Overt Threat of Physical Violence Against Bahai Students

Overt Threat of Physical Violence Against Bahai Students
by faryarm

I came across this ominous letter on facebook://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=67629665134&topic=11643

Letter of warning and overt threat of Physical violence Against Baha'i Students

With greetings to all of you adherents of the wayward sect of Bahisim, who are affiliated with the illegal and immoral BIHE University:

The unknown soldiers of Imam Zaman [Lord of the Age, the 12th Shi’ite Imam] have -- in pursuing the Teachings of Muhammadan Islam -- discovered the illegal and immoral activities of this outwardly seeming university, which is directly associated with foreign governments -- including the Zionist regime and the United Kingdom. Should the students, professors and those in charge of this so-called university desire their own safety, they must sever their association -- whatever the nature of this association may be -- with this university. Otherwise the possible consequences of this association will fall back upon yourselves, and you will have to expect the revolutionary hanging of a group of people affiliated with this university and that of your dear yaran [friends] who are incarcerated.

Greetings and salutations be upon the souls of the martyrs of the Islamic Revolution,

The unknown soldiers of the Imam Zaman


These emails have recently been forwarded to a number of BIHE (Elmi Azad) students.


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killers of young and free!

by Brazil (not verified) on

killers of young and free!
the world is looking at the injustice of their leaders and soon you will be judged by God for their acts of hatred and violence.