Imprisoned , Tortured or Killed Since 1979


by faryarm

Sorour Sorourian arrested 11/04/2009

Sorour Sorourian (25 years old) was arrested in Hamadan

Afshin Ehsanian arrested 08/04/2009

After being summoned by the Ministry of Intelligence, Afshin Ehsanian was arrested. Afshin is one of the 54 youth who were arrested in 2006 for offering classes to underprivileged children.

Ali Ehsani arrested 06/04/2009

Ali Ehsani was summoned, and verbally charged with propaganda against the regime. Due to his inability to meet the requested bail, Mr. Ehsani was transferred to prison. In early January, Mr. Ehsan...

Sahba Khademi arrested 04/04/2009

Sahba Khademi (24 years old) was arrested in Hamedan while driving to her sister's home, and taken to an unknown destination. Sahba's home had previously been raided, and she had also been summone...

2 youths arrested in Shiraz 19/03/2009

Three days after their homes were raided, Farhad Maasumi Haleh Hooshmandi were summoned by security agents. Despite being assured that they would be released on the same day, their families were...

2 homes raided in Shiraz 16/03/2009

Agents of the Ministry of Intelligence raided the homes of Mr. Farhad Maasumi, and Ms. Haleh Hooshmandi. Items confiscated from their homes included: books, computers, CDs, passports and identifica...

Threatening graffiti sprayed onto Baha'i homes in Semnan 15/03/2009

In the early morning hours, unidentified individuals spray-painted slogans and threats on the walls of several Baha'i homes in the city of Semnan.

"National Baha'i Youth of Iran" forced to suspend all activities 09/03/2009

Due to pressure from the Prosecutor-General of Iran, the National Youth Committee was forced to shut down

Pooya Tebyanian arrested 09/03/2009

Agents of the Ministry of Intelligence arrested Pooya Tebyanian (24 years old) from his place of work

Shirin Furughian arrested 08/03/2009

Shirin Foroghian was arrested by agents of the Ministry of Intelligenve and transferred to Kachoi prison. Her husband, Adil Samimi, had been arrested on the 25th of December

3 students expelled from University of Tabriz 03/03/2009

Three medical students from the University of Shahand Tabriz were expelled from university. University officials shut down the students' (Sina Dana, Sama Noorani, and Faraz Vazirzadeh) access to ...

Minoo Shahriari expelled from university 01/03/2009

Minoo Shahriari, an Economics student at the government-run University of Semnan, was expelled on the grounds of adhering to the Baha'i Faith

Minoo Shahriari expelled from university 01/03/2009

Minoo Shahriari, an Economics student at the government-run University of Semnan, was expelled on the grounds of adhering to the Baha'i Faith

Homes in Semnan bombed 15/02/2009

Two apartments, belonging to the Pirasteh and Pur-Husayni families, were attacked by Molotov cocktails in Semnan.

Semnan cemetery desecrated 15/02/2009

Vandals desecrated the Baha'i cemetery of Semnan.

Saman Sabeti Bourkheili 04/02/2009

After being summoned by Ministry of Intelligence officials, Saman was arrested,

Home raided in Qaemshahr 03/02/2009

The home of Saman Sabeti, a Baha'i who was in charge of community affairs in Qaemshahr, was raided. Personal belongings and religious books were confiscated in the process

3 homes attacked in Semnan 01/02/2009

Unknown people attacked the apartments of three Bahai families in Semnan with Molotov cocktails. This attack did not damage family members and did not damage their property seriously.

Namya Haghar arrested in Tehran 01/02/2009

Ministry of Intelligence officials summoned Namya Haghar for questioning, and subsequently arrested him. Currently, no information is avaialable on his whereabouts.

10 homes raided; 2 Baha'is arrested 26/01/2009

Homes of 10 Baha'is who are active in the Baha'i community in Mashhad were raided, and two: Ms. Sima Eshraghi and Mr. Jaleed Vahdat were arrested

5 women arrested 19/01/2009

9 women were arrested by authorities in the city of Qaemshahr. The detained women were: Taraneh Sanai, Shahnaz Sa’adati, Amelia Fanaian, Anisa Fanaian and Farzaneh Ahmadzadegan

Qaemshahr cemetery destroyed completely 19/01/2009

For the third time in a span of a few months, the Baha'i cemetery in Qaemshahr underwent massive destruction. Undercover agents oversaw the destruction that left the ground completely flattened.

5 women arrested 18/01/2009

Authorities detain five Baha'i women. The women are: Taraneh Sanai, Shahnaz Sa’adati, Amelia Fanaian, Anisa Fanaian and Farzaneh Ahmadzadegan. They were released on bail on the 3rd of February.

Family detained in Kish Island 15/01/2009

8 Baha'is were arrested in the tourist destination of Kish, under charges of teaching the Baha'i Faith.

Raids, arrests in Tehran 15/01/2009

Agents raided several homes during the early morning hours and confiscated several personal belongings. The raids were followed by the arrest of 6 individuals

9 students dismissed from university 14/01/2009

9 Baha'i students were dismissed from the University of Kerman, on the basis of their religious affiliation

Mahrooyeh Dehghani detained 14/01/2009

Mahrooyeh Dehghani had just arrived from a trip to Tehran, when security agents seized her at the bus terminal. She was detained for several hours, during which she was interrogated and forced i...

3 Baha'i administrators arrested 04/01/2009

Adel Fanaian and Abbas Nourani, members of the local administrative body of Semnan, and Zaher Eskandarian, a former member, were arrested at their homes. They had previously been arrested in 2005

Soha Zamani 28/12/2008

After raiding her home and confiscating all Baha'i material, Soha Zamani was detained by security officials. She was released 2 days later on bail.

Badiollah Abolfazli sentenced to 2 years' imprisonment 28/12/2008

Badiollah Abolfazli was sentenced to 2 years' imprisonment, after being found guilty of “being an active member of the Bahá’í community”; “teaching Bahaism and being involved in activities against ...

5 optical shops forcibly closed 25/12/2008

5 optical shops owned by Baha'is were forcibly closed by the Public Places Supervision Office. The owners were informed that the Ministry of Health had filed a complaint against the businesses, so ...

Three Baha'i families harassed 24/12/2008

Agents from the Ministry of Intelligence stormed 3 Baha'i homes in Qaemshahr and asked the residents to present themselves before the Ministry.

Peyman Roohi's residence raided 23/12/2008

The residence of Peyman Roohi was raided, and all Baha'i material was confiscated.

13 Baha'i homes raided in Semnan 12/12/2008

Over a three day period, 13 Baha'i homes in the city of Semnan, Iran were raided and personal belongings were confiscated. Security agents also cut phone lines and warned Baha'is from informing oth...

Rostam Behifar's residence raided 11/12/2008

Residence of Rostam Behifar, a member of a group that coordinates community affairs, was raided while he was away, and all Baha'i material was confiscated.

Kamran Jamshid arrested 01/12/2008

Kamran Jamshid, a cultural activist and book dealer, was arrested and charged with spreading information on the Baha'i Faith.

Woman dismissed from teaching position 24/11/2008

A psychology graduate, who was teaching at a kindergarten in kerman, was dismissed from her position as a kindergarten teacher. The Social Welfare Organization of Kerman sent a letter to the schoo...

Soheila Motallebi 22/11/2008

Agents of the Ministry of Intelligence raided the home of Soheila Motallebi, a well-known musician, and arrested her.

Social activists sentenced to 2 years imprisonment 18/11/2008

3 social activists who were offering social and etiquette classes to underprivileged children in the Iranian city of Yasuj were sentenced to 3 years imprisonment. Zolaykha Mosavi, Rohieh Yazdani ...

Masoud Atain arrested 17/11/2008

Ataian was detained in his home in Qa’emshahr by Intelligence Ministry officials on 17 November 2008. Led by an agent called Mr. Movahed, the officials searched his home, destroyed sacred pictures ...

Siyamak Ibrahimi arrested 04/11/2008

Siyamak Ibrahimi was arrested in 2006, but released after providing a surety. Authorities arrested him illegally for the second time, and he was subsequently sentenced to 6 months imprisonment and ...

Anti-Baha'i presentations given at schools 30/10/2008

Anti-Baha'i presentations were given at two high schools in Shiraz. All students from grades 11 and 12, including Baha'is, were obliged to attend; it had been announced that any student not present...

3 social activists detained 26/10/2008

Zoleykha Mousavi, Ruhiyyih Yazdani, and Aliaskar Ravanbakhsh were arrested. The three were offering classes in social and family etiquette to underprivileged children

Desecration of cemetery in Ghaemshahr, Iran 24/10/2008

The Baha’i cemetery in the town of Ghaemshahr faced an intensive destruction where approximately 80% of the graves were destroyed by bulldozers.

Couple arrested 17/10/2008

Tarazollah Allahverdi and Sonya Tebianian were arrested in Behshahr on charges of propaganda against the government and being in contact with the Baha’i World Center. They were subsequently transfe...

Arash Yazdani dismissed from work 15/10/2008

Arash Yazdani received a letter informing him that he would be dismissed from work due to his "lack of conformity". The move was instigated by direct order from the "Islamic guards".

Student expelled from High School 05/10/2008

A girl was expelled from high school, after it became known that she is a Baha'i. The school's principal wrote to the Ministry of Education, informing them that the girl was discovered to be a Bah...

Enayatullah Haghighat sentenced on 1 year imprisonment 30/09/2008

Enayatullah Haghighat was found guilty of “teaching against the government of Iran and insulting the sacred institutions of Islam”. He was sentenced to one year of imprisonment, suspended for four...

Trees in Isfahan cemetery cut down 27/09/2008


Petition against Baha'is in Iran launched 17/09/2008

Iranian news agencies reported the launch of a petition calling for the dissolution of all Baha'i institutions in Iran.

Peyman Rohani arrested for "teaching" the Baha'i Faith8 08/09/2008

While sitting on a bench in a park in Shiraz, Peyman Rohani was joined by an elderly man who began to ask him about the Baha'i Faith. Soon later, two policemen stopped in front of them and arreste...

Mehran Bandy Amirabad sentenced to prison 28/08/2008

Mehran Bandy Amirabad, arrested on May 2008, was entenced to three and a half years in prison for conspiracy against national security, propaganda against the Islamic Republic, supporting anti-gove...

Badiollah Abolfazi verbally charged 15/08/2008

After spending 29 days in solitary confinement (during which he was abused and humiliated), Badiollah Abolfazi was verbally informed that he will be charged with "initiating actions against the Isl...

Youth expelled from national Judo team Aug 2008

A young Baha'i from Iran was expelled from the national judo team and prevented from participating in international competitions, despite having won the national junior championship. The youth was...

Iran alleges Israeli-Baha'i link 02/08/2008

Resalat, a conservative Iranian daily, published a report in which the Deputy of Tehran’s General and Revolutionary Dadsara is quoted to have alleged 7 arrested Baha'i leaders admitted to links wit...

Ghanavatian home raided 29/07/2008

3 officers from the Prosecutor's Office in Ahvaz searched the home of the Ghanavatian family. The officers claimed that complaints were lodged by neighbours regarding their “activities against th...

Mehrdad Sabetrasekh arrested 26/07/2008

Mehrdad Sabetrasekh was aribitrarily arrested and held for two months. He was only released after submitting a bail of $10,000

Arsonists destroy car belonging to Soheil Naeimi 25/07/2008

Arsonists on motorbikes destroyed a car belonging to a prominent Baha'i in Rafsanjan. Soheil Naeimi, the owner of the car, and 10 other Baha’i families in the town had received threatening letters...

A Baha’i home arsoned in Kerman, Iran 18/07/2008

In the early hours of the morning, the home of a Baha'i family in the Iranian city of Kemran was burned down. Neighbours reported witnessing strange activity, and arson is expected

Molotov cocktails thrown at Dehghani residence 15/07/2008

Molotov cocktails were thrown into the front courtyard of the home of Khusraw Dehghani and his wife, Dr. Huma Agahi,

Badiollah Abolfazi arrested 14/07/2008

Badiollah Abolfazi, a shop owner, was arrested at his workplace in Nashtaroon (Mazandaran province) by agents of the Ministry of Intelligence and taken to Sari prison

Arsonist destroy home of the Mousavi family 10/06/2008

An outbuilding on the property of the Mr. and Mrs. Mousavi, elderly Baha’is living in the village of Tangriz in Fars province, was destroyed by fire when it was doused with gasoline. The Mousavis, ...

Foad Naimi arrested 29/05/2008

Foad Naimi was arrested in Sari. He was a member of the local Baha’i administrative body. He was charged with membership in the local Baha’i administrative body and actions against national securit...

Mehran Bandy Amirabad arrested 29/05/2008

Mehran Bandy Amirabad was arrested at his work by Ministry of Intelligence agents.

Baha'is detained for burying their dead 27/05/2008

Security officials arrested two officials of the Baha'i community in Isfahan and one other member of the Baha'i community, reportedly on charges of burying their dead at a particular site that had ...

3 men arrested in Qaemshahr 19/05/2008

li Ahmadi, Changiz Derakhshanian and Simin Gorji were arrested in Qaimshahr on charges of propaganda against the government. Ali Ahmadi was sentenced to 10 months in prison and one year of exile to...

Six Baha'i leaders arrested in Iran 14/05/2008

Early in the morning, the house of six Baha'i leaders in the Iranian capital Tehran were raided, and the leaders were held without charge in the notorious Evlin prison

Home set on fire 04/04/2008

A Baha'i home was set on fire in the city of Babolsar.

Attempted torching of Baha'i in Shiraz 19/03/2008

Two days after receiving threatening letters from a group that calls itself Sarbazan Gumnam Imam Zaman (the unknown soldiers of the Lord of the Age), a Baha'i in the Iranian city of Shiraz narrowly...

Three detained for teaching Baha'i faith 09/03/2008

Authorities arrested Touraj Amini, Iraj Amini, and Payman Amoui on charges of teaching the Baha'i Faith. Iraj Amini and Payman Amoui were released on March 10, and Touraj Amini was released on Marc...

Three Baha'is detained for teaching Baha'i faith 09/03/2008

Authorities arrested Touraj Amini, Iraj Amini, and Payman Amoui on charges of teaching the Baha'i faith. Iraj Amini and Payman Amoui were released on March 10, and Touraj Amini was released on Marc...

Baha'i leader in Iran arrested 05/03/2008

Mahvash Sabet, a leader of the Baha'i faith in Iran, was summoned by the Ministry of Intelligence to Mashhad from Tehran, allegedly for questioning.

Baha'i home firebombed 25/02/2008

A Baha'i family in the Iranian city of Shiraz were surprised whilst having dinner by the sound of breaking glass, followed by a loud explosion. After the fire was extinguished, evidence of a Moloto...

Foad Ettehadolhagh interrogated 31/01/2008

Intelligence Ministry authorities arrested Foad Ettehadolhagh and interrogated him about the activities of the Baha'i community in Shiraz, for which he coordinated affairs on an ad hoc basis. He wa...

Two Baha'is detained 31/01/2008

Police in Hamedan arrested and detained Aziz Pourhamzeh, Kamran Aghdasi, and Fathollah Khatbjavan. They reportedly remain in prison

54 Baha'is sentenced in Iran 29/01/2008

The 54 Baha'is - mostly youth - who were arrested in May 2006 for the "crime" of providing to underprivileged children - were charged with engaging in anti-regime "propaganda". Three were sentence...

Man detained for reportedly collecting copies of Baha'i pamphlets 15/01/2008

Foad Agah was arrested and detained by the Intelligence Ministry, reportedly in the process of collecting photocopies of Baha'i pamphlets. He was released on January 21. A Muslim friend of Agah's, ...

Feizollah Roshan imprisoned 18/11/2007

Feizollah Roshan was imprisoned in the Iranian town of Sari. The charges brought up against him were: Teaching the Baha’i Faith, being a member of and serving the Baha’i community, and assisting Ba...

Cemetery in Najafabad desecrated Sep 2007

The cemetery of Najafabad was completely destroyed using heavy equipment, and all trees were uprooted.

Baha'i cemetery bulldozed 09/09/2007

Over the course of 2 days, individuals destroyed a cemetery in Najafabad - on the outskirts of Isfahan, Iran - using heavy vehicles. Prior to the destruction of the graves, 30 Baha'i families in N...

Hezbollah issues warning to Baha'is 07/09/2007

A declaration was posted in Najafabad by a group calling itself "Ummat Hezbu’llah" (God's Party). The declaration began by calling on “elements of prostituted Baha’is”, “spies of world domination”...

Rouhani home destroyed by fire 01/05/2007

Arsonists destroyed the home of Abdu’l-Baqi Rouhani in the village of Ivil.

Shah Beygom Dehghani killed 07/03/2007

Shah Beygom Dehghani, a 77 year old woman, died due to injuries she sustained after she was assaulted in her home by a masked intruder.

Elderly woman killed in Iran 16/02/2007

Behnam Saltanat Akhzari, an 85 year old Baha'i woman, was killed by a masked intruder in her home. There is no pending prosecution.

2 women dismissed from work Feb 2007

Two women employed in a health care centre were dismissed on orders from the Imam of Baharestan.

2 men arrested 01/01/2007

Riaz Heravi and Siamak Ebrahimi, were arrested and detained for 20 and 30 days, respectively.

Faizullah Roshan arrested 01/11/2006

Faizullah Roshan arrested by order of the Ministry of Information, following a search of his home. He was released on January 1, 2007.

Babak Roohi arrested 17/08/2006

Babak Roohi was arrested in Mashhad for making 50 photocopies of a Baha'i book for a Bahá'í function. He was released 2 weeks later after posting bail of $34,000

Shokrollah Rahmani kidnapped 21/06/2006

Shokrollah Rahman was abducted in broad daylight in Khash, in southeastern Iran. His family reported that the police refused to investigate, despite being presented with evidence, including telepho...

3 Baha'is arrested 18/06/2006

Three Baha'is were arrested following a raid in which books, computers and documents were confiscated

54 youth arrested in Shiraz 19/05/2006

54 Baha'is, most of whom were youth engaged in community services, were arrested in Shiraz, Iran. The Baha'is, who had a letter of permission from the Islamic Council of Shiraz, were working hand-...

11 Baha'i homes raided May 2006 to 01/07/2006

The Government raided eleven Bahá'í homes in Shahinshahr, Najafabad, and Kashan with no arrests made

3 Baha'is arrested 05/02/2006

3 Baha'is responsible for coordinating Baha'i activities were arrested in Isfahan.

3 arrested in Kermanshah 15/01/2006

3 Baha'is from Kermanshah were arrested on charges of "involvement in Bahá'í activities and insulting Islam." The Government raided their homes and the homes of four others the same day and confisc...

Dhabihu'llah Mahrami found dead in prison 15/12/2005

10 years after his arrest, Dhabihu'llah Mahrami was found dead in his prison cell, and the government claimed it was due to a heart attack. Dhabihu'llah Mahrami had been sentenced to death for apo...

Iran's Supreme Leaders orders the monitoring of Baha'i activities 29/10/2005

Iran's Chairman of the Command Headquarters of the Armed Forces sent out a confidential letter, by orders of Ayatollah Khameini. The letter instructed the police forces, Revolutionary Guard and Min...

5 arrested in Kata 25/04/2005

Five Baha'is, all members of farming families whose properties had been confiscated in the village of Kata, were arrested and imprisoned, when they obeyed a summons and came to the court for heari...

Mehran Kawsari arrested 08/03/2005

Mr. Kawsari was arrested for distributing an open letter by the Baha'i community of Iran to president Khatami. He was sentenced to one year imprisonment

Cemetery in Yazd desecrated Feb 2005

Cars driven over the graves, tombstones smashed, and the remains of the interred left exposed. Two days later, a gravestone was removed and left in front of a Baha'i's home, along with a threatenin...

Homes of 6 families confiscated Oct 2004

On orders from the prosecutor of Shiraz, homes of 6 families in Kata were confiscated

Homes of 6 families confiscated Oct 2004

On orders of the prosecutor of Shiraz, the homes of six Baha'i families in the village of Kata were confiscated

Students denied admission to universities 12/09/2004

Although 800 Baha'i students had passed the university entrance examinations and fulfilled all requirements, a bulletin by the Educational Measurement and Evaluation Organization announced that onl...

Optician attacked in Hamadan Jul 2004

An optician in Hamadan was kidnapped and brutally attacked by five individuals, who threatened him with death if he did not recant his faith and convert to Islam. Local authorities were unwilling t...

Baha'i historical site destroyed Jun 2004

The house of Mirza Abbas Nuri, the father of the Baha'u'llah, the founder of the Baha'i faith, was destroyed. As well as being regarded as one of Iran's greatest calligraphers, Mirza Abbas Nuri w...

Holy Site destroyed 01/04/2004

The resting place of Mulla Muhammad-'Ali Barfurushi (known as Quddus - the Most Holy) was demolished with the knowledge of the Iranian government.

Employee denied pension 17/12/2003

General Office of Finance transmitted a letter to the director of the Retirement Bureau of the Province of Azerbaijan-e-Sharqi, stating that since a Bahá’í’s employment had been terminated due to h...

Businessman forced to cease his operations Sep 2003

Branch 13 of the Tribunal of Administrative Justice rejected an appeal by a Bahá’í businessman against an injunction that required him to cease his business operations. The court also rejected his ...

Heirs denied pension 30/05/2003

The Office of Beneficiary Affairs of the Keshavarzi Bank instructed its General Office to discontinue the disbursement of a Bahá’í’s pension to his heirs because he was a member of the Bahá’í “sect...

Tehran's Baha'is offered unusable cemetery 2002

the Government offered the Tehran Baha'i community a piece of land for use as a cemetery. However, the land was in the desert, with no access to water, making it impossible to perform Bahá'í mourni...

Judge declares confiscation of Baha'i properties justifiable 15/09/2001

A judge ruled that the “seizure and confiscation of the properties belonging to the misguided sect of Baha’ism is legally and religiously justifiable” and states that “the cultural activities of th...

Manuchehr Khulusi sentenced to execution Feb 2000

After a 2-day trial in September, Manuchehr Khulusi was sentenced to execution. Although he was released in May, it is unclear whether the death sentence against him still stands.

Death sentence against 2 men reinstated Feb 2000

Sirus Dhabihi-Muqaddam and Hedayat Kashefi-Najafabadi were arrested arested in late 1997 on charges of converting a woman to the Baha'i Faith. After two previous death sentences were quashed by th...

Manuchehr Khulusi arrested 09/06/1999

While visiting fellow Baha'is in Birijand, Manuchehr Khulusi was arrested by authorities, and charges against him were unknown.

Kamal Yazdan-Panah arrested 29/09/1998

Following a raid on his home, Kamal Yazdan-Panah was arrested and charged with "spying for the United States, England, Israel, and the Soviet Union, as well as lies about participation in efforts t...

Baha'i Institute of Higher Education raided 28/09/1998

The Baha'i Insitute of Higher Education, a university managed by the Baha'i community, was closed. Members of the Ministry of Intelligence raided over 500 homes, confiscating textbooks and teachi...

Rúhullah Rawhani executed 21/07/1998

Imprisoned since September 1997, Rúhullah Rawhani- a father of four, was executed in Iran, under the charges of converting a Muslim to the Baha'i faith. The woman he is accused of converting deni...

Youth class raided; teachers and students arrested 01/05/1998

Authorities in Mashhad raided the home of Manuchehr Ziyai, where a class for youth was being held. He was arrested along with the teacher, Sonia Ahmadi, and 12 students aged 15-16. Ms. Ahmadi and ...

2 men arrested, charged with converting a woman Oct 1997

Sirus Dhabihi-Muqaddam and Hedayatollah Kashifi-Najafabadi were arrested in Mashhad in, on charges of being involved in the conversion of a Muslim woman to the Baha'i faith. The woman denied the c...

Shahram Reza'i killed 06/07/1997

Shahram Reza'i, a young Baha'i serving as a conscript in the army, was shot in the head by his superior officer and died the following day. The officer was soon released after it was learned that...

Masha'llah Enayati killed 04/07/1997

While visiting his native village of Ardistan, Masha'llah Enayati - a resident of Tehran - was arrested and sent to prison in Isfahan. For a whole week, he was severely beaten while in custody, an...

Mansur Dawlat killed 05/04/1997

Mansur Dawlat was killed in Kerman.

Death sentence against Musa Talibi confirmed Jan 1997

The Supreme Court of Iran confirmed the execution sentence against Musa Talibi (arrested since 1994), under charges of apostasy.

Musa Talibi sentenced to execution 18/08/1996

Imprisoned since June 1994, Musa Talibi was sentenced to execution for apostasy.

Mansur Haddadan arrested 29/02/1996

While conducting a children's art exhibition, Mansur Haddadan was arrested by authorities. He was subsequently charged with "being active in the Baha'i community, of gathering for Baha'i meetings ...

2 men arrested while conducting children's classes Feb 1996

Two men were arrested in while conducting a children's class. Charges against them included being active in the Baha'i community, gathering for Baha'i meetings in a private house, and working again...

Dhabihullah Mahrami sentenced to executions 02/01/1996

Charged with apostasy, Dhabihullah Mahrami, was sentenced to execution by a Revolutionary Court in the city of Yazd. As his heirs weren't Muslims, all his properties were confiscated

Shirvan Fallah killed Dec 1995

Shirvan Fallah was killed in Arak

Musa Talibi sentenced to imprisonment Oct 1994

Musa Talibi, arrested on June '94, was sentenced to 10 years' imprisonment on unknown charges

Musa Talibi arrested Jun 1994


2 men sentenced to execution 08/12/1993

Accused of collaborating with the United Nations, Bihnam Mithaqi and Kayvan Khalajabadi were sentenced to execution by the Islamic Revolutionary Council

Ramidan-Ali Dhulfaqari arrested 07/09/1993

Authorities arrested Ramidan-Ali Dhulfaqari and charged him with apostasy, a charge that carries a death sentence.

Cemetery in Tehran desecrated Jul 1993

Under orders from municipal authorities, a section of the Baha'i cemetery in Tehran was excavated, in order to construct an Islamic cultural center. It is estimated that 15,000 graves were desec...

Hassan Mahboubi run over 21/07/1992

Hassan Mahboubi, a prominent leader of the Baha'i community, was run under suspicious circumstances.

Ruhu'llah Ghedami 17/06/1992

Ruhu'llah Ghedami was brutally murdered by two members of the "Disciplinary Forces" of the Government.

2 women arrested 31/05/1992

A Baha'i woman was arrested after being accused of talking about her faith to her non-Baha'i friend. Her friend was arrested with her as well.

4 women arrested in Sari 21/05/1992

3 Baha'i women were arrested after being accused of talking about the Baha'i Faith to a non-Baha'i woman. The non-Baha'i woman was arrested as well.

Hussain Eshraghi arrested 01/04/1992

Hussain Eshraghi, an elderly Baha'i, was arrested arbitrarily from his home in Isfahan.

Bahman Samandari executed 18/03/1992

A day after he was summoned by authorities to Evin prison for unknown reasons, Bahman Samandari - a well-known businessman - was executed.

Death sentence pronounced against 2 men 30/04/1991

Kayvan Khalajabadi and Bihnam Mithaqi, both arrested since 1989, were sentenced to death by the Islamic Revolutionary Court

Secret memorandum provided guidelines for Baha'i persecution 25/02/1991

A memorandum, issued by the Supreme Revolutionary Cultural Council, and signed by Ayatollah Khameini, provided recommendations for the persecution of Baha'is in Iran

Woman found guilty of "belonging to wayward Baha'i sect" 23/05/1990

The Third Branch of the Islamic Revolutionary Court found a woman guilty of "belonging to the misguided Baha'i sect, of activities for its illegal administration, and of leaving the Islamic Republi...

Dismissed captain denied pension 28/10/1989

The Office of Insurance and Pensions of the Army stated that the pension of a dismissed captain was suspended because of his membership in the "misguided Baha'i sect"

2 men arrested 29/04/1989

Bihnam Mithaqi and Kayvan Khalajabadi were arrested by authorities, on charges arising solely from their membership in the Baha'i Faith

2 men executed Nov 1988

Bihnam Pasha'i and Iradj Afshin (not pictured) were executed in Tehran

Mihrdad Maqsudi killed 16/02/1988

Mihrdad Maqsudi was killed in Orumieh

2 former NSA members executed 28/09/1987

Ardishir Akhtari and Amir-Husayn Nadiri served as members in the last National Spiritual Assembly that was disbanded in 1983. Both men were arrested on September 11, 1984 and were tortured severe...

2 killed in Iran 03/03/1987

Abu'l-Qasim Shayiq and Surush Jabbari (not pictured) were killed in Tehran

Ahmad Kavih killed 26/01/1987

Ahmad Kavih was killed in Isfahan

Iraj Mihdi-Nizhad mobbed 04/09/1986

Iraj Mihdi-Nizhad was killed by a mob in Bandar-e Abbas

Babak Talibi beaten to death 02/09/1986

Babak Talibi was beaten to death in Karaj

Habibu'llah Muhtadi killed 27/08/1986

Habibu'llah Muhtadi was killed in Tehran

Farid Bihmardi executed 10/06/1986

Farid Bihmardi, who served in the last National Spiritual Assembly, was executed in Tehran. He was imprisoned for a total of 22 months, 9 of which were spent in solitary confinement. During his pe...

Fidrus Shabrukh executed 09/05/1986

Fidrus Shabrukh was executed in Zahedan

Sirru'llah Vahdat-Nizami executed 04/05/1986

Sirru'llah Vahdat-Nizami was executed in Tehran

Payman Subhani mobbed 28/04/1986

Payman Subhani was stoned, beaten, mutilated and thrown over a cliff. Payman is the youngest of the 206 Baha'is who were killed since 1978.

Azizu'llah Ashjari executed 19/11/1985

Following a period of incarceration that lasted over four years, Azizu'llah Ashjari (50 years old) was executed by firing squad. Unlike many other Baha'is, his body was given to his family follow...

Nur’ud-Din Taifi died in prison 12/10/1985


Rahmatu'llah Vujdani executed 31/08/1985

Rahmatu'llah Vujdani, a 57 year old teacher, was executed by firing squad in Bandar-e Abbas. He an elected Local Spiritual Assembly member

Abbas Idilkhani executed 01/08/1985

45 year old Abbas Idilkhani , who was an air conditioning technician by profession, was executed in Tehran. Mr. Idilkhani had been imprisoned since April 1982.

Nusratu'llah Subhani executed 05/03/1985

Nusratu'llah Subhani was executed in Tehran.

Ruhu'llah Bahramshahi executed 25/02/1985

Ruhu'llah Bahramshahi, aged 50, was executed in Yazd

Ruhullah Hasuri executed 21/01/1985

Ruhullah Hasuri, a 35 year old Baha'i, was shot dead in prison.

6 LSA members executed 09/12/1984

Firuz Athari, Jamal Kashani, Ghulam-Husayn Farhand, ‘Inayatu’llah Haqiqi, Jamshid Pur-Ustadkar and Rúhu’llah Ta’lim were executed.

Farhad Asdaqi executed 19/11/1984

Farhad Asdaqi was executed in Tehran following 4 months' imprisonment. Mr Asqadi was subjected to severe torture during his period of incarceration

Diya’u’llah Mai’i-Uskui died in prison 13/11/1984

Diya’u’llah Mai’i-Uskui died in a prison in Tabriz following 2 and a half years' imprisonment.

Alirida Niyakan died in prison 11/11/1984

Alirida Niyakan in a prison in Tabriz following 2 and a half years' imprisonment.

Yunis Nawruzi-Iranzad executed 01/11/1984

Yunis Nawruzi-Iranzad - a member of the Local Spiritual Assembly of Karaj - was executed by hanging.

Firuz Purdel executed 30/10/1984

Firuz Purdel, an engineer, was executed in Mashhad.

Shapur Markazi executed 23/09/1984

Shapur Markazi, a former elected member of the National Spiritual Assembly and an Auxiliary Board Member, was executed in prison. Mr. Markazi was subjected to severe torture while imprisoned.

Rustam Varjavandi died in prison 15/09/1984

Rustam Varjavandi died while he was detained in a prison in Tehran.

Aminu’llah Qurbanpur died in prison 25/08/1984

Aminu’llah Qurbanpur, a 60 year old mason, died in prison. His cause of death was unknown, but his clothes were returned to his family stained with blood. He was buried without the knowledge of hi...

Manuchihr Ruhi executed 16/08/1984

Manuchihr Ruhi - a 52 year old pharmacist - was executed in Bojnurd (the capital of the North Khorasan province) after spending 11 months in prison. All his properties were confiscated

Attorney General demands dismissed civil servants to pay back all wages 1984

Iran's Attorney General began issuing summonses and demanding all dismissed civil servants to repay salaries they had received, or risk imprisonment.

Ihsanullah Kathiri executed 27/06/1984

Ihsanullah Kathiri was executed in Tehran

Nusratullah Vahdat executed 17/06/1984

Nusratullah Vahdat was executed in Mashhad.

2 men executed in Tehran 15/05/1984

Jahangir Hidayati - an elected member of the National Spiritual Assembly - and Ali-Muhammad Zamani, were executed in Tehran

2 men executed in Tabriz 05/05/1984

Maqsud Alizadeh and Jalal Payravi (not pictured) were executed in Tabriz. Both men had been detained for over 2 years.

2 men executed in Tabriz 05/05/1984

Maqsud Alizadeh and Jalal Payravi (not pictured) were executed in Tabriz. Both men had been detained for over 2 years.

Asadu’llah Kamil-Muqaddam died in prison 02/05/1984

Asadu’llah Kamil-Muqaddam died while imprisoned in Tehran

3 men executed in Tehran 09/04/1984

Kamran Lotfi, Yadullah Sabiriyan and Rahim Rahimian (not pictured) were executed in Tehran

Nusrat’ullah Diya'i died in prison 19/03/1984

Nusrat’ullah Diya'i died while imprisoned in Kerman

Muhsin Radavi died in prison 13/03/1984

Muhsin Radavi died while imprisoned in Tehran

Ghulam-Husayn Hasanzadih-Shakiri executed 10/03/1984

Ghulam-Husayn Hasanzadih-Shakiri was executed in Tehran for his religious beliefs

Rahmatu’llah Hakiman died in prison, 11/01/1984

Rahmatu’llah Hakiman was executed while in detention in Kerman

Ahmad Bashiri executed 11/01/1984

Ahmad Bashiri, a member of the National Spiritual Assembly that was disbanded in August 1983, was executed after 15 months imprisonment.

Yazdan-Panah residence raided 01/01/1984

Armed personnel raided the home of the Yazda-Panah family in the village of Ekhtiyar-Abad proceeded to insult and denigrate the family. Personal belongings (including the family's automobile) were...

Abdul-Majid Mutahhar died in prison 15/12/1983

Abdul-Majid Mutahhar while he was imprisoned in Isfahan

Bahman Dihqani mobbed 19/11/1983

Bahman Dihqani was mobbed in Kerman

Akbar Haqiqi mobbed 19/09/1983

Akbar Haqiqi was mobbed in the town of Khoy in West Azerbaijan.

Muhammad Ishraqi died in prison 31/08/1983

Muhammad Ishraqi, an Auxiliary Board Member, died while in custody.

Baha'i institutions banned 29/08/1983

Revolutionary Prosecutor General of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Siyyid Husayn Musavi Tabrizi, declared in a press interview that Baha'i religious organizations were illegal and participation in t...

Over 130 Baha'is held captive; denied food 28/06/1983

In the village of Nal (near Sari), over 130 Baha'is were held captive for 3 days in a walled-in field and denied food and water. The group, which included women and children, were held in an effor...

Suhayl Hushmand executed 28/06/1983

Suhayl Hushmand was executed in Shiraz after refusing to recant his faith

Ten Baha'i women executed 18/06/1983

Ten Baha'i women, the youngest of whom was only 17, were executed. Their charge: teaching Baha'i children more about their faith.

6 men executed in Shiraz 16/06/1983

6 men (4 of whom were administrators at Local Assemblies) were executed in Shiraz after refusing to recant their faith. Those executed were: Bahram Afnan, Abdu'l-Husayn Azadi, Kurush Haqbin, Inaya...

2 men executed in Tehran 01/05/1983

Suhayl Safa'i and Jalal Hakiman were exeuted in Tehran. Mr Safa'i was active in teaching Baha'i youth and was compiling a Baha'i encylopedia. His extensive library and all his notes were confisca...

Adadu'llah (Aziz) Zaydi killed 01/04/1983

Adadu'llah (Aziz) Zaydi was killed in the city of Miandoab in North-Western Iran.

Tuba Za'irpur executed 12/03/1983

5 months after her arrest, Ms Za'irpur was executed in Adelabad prison in Shiraz (along with 2 other Baha'is), after refusing to recant her faith.

2 LSA members executed 12/03/1983

Yadu'llah Mahmudnizhad and Rahmatu'llah Vafa'i were executed in Shiraz following several months' imprisonment for refusing to recant their faith

Hidayatu'llah Siyavushi executed 01/01/1983

Hidayatu'llah Siyavushi, a member of the Local Spiritual Assembly of Shiraz, was executed in the Adelabad prison in Shiraz. He was charged with espionage.

Guldanih Alipur 24/12/1982

Guldanih Alipur was killed by a mob in Sari

Kurush Haqbin arrested 08/12/1982

Kurush Haqbin, a technician and an elected member of the Marvdasht Local Spiritual Assembly, was arrested. During his period of incarceration, Mr. Haqbin was tortured in an attempt to convince him...

Husayn Nayyiri-Isfahani died in prison 29/11/1982

Husayn Nayyiri-Isfahani died while in prison in Isfahan

Family arrested in Shiraz 29/11/1982

Inayatu'llah Ishraqi, a retired employee of the Iranian National Oil Company, was arrested along with his wife and daughter.

Abdu'l-Husayn Azadi arrested 29/11/1982

Abdu'l-Husayn Azadi, a veterinarian employed by the Ministry of Health and an elected Local Spiritual Assembly member was arrested at his home in Akbarabad. During his period of detention, he was ...

Dhiya'u'llah Ahrari executed 21/11/1982

Dhiya'u'llah Ahrari was executed in Shiraz. He was an elected member of the Local Spiritual Assembly.

Habibu'llah Awji executed 16/11/1982

Habibu'llah Awji was executed in Shiraz.

Bahram Afnan arrested 23/10/1982

Dr. Bahram Afnan, head of the internal medicine ward at Fars Regional Medical Center in Shiraz, was arrested while on his way to work. As an elected member of the Local Spiritual Assembly, and a ...

Tuba Za'irpur arrested 23/10/1982

Tuba Za'irpur, a retired teacher, was arrested when several revolutionary guards arrived at her home and produced an arrest warrant for Qudsiyyih Za'iri, despite her pleas that that was not her nam...

Yalda'i family arrested 23/10/1982

Armed members of the Revolutionary Guards raided the home of the Yalda'i family a few minutes after the conclusion of a meeting.

Jamshid Siyavushi 01/10/1982

Jamshid Siyavushi, a businessman and treasurer of the Shiraz Local Spiritual Assembly, was arrested from his uncle's home. As he had information on the community's finances and addresses of membe...

Ali Na'imiyan executed 11/08/1982

Ali Na'imiyan was executed in the town of Orumieh

Abbas-Ali Sadiqipur executed 15/07/1982

Abbas-Ali Sadiqipur was executed in Shiraz

4 members of Qazvin LSA executed 09/07/1982

Mohammad Abbasi, Jadidu'llah Ashraf, Manuchihr Farzanih Mu'ayyad and Muhammad Mansuri were executed in Qazvin. The four were elected members of the Qazvin Local Spiritual Assembly.

Manuchihr Vafa'i assassinated 09/07/1982

Manuchihr Vafa'i was assassinated in Tehran

Ata'u'llah Haqqani killed 01/06/1982

Ata'u'llah Haqqani was killed in Iran

2 men executed in Tehran 16/05/1982

Nasru'llah Amini and Sa'du'llah Babazadeh were executed in Tehran. Both were members of the elected Local Spiritual Assembly

Iran Rahimpur executed 12/05/1982

Iran Rahimpur (Khurma'i) was executed in the southwestern city of Dezful.

2 executed in Orumieh 10/05/1982

Agahu'llah Tizfahm and Jalaliyyih Mushta il Usku'i were executed in Orumieh

3 members of Karaj LSA executed 08/05/1982

Ishraqiyyih Furuhar, Mahmud Furuhar and Badi'u'llah Haqpaykar were executed in Karaj. They were elected members of the Local Spiritual Assembly

Azizu'llah Gulshani executed 29/04/1982

Azizu'llah Gulshani, a Baha'i from Mashhad, was executed. The charges against Mr. Gulshani, as reported by Jomhuri Eslami, were: “promoting the dirty, non-Islamic sect of Bahaism in the Islamic R...

Abbas Idilkhani imprisoned 26/04/1982

Abbas Idilkhani, an air conditioning technician, was arrested in Zanjan along with his wife.

Ihsanu'llah Khayyami executed 12/04/1982

Ihsanu'llah Khayyami was executed in Orumieh, capital of the West Azerbaijan province.

Askar Muhammadi assasinated 02/04/1982

Armed assailants broke into the house of Askar Muhammadi, and shot him in the back. When confronted by his brother, they simply stated: "“He was a Bahá’í, and to kill a Bahá’í is a good deed for d...

Husayn Vahdat-i-Haq executed 28/02/1982

Husayn Vahdat-i-Haq was executed in Tehran

Ibrahim Khayrkhah executed 22/02/1982

Ibrahim Khayrkhah was executed in Tehran

7 members of Tehran LSA executed 04/01/1982

7 elected members of the Tehran Local Spiritual Assembly were executed. The 7 LSA members were: Shiva Mahmudi Asadu'llah-Zadeh, Iskandar Azizi, Shidrukh َAmir Kiya' Baqa, Fathu'llah Firdawsi, Khus...

Members of National Spiritual Assembly executed 27/12/1981

8 members of the newly elected National Spiritual Assembly were arrested, and executed without trial a few days later. Kamran Samimi, Sirus Rawshani Uskui, Qudratu'llah Rawhani, Mahmud Majdhub, Iz...

House of Baha'u'llah in Takur destroyed Dec 1981

The house of Baha'u'llah in Takur was completely demolished, and its land and gardens were offered for sale to the public.

Baha'i National Spiritual Assembly leaders arrested 13/12/1981

Eight of the nine newly elected members were arrested by Iranian authorities following a meeting, and were subjected to rigorous daily interrogations.

Yadu'llah Sipihr-Arfa' executed 23/10/1981

Yadu'llah Sipihr-Arfa' was executed in Tehran.

5 men executed in Isfahan 11/09/1981

(Right to left) Bahman Atifi, Izzat Atifi, Ahmad Ridvani, Ata'u'llah Rawhani and Gushtasb Thabit-Rasikh (not pictured) were executed in

Members of Tabriz Local Spiritual Assembly executed 29/07/1981

Abdul-Ali Asadyari, Husayn Asadu’llah-Zadeh, Mihdi Bahiri, Masrur Dakhili, Parviz Firuzi, Manuchihr Khadi’i, Habibu’llah Tahqiqi, Isma’il Zihtab, Habibu’llah ‘Azizi -members of the Tabriz LSA - wer...

Masih Farhangi executed 24/06/1981

Dr. Masih Farhangi, a member of the Continental Board of Counsellors for Asia, was executed. The words "Enemy of Islam" were found written on his leg

Hashin Farnush executed 23/06/1981

Hashin Farnush, a member of the Local Spiritual Assembly of Tehran, was executed.

Farhang Maveddat exectued 23/06/1981

Farhang Maveddat, a member of the Local Spiritual Assembly of Tehran, was executed. Mr. Maveddat was arrested by the Karaj Islamic Committee when his house was raided. He was taken to Evin Prison ...

Buzurg Alaviyan executed 23/06/1981

Buzurg Alaviyan, a member of the Local Spiritual Assembly of Tehran, was executed along with 2 others.

7 members of Hamadan spiritual assembly executed 14/06/1981

Seven members of the Hamadan spiritual assembly were executed by firing squad. While the bodies were being prepared for the funeral, it was revealed that six had been tortured. The victims were: M...

3 executed in Shiraz 30/04/1981

Yadu'llah Vahdat (right), Sattar Khushkhu and Ihsanu'llah Mihdi-Zadih (not pictured) were executed in Shiraz. Yadu'llah Vahdat was an auxiliary Board Member

Nuraniyyih Yarshatir assassinated Apr 1981

Nuraniyyih Yarshatir, from the city of Shiraz, was assassinated

Two men executed in Shiraz 17/03/1981

Mihdi Anvari (right) and Hidayatu'llah Dihqani were executed in Shiraz

Manuchihr Hakim - Chairman of NSA - assassinated 12/01/1981

Manuchihr Hakim, Chairman of the National Spiritual Assembly of Iran, was executed in his clinic. A few days after the assassination, authorities produced documents authorizing the confiscation of...

Bihruz Sana'i executed 01/12/1980

Bihruz Sana'i, from Tehran, was executed.

Couple burned to death in Birjand 23/11/1980

Shikkar-Nisa Ma'sumi (right) and her husband Muhammad-Husayn Ma'sumi were burned to death in Birjand. 15 masked men broke into their home at the middle of the night and proceeded to pour kerosene ...

Rida Firuzi executed 09/11/1980

Rida Firuzi, from Yazd, was executed

Abdu'l-Vahhab Kazimi-Manshadi executed 08/09/1980

Abdu'l-Vahhab Kazimi-Manshadi, from Yazd, was executed.

Mahmud Hasanzadih 08/09/1980

Mahmud Hasanzadih, from Yazd, was executed.

2 members of Yazd LSA executed 08/09/1980

Ali Mutahhari and Jalal Mustaqim, members of the Yazd Local Spiritual Assembly, were executed.

3 administrators executed 08/09/1980

Nuru'llah Akhtar-Khavari, Azizu'llah Dhabihiyan and Firaydun Faridani, who were Auxiliary Board Members, were executed in Yazd

Members of National Spiritual Assembly abducted 21/08/1980

All 9 members of the National Spiritual Assembly of Iran were abducted and disappeared without a trace. It is believed that they were executed.

Dhabih'llah Mu'mini executed 15/08/1980

Dhabih'llah Mu'mini, from Tehran, was executed.

Mahmud Rajabi Ezzat-Abadi terminated from work 14/08/1980

After serving the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting for over 3 years, Mahmud Ezzat-Abadi was fired. A note later revealed that the termination was caused by the Commission to Sanitize the Wor...

Muhammad Akbari executed. 16/07/1980

Muhammad Akbari, from the city of Rasht, was executed.

Faramarz Samandari 14/07/1980

Faramarz Samandari, member of the Local Spiritual Assembly of Tabriz, was executed. He was charged with: Association with the Shah's idolatrous regime; Collaborating with the political police SAV...

Yadu'llah Astani executed 14/07/1980

Yadu'llah Astani, a member of the Local Spiritual Assembly of Tabriz, was executed.

Faramarz Samandari executed 13/07/1980

Dr Faramarz Samandari, a physician and professor at the University of Tabriz, was arrested and executed on the same night.

Yusuf Sabhani executed 27/06/1980

Sabhani - a highly regarded member of the Tehran Baha'i community - was executed.

Hasan Isma'ilzadih killed Jun 1980

Hasan Isma'ilzadih was killed in the city of Sandanj

Mir-Asadu'llah Mukhtari stoned to death 18/05/1980

Mir-Asadu'llah Mukhtari, from the city of Andrun, was stoned to death by an angry mob

Parviz Bayani executed 11/05/1980

Parviz Bayani, a resident of the West Azerbaijan city of Piranshahr, was executed

Badi'u'llah Yazdani 06/05/1980

Badi'u'llah Yazdani, a resident of Tehran, was executed.

Ghulam-Husayn A'zami executed 06/05/1980

Ghulam-Husayn A'zami, a resident of Tehran, was executed for alleged religious offences.

Ali-Akbar Mu'ini executed 06/05/1980

Ali-Akbar Mu'ini was executed in Tehran

Kamal Yazdan-Panah dismissed from army 19/02/1980

After more than 13 years of faithful service, Kamal Yazdan-Panah was dismissed from the army, and no explanations or compensations were offered.

Habibu'llah Panahi assasinated 04/02/1980

Habibu'llah Panah was assassinated in the town of Orumieh. Charges against him are unknown

Rouhi Roushani abducted 03/01/1980

Rouhi Roushani, the secretary of the Local Spiritual Assembly of Tehran, was abducted by revolutionary guards.

Azematollah Fahandezh executed 07/12/1979

Azematollah Fahandezh, a colonel with the armed forces, was executed. He was allegedly charged with mass murder

Ministry of Education demands dismissal of Baha'i teachers Nov 1979

An edict from the Ministry of Education required the dismissal of all Baha'i teachers, and held them responsible for repaying all salaries they had received

Dr. Ali Murad Davoodi abducted 11/11/1979

Dr. Ali Murad Davoodi was abducted and never seen again.

Ali Sattarzadih killed 28/10/1979

Ali Sattarzadih was killed by a mob

Bahar Vujdani executed 27/09/1979

Bahar Vujdani, a businessman in the city of Mahabad, was charged with "anti-revolutionary activity" and executed.

House of Bab destroyed Sep 1979

The House of the Bab, one of the holiest Baha'i sites, was demolished by authorities. The site was made into a public square

National Baha'i Center converted to Islamic University 12/07/1979

An announcement was made that the National Baha'i Headquarters in Tehran was to be converted into an Islamic University.

Shaykh Muhammad Muvahhid abducted 24/05/1979

Shaykh Muhammad Muvahhid was abducted and never seen again.

Ali -Akbar Khursandi hanged 12/04/1979

Ali -Akbar Khursandi, a member of the Local Spiritual Assembly of Tehran, was hanged for unknown charges.

Husayn Shakuri executed 02/04/1979

Husayn Shakuri was executed in Oshnavieh, a city in North Western Iran, for unknown charges.

Clerical organization claims title of all Baha'i properties 23/03/1979

A clerical organization called the Foundation of the Dispossessed claimed title to all Baha'i properties, and turned over the house of the Bab, the holiest Baha'i shrine in Iran, to the prominent m...

Baha'i hospital confiscated 13/03/1979

Mithaqiyyih Hospital in Tehran, which was operated by the Baha'i community, was designated as "anti-Islamic and anti-Revolutionary" and subsequently confiscated by order of the Central Revolutionar...

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more from faryarm

Are you suffering from Swine Flu ?

by Badi19 (not verified) on

I see, you didn't answered my comment.


Faryam, Thank you for this

by scb (not verified) on


Thank you for this valuable post, it is a devastating record of injustice by the IRI against innocent people. The recently reported incarcerations really only touch the surface.

I wish someone could explain to those who don't follow the phenomena of persecutions against the Iranian Bahais how absolutely forgiving the same Iranian Baha'is are toward those who would do them harm.

In my opinion, it is singularly amazing.

I have met Baha'i refugees who fled Iran after their relatives were attacked or even murdered and who to this day never, never blame or decry the outrages they experienced.

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on



by Badi19 (not verified) on

Highly motivated people like you should be there in Iran to help other Baha'is. What are you doing in US? For the sake of some money and a better lifestyle you left Iran, while so many are suffering there. The Tree of religion is watered by the Blood of Shohada. You need to be there (in Iran), give your blood for this mighty tree planted by Baha'u'llah and you will rest in Peace in Abha Kingdom.


Thank you Farjam jaan

by Seifollah (not verified) on

We have to unite and rid Iran from IRI.
Enough is enough. We had it. We need our home back and bring peace and love back to our community.


Thank you faryar jan for posting this.

by Tahirih on

Bahaullah says:ای ظالمان ارض:

از ظلم دست خود را کوتاه نمائيد که قسم ياد نموده‌ام از ظلم احدی نگذرم و اين عهدی است که در لوح محفوظ محتوم داشتم و بخاتم عزّ مختوم



Reza 41

how is the business???

by Reza 41 on

فریارم گرامی عرضی نداشتم سر زدم ببینم کاسبی در چه حاله چیزی دشت کردی؟


By All means...

by faryarm on

By All means...

All have suffered under these monsters...

The only possible difference  here is the 160 history of the same murder and cruelty, by the Mullah who has targeted the Bahai, used every means to discredit and destroy his faith, only to preserve himself , his position , his ways and his livelihood.

The Mullahs are fighting for their own collective lives. They offer forgiveness and life in exchange for a Bahai to deny his beliefs. They are frightened by such faith, resistance and stand for the truth.

The hundreds of thousand sof innocents , or millions killed by the regime  

are no less important. But it is important to note and understand not just why Bahais resist but also the singular reason why Bahais are Targets, with a specific plan of execution for their elimination.



Dear Faryarm add to this

by Anonymous19 (not verified) on

Dear Faryarm add to this list another million of also innocent people who have died in the war and others who have been killed by THE IRI and that will give the right balance of facts and figures about innocent people who have lost their lives in Iran and outside Iran,