Apache Bahai?

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An American Native , from The Apache talks about her common beliefs...


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Truth Seeker;

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Bahais do not subscribe to the manmade superstitions and legends asociated with the "hidden" imam.

They do however believe that in the 19th century; a time when people of all races, religions and backgrounds according to their scriptures awaited the fulfillment of prophecy..

For the Muslims , The Bab claimed to be the "Qaim" and for that He was put to death; He abrogated Islam and its laws, setting in motion an new faith. new teachings with its laws and practices; His greater misson however was to herald the coming of One "whom God shall make manifest" who would be the promised one all ages, awaited by all humanity.

Bahais belive Baha'u'llah to be the promised one. 

including  our Apache sister above, according to ancient native american prophecies..


Small correction of facts on origin of Bahai faith

by Martijn R (not verified) on

Dear Encyclopaedia,

Thanks for your comment. Here some correction (and extension) of facts on the origin of the Bahai Faith:

1. Mírza Ḥusayn-Alí Nuri was from Tehran, not Shiraz (the Bab was from Shiraz).

2. Mírza Ḥusayn-Alí claimed to be the promised one of the Bab (and of earlier prophets) only after he was exiled to Baghdad for championing the cause of the Bab (in 1853 after mass execution of babis triggered by attempt on the life of the Shah by some babis). In 1863 Baha'ullah first publicly proclaimed his mission and gradually over the next decade or so most babis accepted his claim and came to be known as baha'is. Baha'ullah was eventually imprisoned in Acre (Akka/Akko) by the Sultan and passed away there in 1892.

Warmest greetings.


Dear truth seeker

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The history of Bahaism is this: In the early part of 19th century, there was a fellow named 'Bab' who claimed to be the 12th Imam of Shia. When he declared that, he said that someone bigger than him will come along.

Right after that, he was executed. While all of this was going on, a fellow named Mírza Ḥusayn-Alí Nuri in Shiraz said that why he couldn't be that bigger one. So he claimed to be a new prophet, and named himself 'Bahaullah'.

That is how "Bahaism' came about. Very simple.

P.S. When he claimed to be a prophet, Naser-el-din Shah Ghajjar had him exiled to the Ottoman Empire territory.

The moral of the story is: be very careful when you claim yourself to be a prophet. It may not be as 'peachy' as you may think.

Have a great day!!


Is Bahai all in one religion?

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What is the difference between Bahai and Shia religion,beside the fact that they believe Shia 12th Imam is founder of their religion.


“Do not be content with

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“Do not be content with showing friendship in words alone, let your heart burn with loving kindness for all who may cross your path.”




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...Chera Kee?



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OK, fine, but can you show me a Cherokee that has converted? See! That's very tough...