An Investigative Report on the Islamic Republic's war against Education.

by faryarm

An Investigative Report on the Islamic Republic's war against Education and the Iranian Bahai community. 


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Sahameddin Ghiassi

به امید روزی که ابرهای نفرت و بی تفاوتی و ظلم و ستم کنار روند

Sahameddin Ghiassi

به امید اینکه ظلم و ستم های ناروا بایست ریشه کن شود که ظلم  به همراه خود ظلم و ستم میآورد  دوستانی هستند که یکبار بنام بهایی در ایران مورد ستم قرار گرفتند .

اخراج شدند سرمایه هایشان غارت شد ویکبارهم توسط بهاییان مورد غارت و بی مهری واقع شدند   

nadeem khan

Yes that is a war against Baha'ism

by nadeem khan on

Because they consider it to be a deviant cult. Just like the Baha'is consider the Azalis to be a deviant group. Same no difference in ideology. Only difference is that the Islamist have power today that the Baha'is don't have it today.

Baha'is also believe in Velayat-i-faghih (see the word valiyyi-amrollah) and beitol adl-i-azam-i-ilahi of Baha'is. Same as VF no difference. only difference is POWER, Islamist have it and Baha'is don't. Islamist do not consider the VF to be infallible but Baha'is consider the Beitol Adl infallible.

Khoms in Islam 20% to be given to Mollas. In Baha'i faith 19% to be given to Beitol Adl.

And so many such things, and the Baha'i faith wants to establish a world Commonwealth (right ?) and it will be guided (right ?) by this infallible beitol adl-i-AAZAM-ilahi (right ?).

So, I think it is very difficult for the ISLAMISTs to digest all these things and let the Baha'is free without any restrictions. I think so...

But it is really not good to see all this things happening.


 Chi begam...If this is

by vildemose on

 Chi begam...If this is not inquisition, I don't know what is...

Reform requires the consent of the corrupt

Shazde Asdola Mirza

هر چه از ظلم جمهوری اسلامی به بهاییان بگویید ...

Shazde Asdola Mirza

... هنوز مشتی از خروار است.


Very Informative. Thank You!

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Very upsetting how robbed and unjustly we are being treated by the west, above all by those who Lied about the Shah & brought Khomeini to destroy the prospect of iran moving towards greater democracy (shah's real aim, in gradual political development based on where people were at) & those who use force unjustly, the UK/USA/Israel. I like the song at 5.00 do you have a Youtube link for it, the song by itself, what is it called I heard it before?