Parting Words...

Parting Words...
by faryarm

This is a very moving piece about the Seven Bahais who were executed in Hamadan in 1981; The  Music is by Farzad Khozein. Qudratullah Khozein, one of the seven martyrs was his paternal uncle. 


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Dear Faryar, Thank you very

by Anonymous.Ruhi (not verified) on

Dear Faryar, Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful clip.
May the Blessed Beauty give us all strength and steadfastness at this critical hour.


Paryers of Bahaullah:

by Tahirih on

Lauded be Thy name, O Lord my God! Darkness hath fallen upon every land, and the forces of mischief have encompassed all the nations. Through them, however, I perceive the splendors of Thy wisdom, and discern the brightness of the light of Thy providence. They that are shut out as by a veil from Thee have imagined that they have the power to put out Thy light, and to quench Thy fire, and to still the winds of Thy grace. Nay, and to this Thy might beareth me witness! Had not every tribulation been made the bearer of Thy wisdom, and every ordeal the vehicle of Thy providence, no one would have dared oppose us, though the powers of earth and heaven were to be leagued against us. Were I to unravel the wondrous mysteries of Thy wisdom which are laid bare before me, the reins of Thine enemies would be cleft asunder. Glorified be Thou, then, O my God! I beseech Thee by Thy Most Great Name to assemble them that love Thee around the Law that streameth from the good-pleasure of Thy will, and to send down upon them what will assure their hearts.

Mona 19

What injustice had they committed?

by Mona 19 on

...and whose blood had they spilled?None.

These gems whose only crimes were to have loved The Blessed Beauty tolerated severe tortures and gave their lives willingly with smiles on their faces and stand up to the end but they didn’t recant their faith.

I’m wondering how many of these executioners and torturers would stand firm and not give up their religion.

I'm wondering how many individuals from my generation (including my siblings and cousins) who grew up after revolution, would stay Muslim if they have freedom of choice. I'm certain about the choices  my family would make if their lives are not in danger.

This is faith ~ Poem by Amatu'l-Baha Ruhiyyih Khanum


May their great souls rest in peace...dear Faryar thanks for sharing.

Kindest Regards,Mona 




Are you related to the Khozeins?

by Zulfiqar110 on

I know them. Great, great people! And Farzad is an unbelievably talented composer and muscian.