Video: The Cycle of Opposition

Video: The Cycle of Opposition
by faryarm

An historical look at Shia Islam's Opposition to Bahais in Iran 


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Back in the US...

by faryarm on

Dear Rosie and Friends,

sorry to get back so feel free to contact me..

it would be a pleasure...



sounds like a date!

by ta rosie a toujours (not verified) on

cafe au lait...

i can't wait!

we need to do a photo essay, you know...souri and formerly rosie skip the light fantastic on the sidewalks of new york!


ps faryarm, please excuse our socializing, i know it's a very serious blog but this is an historic moment! and also i'm sorry, i can't understand the videos, wish'd very much i could've though...


My dear Rosie

by Souri on

I'm so glad we can still talk here like before !

I may come to NY soon (soon means from tomorrow until November:O)

I will call you to meet and have that coffee together, especially in 87th E. Manhattan, Timothy cafe !!! OK ?

Let me know if I can do anything for your email. Talk soon.


ca va, souri, mon ange!

by robin (not verified) on

oh i'm so glad to see you! i've missed you. thinking about you a lot. what i asked faryarm is for his permission for me to give him my e-mail here. if he says he wants my e-mail, yeah, it would probably be better for you to send it to him privately, thanks, but first i want to know if he wants it!!! :o)

my "blog" you're talking about that i mentioned below is just the summary i wrote for faryarm of a blog i had been PLANNING on writing (one of quite a few i have half-written somewhere on disk, paper and/or in my head....but it had high priority), it's not a blog i'm GOING to write, certainly not any time soon. i really just came to get an offsite contact with faryarm. after this i don't expect to be least not for a loong time...(ou peut etre jamais, qui sait? tu sais bien l'histoire) but i do read the site and trust me it is VERY hard for me not to make comments, ESPECIALLY on the thread about our whacky new vice-presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, the moose killer...anyway, i feel just like you're sitting right here beside me in the cafe in new york drinking coffee...i was planning on writing you offsite anyway within the next few days... :o))))

robin (ta rosie jaan)


Rosie jaan

by Souri on

thanks for your post. It's so good to read your comment again, even if very rarely. I was looking for you in all the blog's I was expecting you.

My level of english does not allow to understand your request from Fayram, I know you would like to post your last blog here, but didn't get what you mean by contacting Faryam personally.

I have your records and if you like it, I will be able to send it to faryam, if this can help.

always a true friend,



my dear faryarm,

by it's a wild world (rosie...) (not verified) on

i believe you may be the last person i have to contact onsite. no doubt i should've done so earlier...quite right, it's a wild world, and it's hard to get by just upon a smile...and well, quite right too to remember me like a child..needless to say it is both my greatest strength and greatest weakness...and so the world spins....

what i really wanted to know though is if you would mind if i posted my e-mail here for you and you could contact me offsite (now that my account is closed, there's no way onsite for you to contact me or for me to use your contact button either...). i'd like to talk, rather write to you about a few things...about my concept of bahaullah and secularism in the context of the 19th century, some other stuff about bahaism and also about your filmwork, and a couple of other things. please let me know if you want me to post it or not. if you don't want me to i'll understand, but if you do, well...your call...

with much love always,
(and that of course means faith...)
robin (formerly rosie)

ps well you know as long as i'm here i may as well say, no doubt someone will see it as it's a new blog, that before i had to leave i'd planned a blog called "the bahai converted me" and it told the story of my contacts onsite with the bahai since last year and how much we had in common and how of course i was ripe for the missionary pickings...and how eventually people contacted me by e-mail and then by phone and invited me to meetings in new york and how i'd just decided to convert...and then i said how it wasn't true, it was only true up to the contacting not one single bahai on this site had ever so much as supplied me with a link to a website...they always just said, you get it rosie, stay exactly as you are.....and so they converted a deeper understanding of respect, dilligence, dialog...and of understanding itself....mosaferaan, hamsafaraan...