An Iranian and his New Approach to Treating CANCER .

An Iranian and his New Approach to Treating CANCER .
by faryarm

Dr. Houshmand Sheshbaradaran was doing his PhD in Virology and Immunology in Sweden , when his mother passed away from brain cancer aged just 42. after which, Houshmand decided to dedicate himself and his work to Cancer research.

The results of Dr. Sheshbaradaran and his colleagues at Niiki Pharma is now being recognised by the medical and scientific community and published in an upcoming Europen journal.

This is a source of real pride for all Iranians and a wonderful service and gift to all humanity, if the research is to be allowed to go on.

Please do visit their site and ask the necessary questions and help this noble and well deserved cause .



PS. Perhaps this is one way to counter the image of Iranians, being projected by the "shahs of sunset" on TV. 


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