Investigation into Islamic Republic of Iran's crimes against humanity

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Investigation into Islamic Republic of Iran's Crime against humanity: VOA interview with Prof. Payam Akhavan:


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Investigation to Bahai collaboration with Islamic Republic

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HOSTAGE TO KHOMEINI by Robert Dreyfuss (New Benjamin Franklin House: New York, 1980) pp.117-118 (Pdf pages 73-74)




...Today the Bahai cult is hated in Iran, and is considered correctly to be an arm of the British Crown. During the destabilization of the Shah in 1978, it was widely reported that in several instances the Bahai cult secretly funded the Khomeini Shi’ite movement. In part, the money would have flowed through the cult’s links to the same international ‘human rights’ organizations, such as Amnesty International, that originally sponsored the anti-Shah movement in Iran. These movements also derive from the “one world” currents associated with the Bahais since the early 1900s. (If any Iranians have been misled on the question of the Bahais by the supposed antipathy of Khomeini’s clique to the Bahais, it should be noted that the Bahai cultists often deliberately encouraged anti-Bahai activities as camouflage)...




July 13th, 2006

SPY RING BUSTED? - Bahai trustees accused of embezzling funds

New Delhi

IN A complaint filed in a city court, a few trustees of the National
Spiritual Assembly of Bahais of
India have been accused of espionage  by their colleagues. Apparently, they were supplying classified  documents from India's defence establishments to Israeli and Iranian  spying agencies and making huge amounts in foreign currency.  Taking cognisance of the complaint, the additional chief metropolitan  magistrate, Kamini Lau, has directed the Economic Offence Wing Cell to  immediately register a case against the accused persons. The court has  also asked the cell to file a status report with it by August 10.

As per the allegations in the complaint, one of the accused, N.K.
Bhudhiraja, general manager of finance with the spiritual
organisation, forged an identity card and af fixed his photograph on
an armed forces concessions form for fee baggage allowance, which is  needed for military officials travelling to places in
India and
abroad.  Apparently, he also used to travel under the fictitious name of  'Captain S. Budhiraja' of the air force station at Yelahanka.

Apparently, the accused, by using such impersonations and forgery
managed to clandestinely penetrate into the prohibited defence
establishment of the country and get hold of classified documents. In  turn, he supplied the sensitive documents to spying agencies in Israel  and Iran in return of foreign currency.

The complaint has also alleged that the stamp of the air force station  at Yelahanka had been forged with some amount of accuracy and was  being used by the accused trustees of the 'spiritual assembly'.

The complaint also alleges that another accused, Payam Shoghi, also a  trustee with the society, is in truth an Iranian national. He
fraudulently got his name inserted in the ration card of another
accused and also got it attested.

On the basis of the ration card he managed to procure an Indian
passport. The complaint also states that such passports have been
issued to a number of other foreigners by the accused people through a  similar fashion of forgery.

The counsel of three complainants Swadesh Kumar, Khub Singh and
Gulshan Kumar told the court that they have definitive documentary  evidence to prove that the accused were, in addition to the other  violations,  involved in a large scale Hawala transaction network.    

FBI raids office of Baha’i at Univ. Florida

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دارن نماز ميت ميخونن . همچيکه روضۀ حاج آقا در مورد چاه و ولادت امام آخر تموم بشه ، ميان رو خط و به اين هموطن بهايی حمله مييکنن با يه مشت صغری کبری چيدن و جفنگ گفتن.


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