The Pahlavi Regime and The Bahá'ís

by faryarm

Dr Moojan Momen's presentation at the Toronto gathering of Iranian Scholars , discusses  the commonly repeated charges and accusations created by the Islamic Republic against the 
Bahá'ís of Iran  and explains ythe true role of Bahai's during the Pahlavi regime  

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Immortal Guard

Let's see!

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I don't think any Iranian government has had half as many claims to being a perfectly fair system with complete human rights! It is the pervasive, shrewd and subtle Western propaganda that constantly paints a perfect picture of the Western societies and democratic governments while demonizing the third-world countries as being backward and violators of human rights.

As far as Iran is concerned I think it has no reputation to defend and it should not feel compelled to defend its reputation. The Iranian people actually are the most hospitable in the world and should not be made to feel guilty for the crimes of certain groups in some parts of the government. If you actually look at the individual level rather than the collective level the Iranians are far more open-minded and less likely to badmouth people with other religious and ethnic backgrounds.


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Moojan very swiftly moves on from the case of Sabety, Ayadi and Yazdani without producing any evidence on their non-involvement with the Pahlavi regime. Nobody suggests that Hoveyda was a Baha'i, he was too much of an intellectual to subscribe to a specific faith be it Islam or Baha'ism but this was not the case with Ayadi and Yazdani. Sabety brothers were non-practising Baha'is who although did not observe the faith's rituals, were fully sympathetic to the bretheren. Again no one here is suggesting anything wrong with being a Pahlavi regime's element but the Baha'i brethren's persistent denial (including Moojan's) is telling.    //