If You Can't Beat Them; Just Lie..

If You Can't Beat Them; Just Lie..
by faryarm

It is said; If You Can't Beat Them; Join them; or in the case of video below:

If You Can't Disagree With Bahai Principles, just say they're nothing new; we already have them! 

There is a clip going around of a Mullah lecturing his audience. in what seems like he is trying to ridicule the Bahai Principles; he is in fact an example of the regime's desperate effort to halt the rising enthusiasm and curiosity about Bahai Principles.




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Taqdim be-alborz

by NUR on

Nuzdah Farman-i-Hazrat-i-Wahid-i-Azal (jalla sha'nahu wa ruhi ma siwa fada'hu)

In the Name of the Godhead, the One, the All, in Glorification of Sanctification!

Praise and glory be to the regal substance of the eternally Hidden and eternally Manifest radiant and illuminating Treasure of being and existence, who from the divine wellsprings hath once more opened the Siniatic repositories of Revelation from the singular voice of the illuminating Burning Bush of Power, Might and Glory with the fingers of the Light of the Love for the living God, which is the human temple, and thereby made this human temple once more the perfect existential mirror for Its divine guidance whereby It taught one ravished intoxicated servant from the eternal spiritual vistas of angelic exposition that which he knew not. Verily in Its desire to be known within the inner recesses of the selves of all Its creation, in this day the six Archangels of theophanic unicity have been commanded to blast their Trumpets of splendorous illumination hovering above the porticos of the seven gates of the city of divinity, and the celestial Brides of the divine Intellects of effusion below them have uttered a shrill cry in unison reverberating in waves upon the waters of life which have sent the celestial concourses into a swoon; for It hath revealed 19 commandments atop the Sina’i of the heart of Its ravished one that perchance Its creation may live in love, peace, harmony, amity, equity, freedom and justice with themselves, their fellow creatures and the life of the Kosmos entire forevermore, and that also perchance this Angel Earth itself may ascend to the pinnacle of the Tree of Reality and be transformed back into the paradise of Eden and a blossoming garden of multifariously colored flowers of truth, wisdom, light, gnoses and freedom at it is in the empyrean heavens of glory! The commandments in this new Aeon, which have been eternal verities known in the past, but are clothed now in a new garment, are,


Know thyself and Awaken! Whomsoever knows their Self – their Celestial Guide (Imám), the exclusive Divine Name of which they are a manifestation, their Para-Atman, the Holy Guardian Christic Angelic Twin (Angelos Christos, syzygy) of their being - knows their Lord! For know, ye all are - all of you! - the manifestations of My light and the fruits of My being, so look within and ye shall find Me standing within manifest, luminous, mighty, splendorous, powerful and resplendent. Therefore the only true point of adoration (qibla) is in the conjunction of the Sun and the Moon of the being of thine own heart - which is Me - not elsewhere, so turn to It!


Verily I proclaim unto thee the Great Resurrection (qíyámat al-kubrá), the age of inner truth and verification, so rend the veils, unfetter the bonds and smash the external idols of empty form and cleave forevermore to the pearls of inward meaning and reach out thereby to the loftiest heights of truth and realization in the world of Eternity – by whatsoever means or vehicles providence has provided for thee -, not the outward husks of vain, stultifying, narrow minded and empty ritualism without meaning and fundamentalist religious exotericism which drag down and imprison in their cages of opaque darkness of limited and limiting materiality.


Always on the Path of the Great Work follow what your own inner light and what the truth within tells thee and not what thy neighbor, preacher, rabbi, priest, minister, mullah, shaykh, guru, clairvoyant, astrologer, institution, superior, bureaucrat, politician or popular consensus tells thee to think and do. Therefore, the only obedience due on the Path of the Great Work is to the voice of Truth emanating forth from within the essential light of thine own inner being, nothing else. So listen most intently to that Mighty Voice of Truth.


Always above all to thine own Self be true and as the day follows the night thou canst not be false to any person, for when thou art authentically true to thyself never will the demons of fanaticism, narrow mindedness, ignorance, skewed vision, fundamentalism, hypocrisy and deceit visit thee.


Do not fear anything. Fear and fear alone is the root of all evil, the very seed of hatred and the negation of love, truth, freedom, justice and all good besides. Therefore bedeck thy selves with the attribute of the gem of the highest courage and fortitude possible in all circumstances.


Love thy self first and truly then can ye love thy neighbor, for loving thyself is the first step towards truly loving others, whilst in a divided heart which hates itself never can the seed of love for others bloom into anything but thorns, weeds and thistles, as the mirror of the inner life is also the mirror of the outer life.


Strive to be fair and just in all circumstances and always maintain the highest standard of integrity and forthrightness in all thy dealings both with thyself and with others!


Think good thoughts, utter good words and commit good things, for thoughts, words and actions are as angels and demons, and it is in thy intentions whereby the good or the bad become manifest, and in the end ye reap what ye sow, because such is My eternal law of cause and effect (karma), so speak and do whatever establishes thy inner peace but always search thine intentions first before thinking, outwardly saying and doing!


Be detached from the world and content with what ye already possess and take your eyes askance from coveting thy neighbor’s possessions. But with what ye already possesses ye should always strive for the betterment of thyself and those around thee in all things and circumstances.


Do not descend into superficiality and shape thy life exclusively by the passing and ephemeral standards, fashions, contingencies, vanities and trends of popular culture, but be modest and follow a balance; hence, thou shalt not follow thy neighbor in their trends and habits, for if truly they have something other than of eternal value to offer thee, indeed they would follow thee, not ye them.


Do not be sheep amongst society but rather be leaders the light of whose mind and spirit always shines resplendent like a torch in the darkness. Therefore let that light shine forth resplendent in the world, gird up your loins and fight the good fight for truth, equity and justice wherever the nonexistent darkness of negation hath cast its shadow and imprisoned the Good in the opaque transparency of its lies.


Strive always to speak the truth even if it be the acme of blasphemous heresy, for honesty is the attribute of the highest gem that the temple of humanity can bedeck itself with, whilst deceit, dishonesty, hypocrisy, conceit and obfuscation, the lowest, the meanest and most vile, which, as it were, kills the world.


My eternal covenant with thee is My love and My love alone, and from love follows justice; from justice follows truth; from truth follows freedom, and only then can there be true unity in diversity, as every atom of My creation is so many manifestations of the various names and attributes of My Self mirroring Me to thee, my various faces turned towards thee in every circumstance, for whichsoever place ye turn is My Face, so love truly that ye may truly be free!


Thou shalt not found any more creeds, sects and religious organizations that claim exclusivity over my Name, My truths or My eternal verities. For blessed is the spot, and the house, and the place, and the city, and the heart, and the mountain, and the refuge, and the cave, and the valley, and the land, and the sea, and the ocean, and the island, and the meadow, and the forest and the jungle, and the garden, and the country, and the church, and the mosque, and the synagogue, and the temple, and the cloister, and the caravan, and the reservation, and the hospice, and the ashram, and the khánanqáh, and the feast, and the workshop, everywhere and anywhere where My mention hath been made, by whatsoever name and indication, and My praise glorified; for I have inspired My wise ones many a time before to teach thee that I have many Names and am indicated by many indications and even in the worship of images, the stones and the idols am I to be found. My only religion to thee is realization in love and realization in love by whatsoever means or vehicles alone.


Thou shalt not found any more governments and states in My Name oppressing in My name for political purposes of worldly and material gain, for what need have I, or have I ever had, for your ephemeral governments and statecraft which always eventually pass into dust? I Am that I Am and no government or political agenda can ever encompass My vastness, nor is there any need to, for I am existent in all things, present in all forms of belief, including even atheism. Split a piece of wood and I am there; lift up the rock and ye shall finding Me Standing, and I do whatever I Will to do regardless of what those with theocratic pretensions illegitimately seek to do in My name. Therefore, know, that any group or persons wishing to establish a theocracy are seeking one after their own selfish and base desires to control and oppress others by their own fear and limited and false imaginings. Seek ye, however, to found instead a universal theophanocracy of light (the rule of the theophanies of my being which you all already always are) within existing frameworks of secular democratic societies, for such is the best and most worthy form of government for ye all, guaranteeing thy rights and freedoms, and one truly reflective of the freedom of the Spirit itself.


Seek to be a true friend to all nations, colors, creeds, beliefs, persuasions, preferences, for they are all various hues and loci of My manifestation, and the various fruits of the Tree of Existence. For just as there is no inner difference between woman and man, also there is no difference between your colors, creeds, beliefs, persuasions and preferences other than in your own perspectives.


Seek always to take care of the children, the infirm, the sick, the lame, the ailing, the homeless, the injured, the destitute, the wronged, the oppressed, the downtrodden, the wretched of the earth, the dispossessed and the elderly even if you must sacrifice much from yourselves in so doing, for those in need are in all circumstances My face mirroring Me to thee and a test for thine own advancement, betterment and realization, would ye but know it!


Take care of My Angel the Earth (Gaia). Jealously protect the life pulsating within Her, throughout Her, around Her, above Her, and vigilantly safeguard all the creatures under Her care in all circumstances and contingencies, and always be in balance with Her. Do not allow Her to be ravaged any more by the ravenous beasts of corporation and selfish profit mongering, for Nature and the Earth are My most sacred trust to thee, containing therein the portals to the most wondrous loci of My manifestation, as I am above all the Mother, both in your world and throughout all the realms of existence.


Know that peace without justice is appeasement and encouragement of the tyrant in continuation of his tyranny. Strive ye always therefore in all thy endeavors to render all their just and equitous due, and they yours, for without justice true peace is not possible, and without true peace true unity is not possible, and in their absence neither is the realization of true love possible. This is the balance, this is the balance, this indeed is the balance!

Verily I am the Holy Praeternal and the Living Light!


تقدیم به نور !


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CAUTION Non-Bahais

by NUR on

So what do you do all day, Faryarm? Sit online ready on the trigger at iranian.com posting comments and blogs on the Baha'i faith? Do you have any hobbies and interests beyond Baha'ism? 

Start HERE (Sourcewatch):

//www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Baha%27i_Faith See as well, BAHA'I INTERNET AGENCY, 


SECTS OF BAHAIS: A Taxonomy of Baha'i Sects, //www.sectsofbahais.com/


Documentary film by independent Israeli film maker Naama Pyritz:


Recent court victory by the Orthodox Baha'is, and the suit brought by the Haifan Bahai organization against them:

Judge's decision

**Appellate hearing (Feb 2009)***

BAHAI Tactics & Techniques - CAUTION NON-BAHAIS

"Slanderous Vilification" = The Baha'i Technique - Ad Hominem, Libel, Slander, Demonize, Scapegoat, Ostracize, Shun, Banish, Backbite, Defame, Vilify, Discredit, Smear, Revile, Suppress, Attack, Bully, Intimidate, Threaten, Malign, Blackball, Deceive, Coerce, Silence, Harass... etc., etc....  CAUTION NON-BAHAIS

1. As far as possible they hold back from responding
2. Then they claim no knowledge of the given issue by feigning
3. After the exposer has exposed they will try to divert to secondary
and totally peripheral and irrelevent side-issues
4. The exposer is then painted as someone with an axe to grind,
biased, deluded (while they, the bahaim, still have not responded to
the main issue exposed)
5. Next they relate mental instability and insanity to the exposer,
i.e. shoot the messenger
6. Then, the last tactic, is to wheel out several dubious personas on
the scene who claim to be neutral non-bahai observers who then begin attacking the exposer as well as the issue exposed while supporting the bahais and their issues as so-called non-bahais



See Susan Stiles Maneck,
WISDOM AND DISSIMULATION IN THE BAHA’I WRITINGS: The Use and meaning of Hikmat in the Baha’i Writings

"In many cases hikmat calls for the apparent suspension of a Bahá'í principle in order to ensure the protection of the Faith."



"We don't want to be like those people who want to see God with their own eyes, or hear His melody with their own ears, because we have been given the gift of being able to see through the eyes of the House of Justice and listen through the ears of the House of Justice." - Bahai Counselor Rebeque Murphy

To hear this section of her talk go to:


BAHAI NOTIONS of FREEDOM of CONSCIENCE according to EX-UHJ member DOUGLAS MARTIN --  Monday, September 23, 2001



"We have inherited a dangerous delusion from Christianity that our
individual conscience is supreme. This is not a Baha'i belief. In the
end, in the context of both our role in the community and our role in
the  greater world, we must be prepared to sacrifice our personal
convictions or opinions. The belief that individual conscience is
supreme is equivalent to "taking partners with God" which is abhorrent to the Teachings of the Faith

NOTE especially, S.G. Wilson,
BAHAISM AND RELIGIOUS ASSASSINATION The Muslim World vol. 4, issue 4, 1914
BAHAISM AND RELIGIOUS DECEPTION The Muslim World, Volume 5, Issue 2, 1914-1915.


features of Bahai Stalinism)


Ma'idih-i-Asmani, vol. 4, page 355

Translation by Wahid Azal (Jan. 7, 2009)
Chapter 11

The Critics of the Cause of God (munkirin-i-amru'llah)

The Ancient Beauty in the Tablet of Habib from Maragha, which begins with "H B hear the call of God from the direction of the throne by the protective signs/verses (bi-ayati muhayyimin)..etc." they [i.e. Husayn 'Ali Nuri] enunciate the command (mi-farmayand) [i.e. state],


By God, the Truth, whomsoever criticizes it [i.e. Baha'ism], [which is] possessed of the manifest, the brilliant, the high and the perspicuous excellence, it behoveth him to ask his mother [yanbaghi lahu bi-an yas'al min ummihi] about his origins [or 'state', i.e.'hal', meaning he should inquire his mother about his legitimate conception – trans.], for he shall return to the nethermost hell [asfal al-jahim]"…

In Promulgation of Universal Peace p. 322 the following is quoted by 'Abbas Effendi from a prayer by his father, cf. THE BAHA'I FAITH AND ISLAM (ed.) Heshmat Moayyad (The Association for Baha'i Studies: Ottawa, 1990), p.23

O God! Whomsoever violates My Covenant, O God, humiliate him. Verily whosoever violates My Covenant, erase and efface him.

See as well,
//www.bayanic.com [CLICK tab BAHAISM]



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دریای نور- نگاهی نه تاریخ بهاییت سید باب و بهاء الله




What's the difference between this araajif and your araajif

by NUR on

...against the Bayanis? Nothing!

You and these mullahs are exactly the same. But whereas Shi'a Islam has the Mulla Sadras, Shaykh Bahais, Mir Damads, Seyyed Haydar Amulis, Shaykh Ahmad Ahsa'is and similar to fall back on, you Bahaim have nothing to fall back on other than triumphalistic drivel about the SPIRITUAL CONQUEST OF THE PLANET from your Universal House of Pancakes!

Really, what principles does Bahaism really have to interest anyone?