Parallels in History

by Hajminator

History is being repeated once again. More than 10 000 000 innocents were being eradicated by the Nazi regime less than 65 years ago. Nazism is characterized by the evils of genocide, racism, and extreme nationalism. Looking at this dark moments and from a national German perspective. We see that most Germans were not Nazis - very few were actually members of the Nazi party. Most Germans did not even know about the mass murders, because Hitler's censorship of the press did not let them know any of it.

But, to a Zionist - oh no! That's all wrong, the Germans were all bloodthirsty monsters, all of them, trying to kill every last Jew! And the Zionists do not even mention that other, non-Jewish people were also killed in the Holocaust: Gypsies (Roma), Socialists, Communists, Poles, Hungarians, Frenchman, Danes, Checks, Slovaks, and any German who dared to criticize Hitler or the Third Reich. They all perished. 6 million out of the 10 million Holocaust victims were Jewish.

But, the rest are totally ignored by the Zionists. As are the victims of the modern day holocaust, the Palestinians.

The national slogan of Israel should begin by: Das blutrünstige Monster, Kriegsanstifter, kriegsverlanger! (The bloodthirsty monster, Inciter of war, prolonger of war!)


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by Kurush (not verified) on

You touched upon a very important point which normally is under the radar. The first inmates of concentration camps were not the Jews or gypsies: the first inmates were Germans, speicifically the socialist and communists who had opposed the Nazis. Perhaps as many as quarter of a million German socialists and communists perished in the camps. But why is it that our historical memory remains so slective: we only remember the Jews as if they were the sole victims of the German fascist. Is there some modicum of conspiracy in that coincidence? Are we being led to believe that the German communist's murder in the camp is insignificant vis-a-vis the murdered Jew? What about the 20 million deaths in Russia during WWII, are they less importatnt than the Jew in the concentration camps, although those Russians also died of horrific deaths? More importantly, why are we to recollect the Jew as victims of other races, when right before our eyes today, the Jews in Israel are clearly the victimizers