House Full of Strangers; with Heart Warming Music

by faryarm

Last Sunday night we dropped in at a friends house to find a house full of children, neighbours and friends.

On the table ,there was persian, italian,irish, chinese and african dishes brought by various people. I did not know many people in the room, but as soon as the evening's guest performer was introduced by our gracious host who followed with a soft melodic irish accent, the warmth of his  words and spirit took away any hint of unfamiliarity.

As Luke Slott started to strum on his guitar, I felt as if the melody was opening my heart .

looking around the room, i noticed the diversity of people; especially the African with his eyes closed, the chinese man sitting on the staircase, not mention the children who were trying very hard to behave and could not wait to play the instruments they had been given to play.

Luke went on singing, telling stories and answering questions about how a basic non-religious agnostic young man from Ireland, a land torn by centuries of religious hatred between Catholics and Protestants, became to be challenged and transformed by the ideas of this new faith from Iran;one that emraces his own heritage, in unity and in fulfilment of his Christian background.

Here is an example of how he expressed that new found feeling of joy and enlightenment, using words from the Bahai Writings and meditations. 


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