Iran Quds commander killed in Damascus
Israel National News / Gabe Kahn
19-Jul-2012 (5 comments)

Soleimani was killed as well in Damascus yesterday. Could this be true?

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ANALYSIS: Two things give the rumor some plausibility

by FG on

Lacking any direct sources, we must consider two known facts about Iranian involvement in Syria and some common sense.  That's the best I can do. it doesn't guarantee Suleimani is dead but it does offer hope. I've argued repeatedly that it is inconceivable that a bomb could kill four or five people at such a meeting without injuring far more, some critically.  If so, the additional victims had to be high value targets in terms considering the subject under discussion. Far more people would have attended--all of them high value security targets.  Yet we've heard nothing NOT A WORD about other casualties and--except for Bashir--why hasn't he media questioned this.  I hadn't thought about Suleimani but it would make sense that  Iran would have a representative there.  Who is more suited?   The article reports what is confirmable: "Al-Quds Force's long-elusive commander, Maj. Gen. Qassem Suleimani, is reported to have made several trips to Damascua to meet with Assad and his top commanders since January of this year."  If Suleimani died in the bombing neither regime dare mention it since it would represent a huge loss and a public embarassment with substantial repercussions for both regimes.  In that case, the media needs to start asking that question.  Repeated denials will have no credibility among Iranians unless and until the regime finally demonstrates otherwise by producing him. I'm also wondering about another near certain attendee--Bashir's notorious brother, a near certain attendee as well.   Were he badly injured or killed, could the regime have included his name along with other known victims.   As of yesterday he hadn't been seen in public.  I doubt he attended the big funeral today because Assad did not from all reports I stopped posting here because the editors buried an intended lead post in which I brought up this point, which they apparently considered trivial speculation.  I finally appeared this morning more than 30 hours after i posed it.  WHY?  Rather than risk similar frustration in the future (you can never know when such things will happen.    I make this exception it is soley to thank somone for an item I haven't seen anywhere else.     (Another frustrating thing about posting here is that sometimes the mechanism recongnizes the paragraphs you provide and other times it ignores them.  Then you get a mishmash like I'm looking at right now in my preview. That deters readers.   


One less garbage

by mahmoudghaffari on

The irony is they cant even have a hero's burial for him, cause that would be admitting the terrorist Quds force is involved in the massacre of civilians.  Now who is getting the last laugh????




by Azarbanoo on

He was/is Rahbar's Bastard!


Yeah but...

by JustAnIranian on

He was a specially big piece of sh....




Wonderful news…..1 piece of Sh?? Down, 1, 000,000+ to go

by DemocracyQuest on

Wonderful news…..1 piece of Sh?? Down,  1, 000,000+ to go