Mansour Taeed's Comedy: "We Are Not Spies"

Mansour Taeed's Comedy:  "We Are Not Spies"
by faryarm

I have known, Mansour Taeed since teenage hood; He had a sharp sense of humour.

In a previous clip; at first, unfamiliar with his approach i was unamused, by his unique theatrical approach to Bahai persecution; After seeing  more , especially these excerpts, I could not stop laughing...I look forward to seeing the whole show.

By the reviews, I am sure it will be both eye opening as well as a commerical success. faryarm


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Ja'mesh-Konid, baba!

by NUR on

Perhaps the IRI are incompetent where the British National Archives and governmental archival material in the UK open to the general public's scrutiny under their Freedom of Information Act are not! And my master is in the Singular (not plural) whose Name is known by the letters Yod He Va He (YHVH) in Hebrew and Alif Lam Lam Ha' (Allah) in Arabic.

Your empty accusation and attribution of paranoia to me is more a reflection of your own shortcomings, not mine. Also Barnes & Noble's self-help section pop-psychology is not a legitimate qualification!


spy defenition!!!! Looking For:

by yalanchee (not verified) on

this document is irrelevent to the act of spying by defenition,
spying is;

1. An agent employed by a state to obtain secret information, especially of a military nature, concerning its potential or actual enemies.
2. One employed by a company to obtain confidential information about its competitors.
3. One who secretly keeps watch on another or others.


Mr. Bi-Nur

by Farzad1 (not verified) on

Your masters (IRI) have been unable, for past 30 years, to provide concrete evidence of espionage against the Bahai's. Your paranoia of this peace loving group stems from your own shortcomings and prejudice.



by Brooks (not verified) on

For 160 years the Baha'i Faith has been a peaceful constructive religious people within the borders of sovereign Iran completely obedient to whatever government reigned. No group has ever had less privacy than the Baha'is of Iran. Their books and letters, their personal papers and reports, their medical records and academic histories have all been confiscated and examined. They have been surveilled and interrogated, their neighbors and classmates and teachers have been questioned and put on alert and yet so strong is their religious principle of obedience to government and reliance on God that after their 9 elected national administrators were executed on 21 August, 1980 and the Baha'is elected another body of administrators, 8 of whom were likewise summarily executed on 27 December, 1981, the government had only to outlaw elected Baha'i administrative bodies which they did in 1983 to have the Baha'is disband all their administrative institutions for the half-million followers of the Baha'i Faith in Iran. When ordered to present themselves at prison they do. The old husband of an old woman I know was executed and she was ordered to pay for the bullets used to shoot that old man. She did. What detail of Baha'i belief and conduct is secret? None whatsoever. What people who now number 300,000 in Iran has seen its children systematically deprived of education and themselves of the means of livelihood and yet has conducted itself with such continued kindness and courtesy to its tormentors? No government of Iran has ever had anything to fear from the Baha'is. No people is more transparent. The practice of the Baha'i Faith is entirely devoted to the quality of character and purity of conduct. So why the confusion about their motives? Read any book of the Baha'i Faith. The matter is not how the Baha'i Faith represents itself, but how it has been misrepresented by others.


When will Mansour Taeed be performing his play in Southern CA?

by Cheshmetroshan (not verified) on

The clips of the play are great. My only questions are: where can I get more information about the play as well as future show dates? Is there a website either about the play or Mr. Taeed. Also, when will the play be coming to Southern CA (specifically Orange County, CA)?


Khejalat bekesh, deldaar

by NUR on

Very simple. Here it makes them engagers in espionage in so far as they have colluded with a foreign government (namely Great Britian) to circumvent the territorial right of the sovereign government of Iran in 1918-1921 to determine the exchange and transferral of monies through and in its borders by its citizens. If something like this happened today even in the US, if found out, it would become an international incident/cause celebre and the community responsible would be investigated by Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, the FBI et al and audited by the IRS from now till hell froze over. Fahmidi?

bacheh akhound-am babateh! zimnan khejalat be-himaqat-i-khodet bekesh! Morons such as you is precisely the reason why we have the mullahs still ruling Iran going on 30 years!


Proud agnostic

by Souri on

You made a very great point here! That's also my opinion as a pure and fierce anti-zionist.

If Israel wanted to conquer Iran, does she really need the Bahai for that? !!!

I mean, why people don't want to think rationally? How could Bahai's spying help the Israeli in this regards?? And what information,  the Bahai can bring for the Israeli from inside of Iran? 

While Bahai are eliminated from all governmental and educational and researches industry in Iran, how is this possible for any of them to get a secret information for Isreal?

Do these people know that there's a vast investigation around all the environment of the people who work for the Nuclear project in Iran, and having a Bahai friend, family member or even neighbor is one of the element on the elimination list?

People who still think and spread those lies, should go get a wisdom, really !!



by delldaar on

Greate piece. so explain to us , how this revelation makes bahai's bache akhonds.during many centuries, has been sendig millions of dollars to Iraq,the mortal enemy of Iran,I guess that makes you a Jassous agnabi too, Bache khejalat bekesh!,.


just curious

by Proud agnostic (not verified) on

I am just curious , if you Bahais are so well connected with all these governments and you are spies of Britain and Israel why do you just sit there and not take this guy out?
I would be if it was me..Israelis wouldn't even think about it for 2 seconds including innocent women and kids in his hood and don't even get me started on the Brits!
I wish you were a movie screen writer NUR...that kind of vast imagination could get you so much further in life.
then again no doubt you have written many Aticles for Keyhan English I am sure.


Give it a break..your record is an open secret now

by NUR on

That Secret Countries report was taken from the British National Archives online, here,

So much for your attempts to call it a fake. Now if you are ill informed due to a lifetime of continual brainwashing, allow me to tell you that it gets worse than that Secret Countries report and that there are connections between the British Crown and the leadership of your faith which are rock solid. Perhaps the Islamists made-up that fictitious Dolgorukov diary, but the rest of it, especially about the connections of the Baha'i faith specifically with the British, are true. And you people cannot escape from such things any more...  


fake report #56 "Abdu'l Baha and his Adherants"

by Brooks (not verified) on

The idea that Abdu'l-Baha or the Baha'i Faith anytime from it's beginning in 1844 to the present day ever requested any government to "facilitate" anything whatever for anyone's "maintenance" is absurd. Baha'i's face execution for their religious belief. Nothing so tawdry as what is suggested in this fake "Secret Countries Report" has occurred to vitiate the purity of that sacred sacrifice.


Amazing what paranoia can uncover

by NUR on

Jasoos-ham hastid!


[This Document is the Property of His Britannic Majesty’s Government]

Printed for the Cabinet

Secret Foreign Countries Report

No. 56

16th November 1921



Abdul Baha and his Adherents. – On 13th November Mr Bridgeman telegraphed [No. 631] as follows: - The representative of Abdul Baha has asked me to facilitate remittances from the Bahais in Persia to Abdul Baha at Haifa, for the maintenance of the latter and his suite. His adherents wish to remit at once 4,000l. and to send yearly remittances amounting to about 50,000 tomans. The Imperial Bank of Persia refuses to place drafts to anyone, and the Bahais cannot remit money unless we afford facilities. As your Lordship knows, the Bahais are very numerous and are every day increasing in Persia. To refuse them facilities requested for the accomplishment of what to them is a sacred duty would offend an influential and well disposed section of the people. In view of the religious aspect of the question I cannot mention the matter to Persian Government. Please instruct whether and how the operation should be facilitated.

Anahid Hojjati

Mansour Taeed is great in this clip

by Anahid Hojjati on

The video posted was nice.  I liked where Mansour says that they used to listen to "Ahdieh" and "Aghili".  Another comment of Mansour that I especially liked is where he says: " ma jahan vataneem vali bivatan neesteem."


religious rights and paranoia

by Proud agnostic (not verified) on

Funny video indeed...

I know mr NUR will call me a Bahai after my few comments and after regretably yelling on the streets of Tehran oh so many years a go begoo marg bar shah and alaho akbar khomaeini rahbar I wish I had enough sense to be one!
any how the video was funny and hopefully most Bahais realize people like this NUR fellow are barking at the wrong tree and most of us smarter readers are aware of his paranoia...
here are a couple of threads to ponder