Zoroastrian Prophecies:

Zoroastrian Prophecies:
by faryarm


 Much of ancient Iran's greatness is owed to the spiritual influence and the moral teachings of Zoroaster. 

The Zoroastrian Scriptures, like those of all the other world religions, contain Messianic Prophecies foretelling the future appearance of a "redeemer".

"He shall be the victorious Benefactor (Saoshyant) by name and World-renovator [Astavat-ereta] by name. He is Benefactor because he will benefit the entire physical world; he is World- renovator because he will establish the physical living existence indestructible. He will oppose the evil of the progeny of the biped and withstand the enmity produced by the faithful."--- Zoroastrianism- Avesta, Farvardin Yast 13.129

A statement attributed to one of the Zoroastrian Scriptures contains one of the most explicit prophecies identifying the TIME when this "World-renovator" will appear.

"When a thousand two hundred and some years have passed from the inception of the religion of the Arabian (Muhammad) and the overthrow of the kingdom of Iran and the degradation of the followers of My religion, a descendant of the Iranian kings (?) will be raised up as a Prophet."--- ZOROASTER- Dinkird




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گر جمله کاینات کافر گردند بر دامن کبریاش ننشیند گرد

007 (not verified)

ابر هر قدر کثیف باشد اشعه افتاب عاقبت او را متلاشی مینماید و محو میکند.انوار افتاب حقیقت را هیچ ابری حجاب نشود.نسیم گلستان الهی را هیچ سدی مانع نگردد.باران اسمانیرا هیچ حائلی عاجز نشود...درخت بی بار را کسی سنگ نزند.چراغ خاموش را کسی تعرض ننماید. ...نظیر انکه از پیش گذشت در زمان موسی نگاه کنید غرور فرعون بنی اسرائیل را مدد وعون بود.هر چند ان ظالم اعلام کرد که موسی قاتل است.لهذا باید قصاص گردد ولی این قوت ثاثیری نداشت.فریاد کرد که این موسی و هارون هر دو مفسدند.میخواهند دین مبین شما را بهم زنند.و در مملکت اختلاف و فساد اندازند.لهذا اهلاک و اعدام انها لازمست (ان هذان لسل حران یریدان ان یبدلا دینکم بسحر هما و یذهبا بطر یقتکم المثلی) ابدا ثاثیری نکرد.بلکه نور موسی درخشید.شریعتش منتشر شد.نورانیت تجلی سینا احاطه کرد...اگر امر عادی بود کسی تعرض بر ان نمینمود.امر هر قدر عظیم تر است دشمنش بیشتر است لهذا ما باید در نهایت ثبوت و رسوخ بموجب تعالیم بهاالله عمل نمائیم مرحبا. خطابات حضرت عبدالبها,
ص .۱۹


We thank Baha'u'llah for guiding us to this path.

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We thank Baha'u'llah for guiding us to this path.

Mona 19

Two Tablets from Baha'u'llah

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Baha'ullah revealed numbers of Tablets to Zorastrians in pure persian.

1.Tablet of Seven questions (lawh haft pursesh)...in honor of Ustad Javan Mard....He was a teacher and a devoted Baha'i from Zorasterian background.he wrote to Baha'ullah and asked him some questions and this tablet was relvealed...Baha'u'llah calls him shir mard (lion of a man) in this tablet.

p 8-12



2. lawh Manikchi Sahib ( he was Zorastrian from persian background who born and grew up in india...he met Baha'u'llah in bagdad and became admirer of him...here is a tablet in answer to one of his letter...he also received some other tablets)

p 19-23



Most Regards,Mona ;)












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Faryar Jaan

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Hope this help :



Ebi aka Haaji


This is getting more interesting..

by faryarm on

Thank you Ebi jaan and Samsam,

 This is getting more interesting..there seem to be similarities in translation and interpretation

of what seems to be the same text...??

There is an exquisite "Tablet" written by Baha'u'llah,  in pure Persian regarding the divinity of Zoroaster and the Fulfillment of Zoroaster's prophecies.

If anyone finds it before I do please quote it..





ebi amirhosseini

Faryar Jaan

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Contents of the Nasks (Ancient Canon of Zoroastrianism) 

Translated by E. W. West, from Sacred Books of the East, Oxford University Press, 1897.


Nask 13: Spend (gathic/religious)

Birth and life of Zartosht, his vision of the past, future, and other world; (§12) his posthumous sons, the future apostles.

Information also as to many other things which are marvelous, and as to a summary of the statements of these seven inquiries, which is derived from knowledge of every kind. 10. Likewise, about the communication of Zartosht's knowledge of the Mazda-worshipping religion to the world, his attracting mankind to the religion, and the ages, after Zartosht, until the renovation of the universe. 11. And about the nature of the advancement of the people of the period, the separation of centuries and millenniums, and the signs, wonders, and perplexity which are manifested in the world at the end of each millennium in the world.

Also as to the birth and arrival of Aushedar, son of Zartosht at the end of the first millennium, and a report of him and his time, and of the many destroyers of the organizers of the period between Zartosht's millennium and the coming of Aushedar. 13. The arrival of Aushedar-mah, son of Zartosht, at the end of the second millennium; information about him and his time, and the destroyers of the organizers who were within the millennium of Aushedar. 14. The coming and arrival of Soshyant, son of Zartosht, at the end of the third millennium, the destroyers of the organizers who were within the millennium of Aushedar-mah, the arrival of Soshyant, and information about Soshyant and his time. 15. Also, as to the renovation of the universe and the future existence, it is declared that they arise in his time.



Faryar Jaan,since long time ago I studied parts of Dinkart ,my memory betrays me!,Which part is this refrence from:

"When a thousand two hundred and some years have passed from the inception of the religion of the Arabian (Muhammad) and the overthrow of the kingdom of Iran and the degradation of the followers of My religion, a descendant of the Iranian kings (?) will be raised up as a Prophet."--- ZOROASTER- Dinkird."

As long as my limite knoweldge permits me to comment, all Promised Ones comings after Zardosht (  ushidar,ushidar mah & Soshyaans/t),happens in intervals of 1000 years & supposedly in Chichast (Urumieh-Azarbarejan) lake.



Ebi aka Haaji


Thank you Faryarm

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"When the people of Iran will become wicked and do evils ... at that time a Man shall rise up from the Arabs, through whose disciples they will lose the crown, the throne, the land, and their religion, and be destroyed ... By the lapse of one thousand years, after the establishment of the Arabic Religion(is about time now)--, His followers will have already spoiled their Faith so much by splitting up themselves into sects that, were it to be presented to its Founder, He would not recognize the same. Thus shalt thou see the Iranians that they shall not listen to any Wise Man. Were some one to say the Truth, they shall come out with weapons to fight with Him. The worst among the evil deeds of Iranians is that they have killed the One Who, though from amongst themselves, was the Sovereign Lord of all the Angelic Attributes." - Dasàstìr-Asmànì' (The Book of Heavenly Commandments)

Denkard ; Keep in mind that a tiny bit of the prophecies as Faryarm noted had post Sassanid flavour but were mostly prepared via Destures of Sassanid khosrus ;

You can read Denkard here ;




Yes, They await Shah Bahram

by faryarm on

Yes, The one promised by the Zoroaster is named Shah Bahram.



by faryarm on

Dear friend,

This has also roused my interest,as I am looking for the original text., rather than the website with this quote...

I  will post any references as soon as possible...

A far as I have been to find out, According to scholars of the subject, of all the Zoroastrian scripture presently known, only the Gathas, 17 hymns which have been preserved in the ancient language spoken by Zoroaster, are attributable to Him.

Dinkird",3 which is translated as "Acts of the Religion". Dinkard or  Denkard is a 9th century compilation of the preserved Zoroastrian scriptural materials, and summaries and commentaries on the contents of the Avesta. It is written in Middle Persian using the Pahlavi script, of which the first 65 chapters of Book III were missing, we note that according to the Encyclopedia Iranica, the Denkard was originally divided into nine volumes of unequal importance, but the first two and the beginning of the third have been lost .

I would like to perhaps get some help from the encyclopedia Iranica.




They are awaitng "Bahram".

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They are awaitng "Bahram".


Independent Investigation of Truth!

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Are there any books on Zoroastrian that you would recommend?I would prefer books in Farsi,but English books are ok too.