Remembering, BEST.

Remembering, BEST.
by faryarm

He was Probably one of the most talented players ever...who probably never reached his full potential. Remembering BEST 






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Red Wine


by Red Wine on

One of the best of the best english Football Player ... R.I.P

Thank you .


Yes, Jenaabeh naghi, He was wasted...

by faryarm on

Yes, Jenaabeh naghi,

The first time I saw him was when i was about 8 or 9; watching the European Cup on this "snowy" black and white TV with a bunch of older kids at "Hadigheh" at a Youth Summer camp outside Tehran.

Alas, He was wasted...

I can not not even watch his later years...let's remember him at his "best..."




He was my idol !

by Souri on

When I was about 14, the walls in my room were full of his pictures !

With that long hair and those blue eyes and his red shirt, he was like a hero to me. I think he was really the "Best" like his name says.

God bless his soul.

Thanks  Faryar, for remembering him.

bajenaghe naghi

faryarm jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

I did not know that George Best was dead.  I am sorry to hear that.  He definitely was one the very best.  I think the reasons for not reaching his full potential may have been his reckless lifestyle, excessive drinking and his quick temper.  He was a joy to watch.