Premier of Landmark Documentary by Director Reza Alamehzadeh

Premier of Landmark Documentary by Director Reza Alamehzadeh
by faryarm

Exposing The Taboo Imposed by The Islamic Republic on Iranian Bahais; A Land Mark documentary film by Reza Alamehzadeh and Song and Video by Dariush Eghbali.
I have had the honour of seeing some of the unedited footage and the film itself including behind the scenes footage and can attest that is truly a first of its kind in exposing previously unknown facts in our history, with remarkable interviews with key personalities with intimate knowledge of the past, remarkable, because no one has previously been able to approach the subject and the Taboo, that is the very name Babi or Bahai, with such depth, not to mention courage.
The film Iranian Taboo is especially of interest , because it was conceived and made by a well known Iraniian director who is not a Baha'i.
The film is being shown for the very first time on Sunday Dec 4 2011, at UCLA in Los Angeles.

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nadeem khan

I am relaxed

by nadeem khan on

Anything that is not true is bound to fall!

There are many such examples in the history and the current world.

So I am relaxed.... not worried at all.

I only think to let my compatriots remind what they actually know. If your cult was really so appealing than Shirin Ebadi, Reza Alamehzadeh and so many intellectuals would have acceped it. It is only poor Indian Hindus that you are able to fool.

See this tool of deception being used to convert Indian Hindus :


Why I think your cult to be a cult please read here :


Also be sure, I am not worried and there is nothing in Baha'u'llah that will make anybody worry! Except his horrible pictures !

I am sorry, if this hurts you, but you can see his photos on the internet.


Nadeem , if failure? then why are you so worried?

by faryarm on

It is really amusing how hard the Anti Bahais try to belittle and tarnish its image..

Question is if they are so sure of its failure why are they so worried ?

Why are they so afraid of a relatively small number of defenseless believers?

Why are they so disturbed of the increasing exposure of injustice? Could it be that they are so pownerless and So morally bankrupt?


nadeem khan

So how is Human Resource Pyramid in california ???

by nadeem khan on

Is it growing Faryar ? or declining like in every country. The people have started awakening. They are slowly coming to know the truth in Baha'ism. So the exit by troops. Do you know in every country the Baha'i believers are leaving the faith, if not leaving the faith then they are just sitting quiet, no activities. No contributions. No Huququllah.

Many of the people are aware that the followers of Bahaism are not being persecuted only on behalf of their beliefs. There are other factors also.

Bahaism today is fully obedient to the zionist regime. You see the example of Abdul Baha who 'helped' so many poor palestinians when the aparthied regime of Israel was in the progress of coming into existance. His services to the poor and needy moslem people of palestine was awarded by the then Imperialist British government.

The Iranians all over the world know these kind of stories of services to the 'poors'.

Tell me today how many of the money is given to the palestinian poors? When we see that Abdol Baha was helping the poors of palestine, why don't the UHJ do the same? or is it that UHJ is doing the same kind of service as Abdul Baha did? Please enlighten!

How much money is being spent on the poors of Afghanestan? How much for poor Iraqis? How much for poors of Sudan, Somalia, Congo, or I heard there are many homeless in Israel, how much you spend for the welfare of those poor / shelterless Israeli people?

All the money that your Admin Bodies have is being used to convert the people deceptively. The the effect of deceptive conversion is in front of you. You say that Baha'u'llah was the manifestation of Krishna and Buddha? How funny? How you guys believe in this kind of jokes!

Faryar, I will also be thankful to you if you please let the readers of your blog know about the difference between the Baha'i Administative system and the evil system of Welayat-e-Faghi!

If you don't then I will be obliged to create a blog comparing the two systems! Do I need to?

Baha'ism is purely a cult and a tool in the hands of powerfull nations so it can be used when required.

On November 12 the Baha'is will celebrate the 194th birthday of Bahaullah, after 194 years the enlightened people of Europe and Americas are unable to recognize Baha'u'llah!!! If Bahaism was really so powerfull then all bloggers atleast on would have accepted the Baha'i religion.

Bahaism failed severely and I remember my friend Wahid Azal, who once said that it will not survive for 100 years more.

I would ivite you faryar to start investigating other religions, may be scientology as it has many similarities with your cult. Leave Baha'u'llah and come out of this Hocus Pocus religion.

Thank you for your blog Faryar.


Excellent Tabligh in exposing 160 years of lies..

by faryarm on

Yes this is Tabligh, and increasingly so by non-Bahai's with a conscience.

Indeded, this documentary by a Moslem film maker is Tabligh of Injustice. The Iranian Taboo portrays how the enemies of the Bahai Faith have used the ill conceived notions and its resultant Taboo to persecute the Bahais with impunity. The Film shows how This Taboo is precisely the result of generations of manufactured lies against the Bahais and this film in the words of former key figures in Islamic Republic ,exposes why and how Iranians are so misinformed and clueless about what exactly is a Bahai, why they remained indifferent to persecution of Bahais and how succesive regimes, especially the Islamic republic and and its opertives have used the public apathy towards Bahais at every opportunity to try to divide and attack the Bahai Faith.

The increasing public awareness , one that has been kept from the nIranian masses inside Iran and exposure to the long hidden  truth, obviously does make the enemies of the Bahai Faith who are spending millions of dollars in unpreceented relentless attacks against Iraniian Bahais , NOT very happy.



by Shepesh on


nadeem khan

Good way of Doing Tabligh

by nadeem khan on

You guys never loose an opportunity for doing Tabligh.


So this movie will be a Super hit in US just like that OTHERING conference in Canada.

This will also bring some new converts. Then you can start Ruhi Classes with them and make them Ruhi Graduates and then the Human Resource Pyramid will be made to create the new Baha'i World Order.

Thank you Mansouri