E=mc2 of Irani bigotry

by Fred

Just as E=mc2, there is a direct relationship between the amount of trouble the Messianic Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) buys itself through its domestic and international terrorism, and the sharp spike in the proliferation of anti-American/anti-Semitism/anti-Baha’i dispensing Irani autotrons.
In other words, the deeper a hole IRR digs for itself, the more autotrons bubble up spewing hate and blaming the Zionists (Jews) who ostensibly control the whole world including the sole superpower, America.

Canada kicking out all IRR diplomat/spies and closing her embassy in Tehran is a perfect case study. Soon enough, nuts including the kicked out head IRR rep in Canada, began blaming the whole thing on the Jews.

This is all to no avail, America hating, Jew despising, Baha'i reviling autotrons like it or not, with the ongoing meltdown of IRR’s economy, the emancipation of Iran and Iranians from 34 years of Islamist Rapists’ barbarism is not that far off.


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Interesting observation

by Truthseeker9 on

Interesting observation Fred. Thanks for the blog. 


OK Demo, prove me wrong

by Fesenjoon2 on

جماعتی که اینجا می بینی با تو پدر کشتگی ندارند. کافیست به همه آنها راست و پوسکنده اعلام کنی که:

1. اعلام کن که دین اسلام (و هر دینی دیگر) باید از سیاست جدا باشه. بی برو برگرد. چه اسلام ناب محمدی و چه اسلام بدعت خیز آخوندها.

2. به همه اعلام کن که ایران از اسلام برایت والاتر است و اولویت دارد.  اول ایران بعدا اسلام!

3. به همه اعلان بدار که با پیروان دیگر ادیان و مذاهب (چه فرقه اصیل و چه غیر اصیل) مشکلی نداری و مهم برایت خدمتِ در عمل است....نه اعتقاد و عقیده. بگو به همه که مثلا اگر یک هموطن بهایی یا یهودی شرایط لازم کفایتی برای پستی مثل ریاست جمهوری را داشته باشد برایت هیچ مشکلی ندارد و در عوض مهم فقط این است که به مملکتش خدمت کند. نه اینکه کیش و آیینش چیست.

4. برای همه رفع شبهه کن که با شرع اسلامی اجباری مخالفی. بگو مثلا موافقی که حجاب اجباری نباید باشد. و امثال گلشیفته باید کاملا آزاد باشند هر کاری دلشان میخوهد انجام دهند. چرا که همه چیز (حتی دین و مذهب) در گرو وجود آزادی اختیار عمل است که معنای حقیقی پیدا میکند. 

شما اگر به این موارد بطور صریح اعتراف کردی آنوقت از نظر من یکی که اسلامیست نخواهی بود. قبول؟ امیدوارم جواب سربالا ندی و جا نزنی. راحتمان کن و ختم قائله کن!



Faulty Quranic verses!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

The Quran that the Mozdoor  is talking about 24/7,  is a special quran, written by ali khamenei, published by islamist regime's ministry of Etelaat (SAVAMA) and signed:

To all my adoring, low ranking cyber malijaks. 

M. Ahmadinezhad, S.O.B, Malijak in Chief,  Islamic republic of Zereshk





. مزخرف میگم باشه. مجازتش با خالق حق. معلوست که در قرآن وضوحا آمده: إنَّ الدِّینَ عنِدَ اللّهِ الإِسلَامُ ولی در هیچ جای قرآن و مطلقأ هیج جا لغت «اسلامی» و یا اینکه این امر اسلامی و یا غیر اسلامی است وجود ندارد. انگاریکه خداوند سواد کافی برای توضیح نداشت که بعدأ  علمای دین! به کمکش بشتابند!!!!

2. چه کور در چشمان و چه روز و چه شب عاشق حق قلبش چشمانش است و چراغ راهش. تاریخ اسلام و قرآن هم در لوحی محفوظ در نزد خالق تاریخ و صاحب قرآن است چه انکارش کنی و چه نکنی. با الحمدالله گفتن و در مملکت شیطان بزرگ قایم شدن هم مثقالی از حسابرسی خدا از سر بشر جاهلش را کوتاه نمیکند. جانگیری هم در اختیار جان دهنده است و نگرانی واقعی از برای چماق بعد از جانگیری است.

3. کور که شدیم و جانمنمان هم که در آمد آش بلغورش و خورش فسنجونش برای ماندگان مهربان و دایه های بهتر از مادر!  دین خود را فقط خالق دین بهتر از از هر خود و هر نخودی میشناسد. و دلیل اصلی مزخرف نامیدن دین همان اساتید و فتوا صادر کنندگان و مفسرین و کسانی چون علامه طباطباییها هستند که با غلط کاریهایشان دین را دربست در خدمت شیطان بزرگ در آوردند و در آورده و درخواهند آورد که شیاطین دیگر دشنامش دهند و بسوزاننش و محتویاتش را مزخرفات بنامند!


Why so sensitive ...

by Harpi-Eagle on

To the word "Allah" Demo?  Don't you know that was the name of one of the main Airab Idols (Bots of Ghoraish) before Eezlam?  Don't you study your own Airab religion's history?  I guess not, I guess you being a good Moozlem, you believe Moohamed blindly and follow all of this charlatan's instructions without questions.  It's time to ask yourself a question, if "Allah" is the name of the real god and not the name of an Airab Bot, why was it that Moohamed's own father was named "Abdullah = Warship is for Allah" before Eezlam? 

Start using that muscle between your ears, "Mind, it's aterrbile thing to waste".  Allah did indeed become a symbol of hate after becoming Eezlam's god, because it was in the name of Allah the bedouine savages slaughtered millions and raped and pillaged millions more.  Shame on you for following and supporting this in spite all the historical evidence.

Payandeh Iran, our Ahuraie Fatherland




1. مزخرف میگی عزیز دلم. در قرآن وضوحا آمده: إنَّ الدِّینَ عنِدَ اللّهِ الإِسلَامُ

2. کور خودتی که تاریخ اسلام و قرآن را توی روز روشن انکار میکنی. البته برای من که اهمیتی نداره. آنقدر انکار کن تا جانت درآید. الحمدالله که چماق اسلام و قرآن اینجا در مملکت شیطان بزرگ از سر من کوتاه شده. 

3. اینقدر آیه واسه من بلغور نکن عزیزجان. آوردن آیه برای من هم هیچ کاری نداره. من دین خودت را از خودت بهتر میشناسم چون عمری مزخرفاتش را نزد اساتیدش مطالعه کردم و مثل جنابعالی از اونجام هم فتوا صادر نکردم ("قرآن تفسیر نمیخواد" یا "علامه طباطبایی غلط کرده" !!!). 


No, U R Too Blind to See..

by Demo on

1. Quran 'has not' & once again 'has not' been assigned any perfix to it by the words of GOD within its book. But has 'Majid' 'Hakim' & 'Aziz' & 'Mobarak' after it. Similiarly none of the GOD's ordains in the book has such prefix. None whatsoever.

2. As it has been clearly stated before IRI's heinous crimes all have been recorded & saved by GOD himself & like a cancer tumor the punishment has been partially growing withi the system from day first! GOD's hands are above everything. Meaning everything!

3. Name calling, if any, is for exposing the other side's intentions & nothing to do with Islam. If Fred, for intance, is using the word 'Muslims' rather than 'Iranians' to describe the regime's men, his or her intentions are crystal clear & they need to be reacted against. Furthermore, Demojoonam has its personal opinion about public figures like Golshifteh. If Oshpazjoonm wants to act like a police, well then he/she is worse than IRI itself.

"Have they not travelled in the land so that they should have hearts
with which to understand, or ears with which to hear? for surely it is
not the eyes that are blind, but blind are the hearts which are in the
" (Quran 22:46)


Oh I see

by Fesenjoon2 on

Demo claims to be "100% against of anything with the prefix Islamic", but is a staunch defender of the Quran (I suppose the Quran is something un-Islamic!), is quick to point out the 500000 Iraqi children whenever someone mentions anything about IRI's heinous crimes, and is swift to condemn Golshifteh for choosing whatever she likes to do. Demo cant even tolerate criticism of Islam, and immediately resorts to name calling and ad hominem.

These are the classical dead giveaway trademarks of an Islamist. 

It doesnt take a rocket scientist to realize if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck,,,,....it is a duck. 



by Demo on

Only & only Khoda (GOD) knows about the true nature of his creatures. Demojoonam for one thing has nothing to do the with the Islamic Republic & is 100% against of anything with the prefix 'Islamic.' But in Your Honor court is already 'sentenced' per the already issued judgment before going to any trials! Once again, that is what 'hatred' is all about.


demo joonam

by Fesenjoon2 on

You wanna resort to ad hominems? By all means then knock yourself out. Prove to everyone youre an Islamist agent of the Islamic Republic. Go ahead.


Great blog with great Issue

by Azarbanoo on

Thanks Fred.  True IRANIANS get their country back from these islamist bastards soon.


personal attack on me by Demo (aka first ammendment)...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 The low ranking cyber mozdoor of Islamist regime , just because I said a word or two in defence of Iranian muslims, is ample proof that the biggest enemy of Iranian muslims are non other than the paymasters of this foul mouth west residing/west hating angry mozdoor, the Islamic regime.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Good Blog,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

No excuses for Protecting the IRI, NONE.  ATTACKING IRANIAN COMMUNITIES IS UNACCEPTABLE/FASCIST.  Defending Iranians of all communities is important.

I totally disagree with the request to stop ALL USA BASHING/ATTACKING, though I truly doubt you are intelligent enough to acknowledge the true source of the worlds misery today, "the decline of thoughts eminating from the USA" or the good job I am doing for your sakes too.  As the world leader, not only has the USA imposed the IRI, they love and fully use extremists to meet Neo-colonialist aims.  If the USA didn't love extremism for others we wouldn't be seeing only those elements receiving full support and the other elements which are the majority being suppressed and attacked. Fred, one only has to look at the US embassys files in tehran, which they shredded during the seizure to see the body of evidence and realize the USA was actively sending all democratic and humane allies to their deaths and fully supporting the Islamist Rapists.  Fred, You should be the first person condemning this, and requesting a change from the USA, in place of secrecy and not discussing the issue, which under the circumstances is despicable. 

FYI- without addressing what I just brought up above Fred, don't even imagine in 1000 years the Iranian situation will be resolved positively or any of our condemnation for the IRI will get anywhere positive.  US Policy is central to this filthy mess, the extremist mullahs in power in Iran while they never discuss this know it fully and are unmovingly emboldened by it.  My suggestion to you, learn/study what I am saying and support me by mirroring my actions, I couldn't care less who gets credit as long as change for the better occurs for all. 


hate starts with the name Allah

by Fesenjoon2 on

and His divisive policy of seperating the "believers" from "non-believers" (kuffar).



Hatred in, Hatred out!

by Demo on

The abundance of bloody hatred in the the fake lefty's heart is popping up 7 times by the repeat of word 'hate' in his/her text below!

Well, you don't have to be Einstein to figure out who the real hatemonger is around here, while his/her hands are massaging the backs of we all know 'who's' crowd!

Hatred in, Hatred out! That is what a Hatemonger is All About!



by Fred on

The good news is, in democracy, the more these Islamist Rapist hatemongers, their  sleeper agents and gofers talk, the more they are exposed. Therefore, they should be encouraged to keep on trukin.



Fred: One addition to your good blog....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 if I may:

The Jew hating , Bahai hating, sunni hating, US hating, women hating..... cyber commentary, sponsored by the corrupt, thieving murdering Terrorist Islamist regime's Ministry of etelaat (SAVAMA), also fuells the hate and despise towards the ordinary muslims who not only have nothing to do with this hate mongering, but themselves are the main victims of islamist fascism. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

First Amendment


by First Amendment on

You don't have to be an Einstein in order to know that there's a difference, a huge difference indeed, between Judaism and filthy savage Zionism.....your subliminal attempt for equating the two has been noted and will be chalenged.............no single decent soul can keep silent when you try to portray the victims (honorable Jews), and the criminals (filthy savage Zionists).............Judaism and Zionism are different.......Only filthy savage Zionists claim that the dichotomy is false; it is not.

And as far as our good Bahai hamvatans are concerned, since in recent days our IC has been needlessly saturated (over-saturated) by the subject, I limit myself to only mention the fact that their belief system has fallen victim to their political association.......that's all........