Iran is a country of fools


Iran is a country of fools
by Fesenjoon2

Behold a snapshot of one of Iran's newspaper frontpages. It reads:

"Ayatollah Kharrazi expands on the principles of the physics of religion and uses analytical Islamic Jurispredence to explain the relationship between earthquakes and sin: Earthquakes are the manifestation of the infinite density anger of the position of Velayat of the descendants of Mohammad in reaction to sinful acts."


The physics of religion? Really?

Someone please tell me how it is that such fools continue to rule Iran for 35 years strong. And no, this does not happen anywhere else in the world. In no other country do we have a group of complete messianically brainwashed idiots ruling a country from top to bottom like in Iran. Pat Robertson or Bryan Fischer dont rule America (although I'm sure they'd love to). Iran is the only country where fools rule.

And maybe that's because their subjects are fools too. You got rid of the Shah who built your top universities and first nuclear reactors, and instead replaced him with someone who declared "Economy is for donkeys"?!


What potent shit were you people smoking? 

Oh I see, you saw his picture on the Moon. Yes I remember that. The neighbors holding binoculors showing each other the Imam's visage on the lunar surface. (and all I kept seeing was an upside down baby alligator I thought). And these were the educated, God forbid.

Khers put it exactly right. People largely are to blame. They let shit-for-brain jackasses like this Ayatollah Kharrazi sit on the pulpit and lecture them about the "Physics of Religion". They let the most incompetent fools to walk the earth define their identity, change their language, delete their history, distort their culture, destroy their economy, bring them misery and constant war, and ride their asses hard.

And what do the people do? They conform and adjust themselves to the clerical rule.

Even the so called Green movement was a farce. Mousavi was part of the system. He was "Khomeini's Prime Minister". The Greens didnt fight to overthrow the system. They merely wanted to reform it. Take a good hard look at this picture. What do you see?

And many still think there is such a thing called "Islamic Democracy". You dipshit dweebs! Islam and Democracy are like fire and water. They innately oppose one another! Let me put it to you this way:

This is Islam. This is Democracy.

This is Islam. This is Islam. This is Islam. This is Islam. This is Islam. This is Islam. This is Islam. Thisssssss is Islam.

This is freedom. This is freedom. And so is this. and this. and this. (Coincidence? I think not. And neither is this or this.)

So go ahead. Keep on distracting everyone's attention away to Israel and utterly stupid shit that has NOTHING to do with Iran, keep on spewing hatred against the US. (you have no idea how the mullahs appreciate what you do, ...or maybe you do!). Keep on trying to adjust your life to accomodate the Islamic Republic, instead of the other way around. (hence the term KHAAYEH MAAL). 

Go on. Continue your implicit tacit support by being obedient, visiting Iran every summer, and avoiding talking about the source of all of Iran's problems: Islam, Mohammad, and the fact that you fucked up royally in supporting Khomeini and his masochist followers.

Islamic Physics.

A country of fools.


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Anonymous Observer

Dude, as I have always said

by Anonymous Observer on

There is a reason why we are ruled by the only theorcracy in the 21st century..and that reason has nothing to do with the U.S., Israel, Zionists, imperialists, "este'maar" or "estesmaar."  It's our rotten to the core culture, the one that was built for us by Allameh Majlesi, that has brought us where we are today.  The Islamic Republic is a creature of our culture.

Well done.  Wonderful piece. 



by jmyt17 on


فكر كرديد اسلام واقعي غير از اين باشد؟

 I would like to share this one for a last time with all of you. Thank youAkhoondi را گفتند: چه خوري؟
!گفت: گوشت ملت
گفتند: چه نوشي؟
گفت: خون ملت!
گفتند: چه پوشي؟
گفت: پوست ملت!
گفتند: اينها را از چه راهي به دست مي آوري؟
گفت: از جهل ملت
گفتند: از جهل چگونه نگهداري و مراقبت مي كني؟
گفت: در جعبه طلائي تقدس!
گفتند: و چيست محافظ آن جعبه ؟!
گفت: خرافات


Thanks for sharing this

by Rastin on

I agree with both of you. Having 3-4 thousands years of history behind us doesnt matter, when the majority behave like monkeys in a zoo.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory (courtesy of Bavafa)


  My sentiments exactly

by Parsy on


My sentiments exactly and I believe perhaps millions of other "hamvatanans" both inside and outside of Iran.  I often ask and wonder how we as a nation improved and prospered since the 1979 revolution?


Wherever there is bloodshed, oppression, tyranny, "zolm", injustice , brutality, dictatorship, fascism, suffering of innocent, persecution of innocent, scream of tortured prisoners reaching the sky then you can find IRI and name of Iran….


Whatever happened to Us as a Nation?