The emancipation of the Bahá’ís is also about the emancipation of Iran


The emancipation of the Bahá’ís is also about the emancipation of Iran
by faryarm

Over the past few years an increasing number of activists, journalists, and ordinary citizens have been arbitrarily detained, sentenced, and even executed. The domestic unrest has been used as a pretext by the Iranian government to commit human rights abuses. Bahá’ís, Iran’s largest religious minority, have come under increased targeting. Seven Bahá’í leaders have been unlawfully detained since May 2008. Since the 1979 Revolution, over 200 Bahá’ís have been executed. Thousands more have been arrested, dismissed from their jobs, or had their possessions and homes confiscated. Bahá’í youth are barred from higher education. Bahá’ís cannot hold government jobs.

The emancipation of the Bahá’ís is also about the emancipation of Iran.

It is about emancipation from hatred, ignorance, and violence.

Please join us for an evening co-sponsored by Columbia University’s Center for the Study of Human Rights and the Bahá’ís of NYC in commemoration of the second year anniversary of the imprisonment of the seven Bahá’í leaders.

Featured Guest Speakers:

Rudi Bakhtiar
Former CNN & Fox News Anchor, Current Communications Director for the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran.

Bani Dugal
Principal Representative of the Bahá'í International Community to the United Nations.

Roxana Saberi
Iranian-American Journalist who was recently released from Evin prison where she was prison mates with Mahvash Sabet and Fariba Kamalabadi, two of the seven Bahá’í leaders.

Sarah Leah Whitson
Director of Human Rights Watch's Middle East and North Africa division.

Featuring a special presentation by Oscar-nominated Shohreh Aghdashloo and actor, playwright Houshang Touzie, Anthony Azizi (Actor, Lost, 24, Flash Forward), Manoochehr Vahman (Classical Persian Violinist) and an ensemble cast directed by Shidan Majidi (Director, Miss Saigon).


This event is free & open to the public

Please invite your friends!


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Some people don't call me Tiger for nothing, you know ;-)

Gggrrroowwwwwllllll! Movaazeb-e-panjoolaam baasheed!



"May my life be sacrified for Yaran"

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I am sorry for not being able to attend but

by Bavafa on

I will be there in spirit and full support. I like to add my voice to Gavazn comment and wish equality and justice for all minorities inside and outside of Iran and specifically for the Bahai's as this system of apartheid must end both in Iran and Israel.



My sympathies and support to Bahais and all minorities

by Gavazn on

The title of this blog is very appropriate and I and most decent people around the world support you all the way.


I do not know who you are but you are very witty!!! Wish people like you would comment more. I think NUR sounds very hungry and ordering his next dinner.

i am a bahai too

May my life be sacrified for Yaran

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How moving that such culturals lights as Rudi Bakhtiar, Bani Dugal
Roxana Saberi, Sarah Whitson, Shohreh Aghdashloo and the others are banding together to defend the human rights of Iranian Baha'is in NYC.

Don't worry Anvar, those who cannot leave Baha'is alone are simply challenged to admit that the Faith attracts them and is not easily  forgotten.   Those who directly attack Baha'is forget that the heat of their perturbed exclamation only causes more light to shine on this Faith.  Sadly, nothing has raised global awareness of the Iranian Baha'is more than the situation of the seven souls imprisoned in Evin.  

May my life be sacrified for Yaran!




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I thought that you, as a man, gave your word to stay away from certain blogs.  It seems like the Fatima in you, your feminine side, has finally taken over!  But don’t you worry; I still love ya as my sista!  

You may feel marginalized but do not despair as you are not totally forgotten.  Once a year, on the first day of April, I am always reminded of you and the handful others like you.

Happy April Fools’ Day to you and those who keep goading you to express hate and practice deceit!

Anvar – Brighter than Nur


More zereshk!

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I'm sorry, did you say begging his pardon, or did you mean asking him to bury the hatchet and so pull his mangy dogs from responding to my blogs from there on out in order to keep the peace here and not deliberately ruin discussions as you people can't help yourselves in doing seeing how it bothers you all like a festering sore given how your attempts at marginalizing me out of this forum have failed spectacularly?!

Baha'is believe in peace and brotherhood, hah! Can you say, naneh man gharibam, instead!

Ya NUR & goodbye!



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 Dear Faryar.thanks for posting . I am glad you are ignoring the fellow who was begging your pardon a few months ago!



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Human Rights Abuses

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