Jew kids for nuke killings

by Fred

Revulsion and condemnation have been the most common natural reaction to the Burgas butchery where scores of holidaying Israeli youngsters were murdered, many more severely injured and disfigured for the rest of their lives.

However, with minor variations and amateurish attempts to cover their glee, the triumvirate of Islamists/rabid anti-Semites and their likeminded lap poodles of lefty allies employ what’s good for the goose is good for the gander justification.

They put on par the Burgas butchery of kids with the alleged Israeli complicity in the casualties of the shadowy intelligence war to curtail Messianic Islamists’ race to get the bomb, or as President Obama refers to it, “the nuclear weapons program.”

While expected, this reaction of the triumvirate is yet another window into their warped values which, if not stopped, will soon be in possession of the most efficient implement of mass murder. And the Messianic Islamists ruling Iran who have said their mission is to "manage the world" have their targets in the sane world prioritized.

Backbreaking airtight sanction plus air/naval quarantine is a must.


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by zolfali1 on

there is indeed need for anger control and tranquilizers.

hail mehdi and happy ram dama dam dam to all my brown  utterly non aryan muslim brothers and sisters :)

Immortal Guard

Look man!

by Immortal Guard on

As the chief button-pusher in charge you should either start taking tranquilizers or increase your current dosage of tranquilizers. You are literally bursting at the seams. Reserve some of your anger for the Arabs. In due time you will need it!

Just a friendly advice.



by Fred on

"I hope you understand the analogy"

I'm afraid I do not; the same with the rest of your comment. However, seeing what the Messianic Islamist Rapists, their foot soldiers and gofers do and say in justifying barbarity, I do agree with you where you say:

"Stupidity does not need horns and tail."



so, it was not Iran

by مآمور on

I m refraining from bad thoughts which would lead to bad deeds in this holly month!! therefore, god bless

however, the collective cheerleader of israel would be jumping up and down , if those innocent victims were Iranians, Syrians, Egyptian......

No, I m not celebrating this terrorist act unlike when they celebrate the  government supported terrorism killing Iranian university scholars!!


I wear an Omega watch


God may help you!

by elmcoint on

Aziz del Bradar. Why don't you see it from the other perspective. Islam is awakening again. I am Moslem, you are Moslem (maybe you are) or the guy next to you maybe a Moslem too. it does not mean that we are practicing the Mohammad way and the way his allies offered to us to do so, but most of us all over the world in Islam communities believe in some sort of islamic multicultural religion. I hope you understand the analogy.

You write about some type of (maybe be some type of) Iranian connection with Bulgarian Bus attack. No. There are over a billion Moslems with different religion practicalities that don't need Iranians direct involvement to continue on their fight against Israel or WEST. Some times shit happens, and there are some people agitated enough to carry on the purpose of Mohammad ideas since they believe WEST is the cause of all of the evilness in the world so in order to buy the key to heaven or some how to show their anger toward WEST and its allies who promote blasphemy in the world so they choose a target to fulfill their cause.

Stupidity does not need horns and tail.


May Peace Be Upon the Victims' Souls

by Demo on



On this first day of month of Ramazan, may GOD bestow peace upon the Burgas butcheries victims's souls and bring whoever responsible of such heinous act to a speedy justice.

Let's have a few minutes of silence on their behalf while listening to the following, would we? Thanks.