BBC: Shirin Ebadi on women and Bahá'ís

 BBC: Shirin Ebadi on women and Bahá'ís
by faryarm

Interview with Shirin Ebadi, in Light of of recent IR accusations and regime's intimidation because of her continued  defense of women and the arrested Bahá'ís in Iran.    On 14 January 2009, Iranian secret service agents arbitrarily detained at least six members of the Baha’i religion in Tehran, including a former female colleague of Shirin Ebadi 


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Voice of America !

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غافل از اينکه جميع اين بلايا بمنزله دُهن است برای اشتعال اين مصباح ...


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She is just an Amazing Person 





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Dear Faryar I thought you may enjoy this