil. Thank you for the information. In 1940, almost all people living in the dark Europe thought that Nazism was a banal Social party. By opposition of free-minded people, it has been revealed that it’s a devil-oriented ideology.

In now days, the same party has changed its name on Zionism.



Sir Vince,

by Hajminator on

You raise a fact that history is made by women and men and as long as people don’t change their behavior it will be repeated.
Rabelais said Science sans conscience n’est que l’abime de l’âme (Science without conscience is but the ruin of the soul). I would change Science by living.



by vince (not verified) on

Sir, My sincere apology. I was under the impression the blog was "Parallels in History".


Thousands protest in London more demonstrations are planned

by zionist detector (not verified) on

British demonstrations against Israeli bomb attacks in Gaza will gather momentum on Saturday with thousands of people expected to attend a rally in London and smaller protests planned in cities across the UK, say organisers.

Yesterday, in the third consecutive day of protest within shouting distance of the Israeli embassy in Palace Green, London. The protests are planned to continue tomorrow and on New Year's Day. A rally will be held at the Egyptian embassy in London on Friday to demand that the country's border with Gaza be opened, while the capital's larger rally will assemble on the Embankment at 12.30pm on Saturday.


Dear Azadeh,

by Hajminator on

Thank you for your comment and the reminder, I have effectively noticed the strategy. Another, childish act that Zion likes is to make self-supporting comments under different anonymous identities. In medecine, I think they call it the multiple personality disorder.



by Hajminator on

You seem not to read carefully comments made on this blog. I see nobody here supporting Hamas. Hamas, is an extremist group with norrow minded chiefs, it is also coward as it hides itself behind civilian people to lead irreversible acts. 

The subject of this blog is Zionism, a crawling evil, which was one of the instigators of the islamic revolution in 1979.



by Vince (not verified) on

As an outsider looking in, it seems to me the blind support by some Iranians here for Hamas over Israel is akin to their blind support in 1979 for the mullahs over the shah. You would think that they would learn to be careful of what they wish for.


Dear Hajminator,

by Azadeh K. (not verified) on

Be aware, at each time, Zion has nothing to say, she makes subjective intervention to deviate attention from the most important content.

It has been generally believed by scholars (at least until very recently) and non-scholars alike that the perpetrators were primarily, overwhelmingly SS men, the most devoted and brutal Nazis. It has been an unquestioned truism (again until recently) that had a German refused to kill Jews, then he himself would have been killed, sent to a concentration camp, or severely punished. All of these views, views that fundamentally shape people's understanding of the Holocaust, have been held unquestioningly as though they were self-evident truths. They have been virtual articles of faith (derived from sources other than historical inquiry), have substituted for knowledge, and have distorted the way in which this period is understood.

Thanks for the posting.


Anonymous Guy

by Hajminator on


Wondering why Israel owns 200 atomic bombs? To eradicate all akhi Goyim in one 200 shots?


Good girl,

by Hajminator on

Monstres sanguinaires, inciteurs de guerre, prolongeurs de guerre!

I give you 10 minutes to go and find out what language it is, as well as the grammar faults. Don't forget to make an average of my note :-)

Go girl, go



Don't push it haji

by Zion on

See, that is how I know you just copy and paste stuff. The plural form of das Monster is die Monster ie. without any 's' at the end. You have no clue of any of this , do you? That is also why you translated it as singular. It also doesn't match Kriegsanstifter and [K]riegsverlänger both of which are in singular, since Jude (Jew) that was the original expression you'd copy pasted was in singular too. So all matched before you did this little damage control of yours from some where else and messed it up.

Sorry man, I didn't want to humiliate you so publicly, but you just keep pushing it, and it is getting really silly.



by Hajminator on

Lesson givers in the modern world, using the sufferance of a group for political aims, aren’t Congolese. Any act of barbarism is condemnable.

In the past, I have repeated by several times that Mullahs back Palestinians not for compassion but as a shield. They even don’t care about Shiites living in Iran, how can one imagine that they care about Sunnites who backed Saddam during the Iran-Iraq war?

The region can not reach a peaceful conclusion without a solution in Israel. And, Iran can not hope to get ride of Mullahs without this peace. But, why can’t Israel reach such a solution? Hasn’t she the back of the united-states? The reality ain’t that Extremists of each board don’t want the war to be finished?

The subject of the post is however the nasty ideology of Zionism which has nothing to envy from Nazism.

Ps. In the headline it is written ‘... Enfejarat al-riaz’ which is Arabic. But if things go as they do, it’s possible that Keyhan will one day be written like that.



by Hajminator on

Evil has several faces so Die Monsters, the missing ‘s’ is a typo.


Thanks Darius

by Zion on

That was a very timely comment.

Darius Kadivar

Taking place right now and

by Darius Kadivar on

Taking place right now and no one talks about it ...

Christmas massacres 'killed 400' in Congo (bbc)

More than 400 people have been killed by Ugandan rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo in attacks since Christmas day, aid agency Caritas says.Tens of thousands of children have been abducted to be fighters and sex slaves. The LRA (Lord's Resistance Army fighters) are notorious for abducting children and mutilating victims ,,,

But to come back to your question, the point is that no one seems to ask the real question regarding this human Tragedy: Who is benefiting from it ?

Why is Iran for instance so concerned and shocked by this situation to the degree of hypocritically calling to organize a tribunal against War Crimes commited by Israel :


I totally agree with Pinter on the principle but I think that one needs to distinguish Military Operations however unfortunate that lead to collateral damages ( Human and material) with what is concerned as War Crimes in Times of Military Conflict.

I do not intend to justify the Israelian Operation but as an outsider can't we try and at least make the logical questions in regard to the events.

1) Was HAMAS Not the First Aggressor ? After all it launched the missles ( fabricated and furnished by IRAN and SYRIA) on Israel. So knowing the risks of an Israeli retaliation why did they take the risk of jeapordizing their own people ?

2) Is HAMAS a Race or a Political  Organization ( which also happens to be considered as a Terrorist Organization) ?

3) Is HAMAS Representative of ALL the Palestinian People( even if it won massively elections in Parliament) ? If it were a Genocide as stated then the Israelians would also attack the PLO and other Palestinians regardless of their political affiliation. It would be an ethnic issue and not a political one.

Why for instance didn't Iran ever express the same outrage towards Russia in Georgia ? Did anyone label that military operation a aGenocide ? No. The international community firmly condemned it but the word Genocide was only used by the Georgians as the HAMAS does today. More curious is that Iran has no particular indignation towards Russia for the massace of their muslim brothers the Tchechens but continues to have very good economic relations with Russia today.

My problem with what is going on is that this indignation is exploited by regimes like Iran or Syria who have other interests on their mind than the poor civilians which were killed in these attacks. They could have prevented it if they had not been interfering in this region by encouraging anti Israeli hatred and sponsoring Hamas with Arms and money and technical aid.

The Israelian have without any doubt responsability in the way these attacks were conducted. Could it have been done or handled differently ? I am no military expert and such a question could only be answered by a serious investigation. But I think that the HAMAS leadership knew well the risks and consenquences and they actually are very happy to appear as victims ( when in reality the real innocent victimes are the civilians in Gaza).

This is a common tactic which is unfortunately used in all modern military conflicts today and that is to use civilians as tools in War. In the middle Ages Armies would fight on battle grounds chosen on empty landscapes and villiagers were not hurt. This is impossible today unless everyone is disarmed. Personally I would like to see world Leaders fight amongst themselves in an Arena and have the people join the winner. It would be more fair. But modern warefare today hardly gives a damn about codes of honor.

But more seriously I have to say that we need to be careful in not being manipulated by incidents however dramatic which can overshadow a more complex and often dark reality behind.

That said  I totally agree that the death of ANY SINGLE individual be it military or civil is a Crime by definition. But to qualify it sytematically as a deliberate Act of Genocide only because we disapprove with the aggressor is I believe a far fetched labelization.

What is for sure is that we have two diametrically opposed mindsets that cannot cope with one another. 

That is why Impartial intermediaries need to try and separate opponents in the school yard and soothe the pain rather than take sides like Iran and Syria and spill Oil on an already complex and bloody situation as they have been doing in this current conflict.

My Humble Opinion,


PS: The newspaper in question was in Farsi but the guy maybe an Arab actor indeed.


Correction: Nazis killed more "Goyim" than Chosen People

by Anonymous Guy (not verified) on

The Nazi invasion of the USSR resulted in approximately 27 million deaths, mostly civilians. The Nazis killed more Polish "Goyim" than Polish Jews (in absolute terms) and more Gypsies than Jews (as a portion of the Gypsy population). So why do we always concentrate on the Jews? It's because of Jewish racial and religious self-worship and navel-gazing (the notion of God's Chosen People) and a strong streak of anti-Goy hatred among the Chosen People (as seen in the fact that the Yiddish words for non-Jew, "shiksa" (female) and "shaygetz" (male) mean filth or vermin). Jewish hatred of non-Jews is a fact of life that we should face (not all Jews, of course--but a significant portion of Zionists). As a rule of thumb, the louder the barks of "anti-semitism" are, the more you can be sure that the person doing the barking is a pathological Iranian-hater, Arab-hater, Muslim-hater, etc (because to the Chosen People, 99.8% of the wolrd's population are all Filthy Goyim, no matter what their religion).



by Zion on

I don't think, I know. Since you are in possession of such "Truth" you already know me, why ask? ( I see the mask is back on again. What happened, too much heat or what? Nice damage control. Down the memory lane it goes. "Oceania was always at war with Eurasia"...)
By the way Haji, I know I did applaud you on your German, but evidently you mess up things in all languages when you copy and paste them. It is 'Das Monster' when in singular. 'Die Monster' is plural. :-)



by Hajminator on

What part you disliked? Truth hurts, eh?
אתה חושב שאני גנב? ואתה, מי אתה?



by Hajminator on

I'll change it on The bloodthirsty monster, Inciter of war, prolonger of war!

JJ jan, shall I ask to replace the end by
But, the rest are totally ignored by the Zionists. As are the victims of the modern day holocaust, the Palestinians.
The national slogan of Israel should begin by: Die blutrünstige Monster, Kriegsanstifter, kriegsverlanger! (The bloodthirsty monster, Inciter of war, prolonger of war!)

if I edit the blog, it will disappear from where it is, many thanks.



by Hajminator on

Thank you for your constructive comment.

It’s a glaring trap than to confuse Zionism with Judaism. If we say Nazism is a demonic ideology, do we become anti-Christians? Or by the same, does IRI represent the true Islam?

If you don’t qualify what Zionists are perpetuating as Genocide. I ask you Harold Pinter’s question: “How many people do you have to kill before you qualify to be described as a mass murderer and a war criminal?"

I believe that people gathering in a delimited land like Gaza live in a ghetto and more than 340 deaths in 4 days represent a genocide, as well. Why ? Because we are talking about human lives who have been surprised in their daily livings by Lucifer.

In my view it is hate and nothing else which makes premeditated acts of barbarism. With more than 200 nuclear warheads, Israel fears who?

By the way I liked your video, thanks. Mais l’autre gars dans le metro n’est-t-il plutôt pas un arabe? Il me semble que c’est un journal arabe qu’il lit, non?


Haji letting the mask slip a bit, eh?

by Zion on

It's a shame, isn't it, that the corrupt world leaders at the time didn't allow the Nazis to finish the job of ridding the world of the Jew plague and the cause of all wars.
(I have to give it to you. Your German is much better than the Hebrew you steal from different sites. These are at least comprehensible.)


Mr. Hajminator,

by Princess on

I think I understand your outrage at what's going on in the Gaza Strip, but may I remind you how grave an insult the repetition of a NAZI slogan is to the memory of all victims of genocide, especially at this point in time.

Arguments have already been put forward, much more eloquently than I could. Please remove this distateful slogan from your post.

Thank you.


The Holocust Industry!

by Ajam (not verified) on

Dear Kurush, good points. In quasi-fascist societies such as the U.S., being a socialist or even a leftist is tantamount to being public enemy #1. That is why American politicians try so hard to avoid being branded as one! Hence, acknowledgement of the leftists as very first victims of the Nazis can mean political suicide, yet perpatuating the dominant media feed remains the safest option!

Indeed, out of the 52 million victims of the Nazi agression (majority of whom, 22 million russians and 26 million from the rest of the world) the six million Jews were specifically singled out for political gains and to further an agenda!

In a book called The Holocust Industry, Norman Finkelstein discusses how the holocust has become a zionist vehicle of oxploitation to shake down the rest of the world and justify Israel's criminal cunducts!

Darius Kadivar

I agree with Arash on this ...

by Darius Kadivar on

We often have the tendancy under emotional reactivity to generalize and even banalize historical events by biaised comparisons.

However DISPROPORTIONAL a Military retaliation by Israel in Gaza as it has in previous military operations it is absurd to compare the NAZI GENOCIDE ACTIONS with ISRAEL's PARANOIAC VIOLENT RETALIATIONS.

You cannot compare a systematic eliminations of a race or people considered racially inferior or physically inapt as conducted by the Nazi Final Solution with what is taking place today.

This an attempt to banalize history on grounds of anger ( however understandable) or emotivity.

A nations policy can be condemned harshly for its clumsyness or even violent nature but one should not the true intentions involved with the innaccurate comparisons.

I do concur on the fact that Israel's military operations and foreign policy does ressemble to some degree to that of a beaten child who once grown up repeats the pattern of violence it inherited on its own children or siblings. To some degree one can indeed wonder if Israel is not behaving in a similar way and nearly unconsciously behaving like its own oppressors did towards the Jewish population and other similar so called "inferior" populations. But it would be inaccurate to claim that Israel tries to export an ideology as hateful towards non Jews as the Nazi's did during WWII or even during the 1930's.

I do not agree either that the Germans were not in their large majority pro Nazi. The nation was fanaticized through propaganda and all sorts of psychological conditioning and brainwashing. That does not mean that every Nazi was capable of the horrific acts commited against the Jews. General Erwin Rommel was a former SS officer and yet is considered as a noble soldier and respected military genius even by his enemies. Yet many Germans were conditioned into adhering to the new ideology as something natural to do all the more that their kids could benefit from Youth Camps and their families from social priviledges if they were members of the Nazi Party.

Israel with all its shortcomings is not a dictatorship nor is it a totalitarian state. But it is certainly a sick society in one of the most troubled regions of the world.

It is sick from years of War and Fears that have been haunting them collectively because of their past and tragic fate during the Holocaust but also through centuries of marginalization because they were often rejected because of their life style and traditions.

That is VERY Different from being a hemogenous society run under a one party system and with a hateful ideology which was the case of Germany under Nazism or Italy under Fascism ( even if in this case Anti Semitism was not initially promoted under Mussolini).

One can draw ironic parallels in history but not exact identifications as the ones expressed often in the Iranian Press in Iran or in Arab countries which are at odds with Israel's foreign policy.

What motivates the Israelian Policy towards the Palestinians is FEAR where as in the Case of the Nazi's towards the Jews or Gypsies or other groups you mentioned it was BLIND HATRED !

I think it is always important to be clear and transparent in our critics towards Israel be them Harsh when they deserve to be but we also need to be just and draw a line between certain atrocities perpetrated by dubious ideologies like Nazism with  those commited due to political incompetance or political shortsightedness which I believe is the case of Israel today. 

My humble opinion,


PS: Food For Thought : What happens when a Jew and an Iranian ( reading Kayhan ) meet in a London Metro ? See Below:




by Hajminator on

I am the first who claims that Holocaust has been perpetuated by a bunch of inhuman evil men-like species.

When a society grows and becomes a great nation, it has the responsibility to protect the weak. Persia, on the behalf of Cyrus the great, did it and its splendor remained in History for more than 25 centuries. We assist now in an abnormal period, where the powerful kills, eradicates, perpetuates genocide by pretending its right to do so. Nazis did it, Attaturck did it and now Zionists do it.

The truth is that these groups of criminals search to destroy and persist on their madness. If you prefer I can change the slogan on
Die blutrünstige Monster, Kriegsanstifter, kriegsverlanger! (The bloodthirsty monster, Inciter of war, prolonger of war!)

Arash Monzavi-Kia

Let's not fall into anti-semitic rhetoric. Stay rational & kind,

by Arash Monzavi-Kia on


Although some of the points of your blog may be true (e.g. near amnesia regarding other victims of Nazism), there is a lot of unfair rhetoric to it.

First and foremost, the despicable Nazi slogan (The Jew: Inciter of war, prolonger of war!) should not be repeated by any rational human being. That lie was perpetrated by the Nazi's to justify the holocaust. They were saying that the Jews were behind the British decision to go to war against the German invasion of Poland; and that the Jews prolonged the war by making sure that the reconciliation efforts between the "two great Aryan nations of Germany and England" were defeated.

Let's not taint the just cause of peace and dignity for the Palestinians and all the Middle East, by unhealthy rhetoric. Please consider revising your blog.

Arash M-K