Iranians Heroic Uprising: What Now?


Farhad Kashani
by Farhad Kashani

So what now?

The regime has cracked down, hard, as expected. This will not save it from the ultimate collapse, but we have to be realistic and figure out what needs to be done at this point of time by the movement for democracy and freedom in Iran. This movement includes all Iranians and non Iranians worldwide who want a democratic and peaceful Iran.

There are a number of immediate steps that needs to be taken. They are listed below:

- Military rebellion and strike: Not that the IRI regime had any legitimacy left to begin with, but street protests absolutely demolished any credibility the regime had, and that’s one of the results of marching on streets. However, in the short run at least, it will not lead to the collapse of the IRI regime, which is the Iranian people and the world’s core desire. What will do that is military rebellion and strikes. So Basij/Sepah/Army leaders have to look into their conscious and political activists inside and outside of Iran, need to communicate with them and encourage them, to rebel against the regime. After this uprising, all that the regime will count on to hold power is its security forces and the military. So, everyone needs to be ac active as possible in order to reach out to as many connections they got and do as much networking needed to make this happen.

- Arrest Khamenei for crimes against humanity: This should’ve done to Khomeini and should’ve done to Khamenei sometimes during the last 30 years. But, the world stood still. Now, that needs to change. The world has clearly seen how the regime is responsible for murdering Iranian citizens who want nothing but freedom in cold blood. This is the most outrageous proof of crimes against the innocent Iranian people. Regime has undoubtedly, in its continues effort since 1979, committed crimes against humanity. Political activists and leaders, world governments, human rights organizations, Iranians inside Iran, and we the people, need to be as active as possible to make this happen. Again, networking and reaching out. Exposing the regime. Being active.

- Counter IRIs propaganda: Fascist IRI with its enormous and hellish propaganda machine, and with the help of Islamist enablers around the world like Chomsky, and NY Times, and Communist Berkley, and, Jon Stewart, NIAC, and others, will throw everything it has to strike back in public opinion war. They’ve already started that. They gonna blame Israel, U.K and America. They gonna say the protesters are few “brainwashed” people. They gonna say CIA paid them money. So, everyone needs to be vigilant and active. Don’t let them even attempt to bounce back in the public opinion war, which is absolutely crucial in the struggle of our people against the regime.

- Ask for International support: IRI, through its enablers in the West, was successful in redefining and twisting the definitions of terms such as “sovereignty”, “independence”, “human rights”, “democracy” and “international interference”. They did all that in favor of the regime, asking for the world to stay silent about the crimes of IRI both inside and outside of Iran because Iran is “sovereign”, and they justified their crimes by saying Iran is “independent” (as if it wasn’t before they come!), and they have invented their own version of human rights (i.e. Islamic human rights), and at a time when the world has become one big village and interconnected and the flow of information and opinion and news easier than ever, the IRI wants Iran to be an isolated island, i.e. no International interference in our affairs! This is a time when IRI expresses its opinion about every little thing in the world ranging from openly supporting different groups in Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and elsewhere against each other, and on a 24/7 basis, perpetuating its propaganda by expressing comments about U.S and Western political systems, elections….!! But if anyone dares to say a word about Iran, its’ “interference and rejected”! It appears that Obama has fallen into this trap of Islamist enablers in the West. The Iranian people inside of Iran, and the world, expect and hopes for International interference, especially U.S, in support of the heroic uprising of our people. It’s an obligation that the International community has towards a forgotten and oppressed people. The world should not let IRI and Chomsky and others define what “sovereignty” or “independence” is. The world needs to support the people of Iran in any way possible.

Simultaneously engaging in the above mentioned acts will intensify the regime’s collapse process, thus, more Iranian lives will be saved and more quickly the world will get rid of this barbaric regime. So, please, for the sake of Iran, be as active as you can. Contact as many important and influential figures, organizations, …as you can.

The future of our country depends on what happens now. Do what’s right.


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chomsky a islamist

by you are paid propagandists (not verified) on

chomsky a islamist enabler??

war mongers would call him that ... for pure disinfo and propaganda.

can you idiots please grow up??

germany and france killed zillions... now they have learned.

how many does the US of Angst need to kill?


To further the Iranian Revolution the West need to do 4 things

by Ali Akbar (not verified) on

[1]Eliminate the stranglehold that CRUDE OIL has on it... since 1900 crude oil has been necessary to further the WEST'S industrial might ...The only reason why Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was able to get this much attention is because of oil...

[2] Increase the Transparency of all the world's governments no more of these secret agendas

see history

[3] Be more fair in distribution of the earth's wealth

see history

[4] Make UNIVERTIAL education a TOP PRIORITY instead of a secondary or tertiary priority…

How do you explain Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's success in getting the poor and uneducated to vote for him?

Jahanshah Rashidian

Fuel emargo

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

Fuel emargo seems an effective factor which weakens the IRI opressive machine and signalises also an inernational solidarity with the oppressed people of Iran, what in these days people need.

Whatever the track record of sanctions against dictatorial regimes, the international community has no other way to react, sanctions on regimes like the IRI, as morale and legal punishments, are the only expectd measures.

Oil as a lucrative trade for energy hungry international firms should not be dismal, if the Iranian Diaspora highlights its immoral effects in the hands of oppressive Mullahs, fuel embargo turns to be a serious reaction of international cmmunity.

In general, sanctions are factors to weaken dictatorial regimes, but not a determined weapon to topple them--added to sanctions, people’s struggles are determined , as it was the case of toppled Apartheid.

Sanctions were not effective in cuba because the regime had popular support, while the IRI is hated by an increasing majority of Iranians and can be shaken off once fuel is stopped.  

India makes unfair deals with a barbaric regime which wastes its national resources to oppress Iranian people since three decades. In its track of illegitimacy, now this regime carries a coup d’état, and this must be eough for the biggest democracy of the world to stop the trade.

It is pitty, Iranian communities in the West are still dispersed: a number of them are IRI suporters, a number are business-makers who praise any regime in Tehran, a second  generation who is politically less engaged,  all of which brings grist to the mill of Mullahs.

Although they are economically strong eough to influence a fuel embargo on the IRI, for the above reasons are dispersed.

What today rattles the regime is unity of all subversive which have relative immunity in the West.

yesterday's occupation of IRI embassy in Stokholm is the first step of such a unity. No wonder, the IRI supporters like Tudeh Party, devotees of line of imam, condemned it as a "plotted adventure" in the detriment of the "Green Movement".