From a Little Daddy's Girl to Imprisoned Human Rights Activist.


From a Little Daddy's Girl to Imprisoned Human Rights Activist.
by faryarm

I came across this video of Dorsa Sobhani as a little girl saying her bedtime prayers in English.

Dorsa who is now college age, is presently in Evin Prison for her beliefs and Human Rights activities, the charges against her remain unknown.

1 Million Signature Campaign, was on March 8th in Sari, northern Iran. The 1 Million Signature Campaign aims to collect a million signatures to a petition to repeal all the discriminatory laws against women in Iran, while raising awareness about this inequality.

Ms. Sobhani is a Baha’i who was denied her right to higher education because of her faith, and she has also campaigned for those rights. Many students – Baha’is and politically active – have been banned from attending universities in the past. The “Committee for the Right to Education”, which Dorsa is a member of, campaigned to lift these bans. Since the disputed June election in Iran, many members of the committee were arrested.

This arrest comes after a raid on Sobhani’s home on March 2th, when six security officials entered the home in the middle of the night, searched it and confiscated belongings. On March 4th, six officials returned to Sobhani’s home, and physically and verbally attacked her father. He was then arrested, blindfolded, bound and interrogated and threatened for hours. The security officials told him that unless he turns in Dorsa, he, his wife and young daughter will be arrested and their home will be taken away from them.

On March 8th 2010 Dorsa arrived at her home where she was met by 12 security agents who proceeded to arrest her.

Dorsa Sobhani’s family is prohibited from visiting their detained daughter in the days leading to Norooz, the Persian New Year.

Dorsa’s lawyer’s visit to the judiciary has proven ineffective, as authorities have prohibited visitation even to her lawyer.

In the previous days, Dorsa’s family have written several letters to the Tehran Prosecutor, the Article 90 Commission, and the Judiciary Commission of National Security, requesting much more investigation into Dorsa’s case.

It is reported that authorities at the Revolutionary Court have refrained from redirecting the inquiries to the head of the judiciary, and have insisted that the efforts of Dorsa’s family are ineffective.

The reasons behind Dorsa’s arrest are still unknown.


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Shameful and so tragic. More

by vildemose on

Shameful and so tragic. More commonplace intolerance,  bigotry, and cruelty. What else is new? The IRI is becoming more repressive and ever more totalitarian every day. Where is the "reform"??

Shazde Asdola Mirza

This makes me sad & ashamed to be called a Muslim & an Iranian

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Every voice counts! Every action counts!

Nazy Kaviani

Dear Faryar

by Nazy Kaviani on

I read about Dorsa Sobhani's arrest in early March. She is a courageous young woman who has participated in the One Million Signatures for Equality Campaign. Reading the way she and her family have been treated is agonizing. A young, educated person's place is never in prison. It is extreme cowardice for any government to treat its own youth in such humiliating and abusive ways. She sounds like she has a strong spirit and my hope is that she and all other Iranian youth in Iranian prisons are freed soon and allowed to thrive and grow and help humanity with their thought and passion. Thank you for sharing the awareness with the rest of us.


When would these atrocities

by capt_ayhab on

When would these atrocities stop? When are Iranian people  going get their dignity, honor, freedom and liberty BACK from these Islamic Criminal?

I pray for Dorsa, her family and every single prosecuted Bahae'i hamvatan of mine, along with my own family, friends and every single woman and man in Iran.

Thanks FaryarM for sharing her sad sad story.



This Love...

by Khar on

This song is dedicated to the Baha’is in Iran especially the ones in prison and on trial just for their religious beliefs, and their families. Lyrics are following the video.

“This Love"

Chelsea-Lyne W/ Nabil & Karim. Lyrics (Written By N. Moghaddam, C.Heins, K.Rushdy)

They can take my life away
But this love will never change
They can take my rights away
But I'll grow stronger everyday

It’s my right to live a life that's free
My right to simply be a citizen
Who believes in world equality
We shouldn't have to hide
Or feel the need to cower
Our beliefs shape who we are
They give us inner power
With our heads held high we shall walk on
With utmost love in our hearts we remain strong
They ask the question, we refuse.
Because it is our right to choose

They can take my life away
But this love will never change
They can take my rights away
But I'll grow stronger everyday

In the silence of this courtroom
I closed my eyes and saw the future
Around the time that we heard from the prosecutor
And your honor I think you've already made your choice
So to the jury, please excuse me if I rejoice
cause it was years ago, back when I decided to save
A place inside my heart where Baha'u'llah's resided
And my family all around the world will watch and pray
So I am not alone. Will I surrender?
Not today.

They can take my life away
But this love will never change
They can take my rights away
But I'll grow stronger everyday

It’s my right to an education,
My right to the living I'm making
And yet they keep taking away from me
My material possessions have be ruined and put to pieces
My spirit remains a whole, my attachment thus decreases
Still in this day though times have changed,
They haven't changed enough
The friends must hide, obey,
Pray to avoid themselves handcuffed
Battle's changed but sacrifice remains the same
This is my devotion that ignites my inner flame

They can take my life away
But this love will never change
They can take my rights away
But I'll grow stronger everyday