Video: I Need A Hug; In memory of a beloved friend.

by faryarm

In Loving Memory of a Dear Friend: Rebequa Murphy

This was originally made in her honour last February at her memorial service.

Written and Directed by: Zia Mohajerjasbi DP: Marty Martin


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Nima Hazini/Zulf#/wahid Azal?Nur how much lower will you sink?

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Nima Hazini / Zulf#/ Wahid Azal / NUR etc.

how much lower can you sink?


Rebeque Murphy = Mushrik

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"We don't want to be like those people who want to see God with their own eyes, or hear His melody with their own ears, because we have been
given the gift of being able to see through the eyes of the House of Justice and listen through the ears of the House of Justice." - Bahai
Counselor Rebeque Murphy


To hear this section of her talk go to: