President A.N asked for Proof; Here it is..

by faryarm

In one of his TV interviews with US Media, President A.N asked,if someone saw Ned'as Killer, they shoud provide proof..




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by Cost-of-Progress on

This is second hand reporting, but I am confident it is true.

I was recently in Mashad and had an opportunity to strike a conversation with an individual who, let’s just say; belonged to the Iranian “working class”. He asked me if I had gone to cheer in the streets for the Ahmadinejad’s recent visit to Mashad.

I said “no I did not go, did you?”

“Yes, but we have not received anything yet”, she replied.

Confused, I said “what do you mean?” – “Well, they promised they'd take care of us if we went to cheer for him upon his arrival to the city, but so far, nothing…I am sure they’ll do it though”.

 While this is not news to any realistic person who is familiar with how this regime operates, it underscore the tactics and inner workings of how “supporters” are recruited.

Clever mo'fo's.


Proof ?!

by Troneg on

Actually this guy tells a lot of BS. I heard him answering a westerner journalist. "If Hollocost have existed, we should find proofs" ! When there are a lot of pictures and video about it.

Somebody should ask him what is his proof for Emam Zaman ?

We don't deserve him and you shouldn't call him President.