We Were Meant To Be The First!


We Were Meant To Be The First!
by faryarm


It Never Ceases to Sadden, how Other Nations Have Caught On Before Us , when we were meant to be the first;  when i see how "blind" we have been as a nation; a nation that continues to suffer, not just because of the paralysing influence of the Shia clerical establishment, but  generally because of our own lack of interest and knowledge due to inherited prejudices and inability to investigate and "see" through our own eyes.

I believe that what Iran and Iranians suffer from today is a direct result of the rejection of spiritual ideals , close to our Persian identity and Soul, first given to us, IRANIANS back in the 1860s, over 150 years ago.

The result being, the missed opportunity of a Qajar era backward nation, steeped in poverty, ignorance and corruption to take a massive leap forward through the regenerating spiritual influence, similar to those that have previously given rise to new civilizations in history.

It is this regenerating spirit that has given birth to not just a worldwide community of people from all races and nations called the Bahais , but the widespread recognition in diverse peoples hearts of what is unmistakably, the spirit of our age; directed by a  hidden hand, which  is undeniably reshaping humanity's fortunes, breaking down age old barriers and creating the means for humanity to see itself not just as lovers of their own homeland but as greater World Citizens.

The following are examples of this regenerative Spirit of our age; how it echoes the reality of the Message of Baha'u'llah in the 1860s, to first the people  and country of his birth. IRAN,  and to the world, who thanks to the blinding power of the Mullah have until today kept it hidden from IRANIANS, its original recipients.

I sincerely hope that all who read the above, will accept it as not any kind of "Tabligh" , but a gentle nudge to try and judge for themselves, to dig deeper in our history to realize what we were given, and how we Iranians are the last when we were meant to have been the first to see what the future has in store; 







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Bfarahmand; you have asked this before...

by faryarm on

Bfarahmand; you have asked this before...see below from  july 27 2010

Unfortunately the impression from your several posts regarding anything "Bahai" indicates that you are not really interested in any answer; which poses the question as to the purity of your motive...

In any case, if you are indeed genuine, here is a link  about Islam and the Bahai Faith //www.bci.org/islam-bahai/   

where you can begin to answer your own questions instead of having to engage in the tred old "drive by.." in blogs.




Your original question: 

Please Educate Me

by bfarahmand on 

"Am I right by saying that Bahai"s faith is an extension of Shia religion.? Am I right by saying that Baha'ullah is the last imam as it is seen by Bahais ?"

Please do not go through detail -Thanks

You were answered and asked to investigate further if really interested. 

Dear Mr farahmand...

by faryarm on 

The Bahai Faith is as much an extension of Islam as Christianity is an extensuion of Judaism.

In short, Bahais Beleive that Baha'ullah is the latest, but not the last of Messengers from God; that all Messengers  religions are basically stages in the spiritual education and evolution of mankind; each having come for a limited and specific time and place.


Please refer to

//info.bahai.org/persian/ for more detail.  



Dear MR. bfarahmand.

by Ruhi on

   I would like to share a thought with you.

When a Bilivian or Equatorian indigenous becomes a Bahai, he does not do that because he is waiting for Imam Mehdi, Nor does the Native Hawaiian, or Native Canadian do that for that reason.

The Idea of Imam Mehdi, Return of Christ, coming of Fifth Budah, or the Return of Shah Baharm as well as other expressions of  RETURN is a simple link for Humanity understnd this concept of SPITITUAL UNITY OF MANKIND.

In the early days of Bahai Faith in Iran it worked for many people with Shia background to understand this concept of Return.

Bahais believe that Bahaullah is the Promised One of all Religions of the past

it is up to you to investigate for yourself from a reliable source and not not from the point of view of  people who are ill intentioned. //www.bahai.org/

There are Bahais all over the world and from different religeous and ethnic backgrounds.

The Idea of Imam Zaman is Necessarily a link for a shia muslim to understand this concept better.

Thanks for reading and I wish you good luck!


I like to know

by iamfine on

Is  Baha'u'llah the same as Emam Mehdi (the 12th Emam)? If yes, then Bahai religion is nothing but a branch of Shia religion. Therefore, Bahis are Muslim as well. Why switch?

Your thoughts 


Just a new code of human behaviour is a start...

by faryarm on


Just a new code of personal human behaviour is a start...

We are many many years  away from establishing such a system..

maturity, especially the spiritual kind is inevitable , but still in our future. 

It is up to the individual to think and take responsibility...

as they say think globally, act locally





by farshadjon on

So true, Faryar!

We have tried many system of governments from constitutional to monarchy and in the last thirty years the Islamic ideology.

I wonder why we cannot try out this idea only for one year and see whether it is working or not.If it was a stupid idea as per the comment by ComraidsConcubine, then we have not lost anything, we simply drop it.

P.S. I noticed that ComraidsConcubine is just joined IC 10 hours ago, so welcome back!


"Stupid" ideas that would have harmed Iran 150 year ago...

by faryarm on


Re :"Some ideas are so stupid that only an intellectual could believe them. - Orwell"

Some "stupid ideas"

Humanity is one. People of all races, nations, economic groups and religious backgrounds are equal in the sight of God.

  Find out for your self; don’t listen to the Mullah Each individual is responsible for investigating truth independently.,

All religions share a common foundation.

Universal education to ensure that every child is entitled to a sound, basic education is fundamental.

Women as the mother should have priority in education, since she is the first educator of a child; Full equality between women and men in all departments of life and at every level of society.

Harmony between science and religion as two complementary systems of knowledge that must work together to advance the well-being and progress of humanity. Science without religion is materialism - religion without science is superstition.

The elimination of all forms of prejudice.

Recognition of the common origin and fundamental unity of purpose of all religions.

Spiritual solutions to economic problems and the removal of economic barriers and restrictions.

The abolition of extremes of wealth and poverty.

The adoption of a world auxiliary language, a world script, a uniform and universal system of currency and of weights and measures.

To establish a universal peace protected by a world commonwealth of nations. Peace to be brought about by a truly representative international body,benefitting the the common interest of all nations and peoples as opposed to the richest and the most powerful, as it is now. 

For more “stupid ideas”...

PS. Ignorance, specially ignorance of one’s spiritual capacity,without individual  responsibility and need for wisdom would lead to a dark future , a totalitarian world, imagined by orwell in his writings. Humanity has a choice; either the triumph of Man’s noble spiritual nature over his animalistic tendencies or the triumph of man’s lower nature. with al its needs and wants, as dictated by nature.



Nice , very nice.

by Tahirih on

Thanks for posting this true blog. Not too many people have the courage to say it but it is so true. I always wonder ,what it would have been and where we would have been if Bahaullah's message was not lost in Iran under all the prejudice and superstition of his time.

Warmest regards,



Oh please

by ComraidsConcubine on


Some ideas are so stupid that only an intellectual could believe them. - Orwell

Maryam Hojjat

Faryarm, I agree with you

by Maryam Hojjat on

and I think Bahai religion is one of the best spiritual pathways that one can choose.  Especially for IRANIANS.  I think Iranians as nation should choose two pathways for their spiritual life and they are Bahai & Zorasterianism, both are IRANIANs and in accordance with Persian culture.