Video: One Hundred Thousand Veils...


Video: One Hundred Thousand Veils...
by faryarm

One Hundered Thousand Veils, is a rivetingly beautiful song about the abuse of Human Rights in Iran, by Luke Scott, a Bahai from Ireland.

One Hundred Thousand Veils', from Luke Slott's upcoming album 'The Light of Unity', was written to mark International Human Rights Day (10th December). The song focuses on the deteriorating human rights situation in the Islamic Republic of Iran, specifically the plight of the Iranian Bahá'í community, Iran's largest religious minority, who are being systematically deprived of some of the most basic human rights, including the right to higher education. 'One Hundred Thousand Veils' is available as a free download from


Come down
and walk these roads around
the city of Tehran
where seven candles burn

Follow me
all you who claim to be
possessed of charity
down to the Crimson Sea

One hundred thousand veils have covered the sun
and darkest clouds have blocked and blackened the blue sky

Did you hear the fate
of those who educate
who even in the grave
find no respite from hate?

Have you seen the youth
who gave their lives for truth,
that girl who kissed the noose
and welcomed all abuse?

One hundred thousand suns have fallen to earth
with blasts that block the ears from hearing the new song.
One hundred thousand veils have covered the truth
How many mothers’ cries are lost in the tumult?

There is no war to fight
you have no sacred right
no holy book to cite
to make these wrongs seem right

Does it so offend
to want this world to mend,
to walk in hope to the end
and see each man a friend?

Come down
and walk these roads around
the cities of Iran
which boast so much to man.


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