Neo Cons or Neo Comms: Who got it right on Iran?


Farhad Kashani
by Farhad Kashani

Neo Cons or Neo Comms: Who got it right on Iran?

After the recent uprising of Iranian people against Tyranny and Fascism, it has become important to look back and see who got it wrong and who got it right on the issue of Iran. The importance stems from the fact that many of us Iranians don’t analyze news and don’t analyze what it gets told to us. We simply accept things just because the source is in the news or in academia or is famous. Unfortunately, that doesn’t tell us if the source knows more about Iran than the average citizen.

With the start of the Bush administration, some Leftist groups in politics and media, whom we will refer to from now on as “NEO COMMS” (Neo Communists), came up with the conspiracy theory that there are a group of influential people in Washington who love war, love religion, hate Islam, hate Iran, love Jews and love oil. This was result of the slow rise of Leftist media and politics after the end of cold war. Needless to say, they were wrong on all that, but they will able through manipulation of media, activism and bullying anyone who disagrees with them, to further their agenda and assert this notion that the “Neo Cons” are out to get the world.

Naturally, they rejected and bashed Bush and any of his policies. We are not going to engage how that damaged America, most specifically, in its struggle against Fundamentalist Islam. We are going to look at how they turned out to be wrong and how the Neo Cons turned out to be right on the issue of Iran.

Neo Comms like Chomsky used to tell us that “IRI has a form of democracy since it holds what he would call “elections!”. Mr. Chomsky never explained to us where are the parties in these elections? Where is the competition? And for what office is this election for? Neo Cons used to say that IRI is a Fascist dictatorial regime. It was finally proven that this is nothing but a sham circus for an office that is nothing more than an International public relations mouth for the supreme leader. So they turned out wrong and Neo Cons turned out right.

Neo Comms like Jon Stewart used to claim that IRIs bad reputation is because of American media’s negative campaign about the regime. That’s why he sent correspondence to Iran right at the election to prove that IRI is not so evil after all! Neo Cons included IRI as part of axis of evil. It was finally revealed to the world how IRI treats its citizens. Well, we all saw the result of that. Neo Comms were wrong on this also.

Neo Comms like used to claim that Iran’s mishaps are because of American’s “imperialism”, not because of IRIs extremism or violence behavior or regressive approach to government. The conspiracy theorists Neo Comms used to claim that everything that happens in any corner of the world from coup to revolution to uprising to…are result of a few “Zionists” and “Capitalists’” plot to control the oil supply and in favor of Jews! Well, as we saw, even the IRI regime found it very very hard to link this unprecedented uprising to America or Israel although they tried hard to do so. As other events, this was a people’s uprising against tyranny and for freedom. There is no such thing as the “300 member club” who rule the world as Neo Comms loonies used to say. So Neo Comms turned out wrong and Neo Cons turned out right.

Neo Cons like Bush used to say that Iranian people want freedom and that is their main desire. Neo Comms used to denounce those words as part of “Bush’s plot to attack Iran! Cause he’s a cowboy and loves oil”! Neo Comms look at everything through an economic lens. That’s their problem. To them democracy and people’s aspiration for it, is a myth. Well, how wrong were they on that?

Neo Comms like NIAC and Reza Aslan used to say that “America shouldn’t interfere in Iran’s business, but it should have dialogue with the IRI regime and give it security guarantees”! Neo Cons used to say U.S has an obligation as part of the International community to support oppressed people everywhere, and we all saw the backlash against Obama by countless Iranians inside and outside Iran for his ineffectiveness in supporting the oppressed Iranian people. Neo Comms got really embarrassed in this front.

Neo Comms like NY Times and, used to tell us that “Iranians want this regime in power!”. The Neo Cons claimed that Iranians deserve better than this and they know it. Iranians showed they do not want this regime. Even former members of IRI want this regime gone. The individual who became the symbol of this uprising was IRIs prime minister! No one wants this regime anymore. Who got it right and who got it wrong there?

So bottom line is we need to be aware of the Neo Comms. Be aware of them and reject them and expose them and from now on, we should not surrender our logic to a few clueless Lefty who still live in the 1960s.

At the end of the day, none of Left’s propaganda worked. As matter of fact, it resulted in a miserable failure, but through the process, they caused some damage. We need to make sure that doesn’t happen again. For Iran’s sake.


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Farhad Kashani

Sassan jaan,   I

by Farhad Kashani on

Sassan jaan,  

I understand where you’re coming from. I like to point something out though. A huge part of the problem prior to June 12th was our silence. The vast majority of Iranians do not want this regime, including me, but until last couple of years we were not active enough. We let these Neo Comms hijack our voice. We let them speak on our behalf. and again, myself included. They are a minority among us, but they are very active, motivated and vocal. If we are to make a difference, we need to be exactly like them and more. There is no other way.


That’s what I’m happy that patriots and intelligent Iranians like yourself are speaking out. Glad to have you on board.

 Maryam aziz,  

Thanks. I enjoy your postings as well. Keep up the good work.

  MRX1 jaan , 

You said it perfectly.


Neo coms are Neo facists

by MRX1 on

new coms of today are bonified
fascists. with their trust funds in the bank, pony tails and pirus
with obama signs they support every two bit dictatorship out there
including Iran's, so long as that dictatorship is against U.S for
real or imagenery. 

Maryam Hojjat

Excellent article!

by Maryam Hojjat on

I agree with your view on this issue. A well defined comparison.

Payandeh Iran & Iranians

Sassan Jahangir

Farhad jaan,

by Sassan Jahangir on

I have been saying pretty much the exact same thing to my family and friends for almost 8 years, without the clever "neo-comm" description. I can't tell you how many times over the years I tried to combat leftist loons in my own immediate circle who claimed to know beyond certainty that Bush is the Devil and how Iran was much better off with the mullahs and their homegrown brand of "Islamic democracy!"

Revolting and putrid as this line of thinking is, on an obscene scale, it was all too prevalent in the biased media before June 12, and still is in some hideous circles of the elite left. Of course, the talking heads, the Aslans and the Stewarts of the world, do not help our cause as they're either paid for, as in the case of Aslan, or ideologically retarded, as in the case of Stewart, or maybe he's just doing it for ratings, trying to pander to his overwhelmingly liberal audience.

Anyway you slice it, the publicly adored "neo-comms" have been far more detrimental to Iranian political growth, not to mention freedom, than the viscerally hated neo-cons.