Does God Exist?

Does God Exist?
by faryarm

In The US and some western countries, the Subject of God and its discussion in the classroom have become Taboo, even illegal.

This touching and beautifully produced video  shows that religion is not necessarily all about dogma, ritual and superstition; that a logical and a critical thinking child has a few things to tell the teacher about Religion and Science; in this case one of the most revered scientists of our time.


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Regret? Frustration?

by Death_To_Fascism on

[Crossposted to USENET]

promising youth.

Do I sense great frustration and regret in you, Faryar? This isn't the first time you have expressed and given voice to such sentiments on my behalf. Now go ask Brent Poirier what I told him in mid 1997 in his capacity as Auxilliary Board Member for Protection when he delivered the UHJ's final response screed to me at a Village Inn restaurant just outside Albuquerque International Airport. He might recall that I had a manuscript of a forthcoming book by John Walbridge in hand that day. I told him matter of factly and without a single equivocal sentence in my statement to tell your "Institutions" to leave me alone. I specifically warned him in no uncertain terms and without a single breath of hesitation or equivocation that if they remotely f-ed or screwed with me or any member of my family in any capacity, that I would unleash the gates of hell in their general direction and would not stop -- which I have!

Now, as you have found out, I live with a complete sense of total disregard for your silly schoolmaster type shame oriented BS and herdthink emotional manipulation which typifies all you Baha'is and the controlling system/sub-culture/cult you live under.

You have also all found out that in me you have found your ultimate, sworn enemy, who puts everyone who preceded me to utter shame! Susan Maneck herself publicly said in 2002 that I was Avarih+. You cast me as Avarih+ but got Subh-i-Azal cubed.Gotta love karma and how the Pure Spirit Works (SWT)!

And this creating of the Nima/Wahid Azal enemy was all your own doing (just like all the other preceding me) after I specifically warned you all. I have wilfully smashed, destroyed and eviscerated the very bases of your false, prison-like covenant and not only liberated myself from its chain-like clutches, but blazed a trail  and thereby set an example for generations to come on how to liberate themselves from the perversity which Bahaism -- should you survive that long, which you won't.




A sad and pitiful existance...

by faryarm on

 Zulfigar110 also known as Nima Hazini/Wahid Azal was born into a mixed family whose father is a Bahai.

 He left the Bahaii faith anticipating his imminent expulsion, after probably  a long period of a kind and considerate approach by the Bahai Assembly.

The reason for him being that is clear and has been for all to see by searching for his limitless abusive language, his distorted ramblings and attacks against people by name on the internet, under his various aliases and other bogus entities.

I became curious as to why and how some one can become like this. One can not believe everything written on the internet,but can get a fairly accurate picture by references to different independent sources 

It is possible to get a good picture and opinion and  experience through his own words and actions,  better known to his family, friends  and former friends who have written about gradual decline of Nima Hazini who later changed his name to Wahid Azal, writing under Zulfiqar, Nur etc etc.

 He continues to write and post blogs under Zulfiqar110, by trying to twist and distort facts to an audience who knows little about the Bahai Faith, and further cares little about things "religious" in the first place.

I know the pity The Bahais must feel for "Nima" , not to mention the amount of grief he continues to cause his respected family and old friends and acquaintances who have to witness this relentless obsessive and irrational behavior . not to mention the gradual demise of this once promising youth.



Dear Princess,

by faryarm on

Thank you.

I feel that we are all born with the same potential. That we have the potential to acquire spiritual qualities, what we call virtues.

As an analogy, if God is the Sun, we are born with pure hearts, That Our "hearts" are like  mirrors that can reflect the Sun.  

According to the words of the Old Testament God has said, "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness." This indicates that man is of the image and likeness of God -- that is to say, the perfections of God, the divine virtues, are reflected or revealed in the human reality. Just as the light and effulgence of the sun when cast upon a polished mirror are reflected fully, gloriously, so, likewise, the qualities and attributes of Divinity are radiated from the depths of a pure human heart.."

May I suggest the following 





Zulfiqar is an ex Bahai

by Faramarz_Fateh on

who is pissed big time because he was thrown out of the Bahai community.  So he keeps posting really long nonsensical stuff about Bahais.

That should really not bother me cuz I am not a Bahai nor do I care about any religion.  But this dude just rubs me the wrong way.

He reminds me of Bache akhoonds in Qom who were sexually molested in their childhood and were full of complexes (oghdeh) and hate.






by Allahu_Abha on

Thank you faryar Mansouri.

Have you seen this ?



Thanks for sharing, Faryarm!

by Princess on

Interesting film, the only issue I have with it is that it seems to suggest that God (or the power of Good) is something external that touches some people and abandons others.

In my humble opinion, we all carry both the Good and the Evil within us and as such, God is inside all of us. "God" does exist, but it's an internal force, not some external being. We all have the potential to be God.

Enjoyed the clip nevertheless. Thank you.


Hey Zulfigar - Zulfaghar

by Cost-of-Progress on

I seriously suggest you get back on your medication. You are one F'ed up douche bag.....and lay off the islamic video games...


The irony

by Zulfiqar110 on

shows that religion is not necessarily all about dogma, ritual and superstition;

Is that right? What do you know about any of those beyond your own sectarian indoctrination and brainwashing? Nothing. But sometimes certain cults like yours call themselves a religion when they're not and they're all about worshiping bureaucracy which they call the covenant...


And what does Einstein have to do with you? He wasn't a Baha'i. Or are you going to claim him as one now? 

Flying Solo


by Flying Solo on



Same Goes for Heaven & Hell

by Anvar on

Thank you for the video and the blog. 

The idea of non-existence of coldness, darkness, or evil also applies to hell.  The binary model of the state of the soul’s destination, as in going to either heaven or hell, is no longer applicable.  The progression of the soul, after death, ought to be measured by its proximity to (love, light, etc. of) God.  The closer the distance, the heavenlier it would be.  Consequently, the farther the distance, the more hellish it would be.

Yes, God loves all human beings, but it is us that through exercising our free-will determine the state or condition of our spirit hereafter.  We can easily deprive ourselves from the heaven and end up in the cold, dark, evil hell – so to speak.  To perish in the state of almost non-existence.

And for those of you believing that there’s no God, soul, or afterlife; in your own case, you may very well be right!  Soon enough, we will all find out – one way or the other.



The video

by yolanda on

The video is super cool and thought-provoking!  Thanks for sharing! I will save it under my you-tube account.



bajenaghe naghi

faryarm jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

this is a great video and a great message. very simple on the surface yet so profound. thank you for sharing it.