Will the Real Trita Please Stand Up!


Will the Real Trita Please Stand Up!
by Faramarz

I was watching Mr. Dai’s second interview with Mr. Maibodi about his legal case with NIAC on Pars TV last night when out of nowhere Mr. Dai mentioned that Trita Parsi regularly goes on Iranian.com and make comments anonymously! I almost fell off my chair! Say what again!

Hassan Dai said that as a part of his discovery process for the lawsuit, he has been able to identify three usernames on Iranian.com that belong to Trita; Karim S (as in Karim Sadjadpour), Ramin J (as in Ramin Jahanbegloo) and Iraj Khan! Yes, the “copy and paste” Iraj Khan that spends a good amount of time on this site defending NIAC and Trita.

Well, I decided to spend a few minutes and look into this and see if it is true. I didn’t know Karim S, and I vaguely remembered one comment by Ramin J on one of my blogs, but there were plenty of commentary by Iraj Khan. So that’s where I focused.

As I read a bunch of Iraj Khan’s comments, two things stood out. First, he always copy and pasted passages either from blogs by NIACis or he did it from the NIAC site. Up to this point, I always thought that Iraj Khan was not really good at writing his own comments, but then it dawned on me that he is actually copy and pasting material that he had written himself as Trita Parsi! He probably thought that the material was so well-written and eloquent that they should be repeated time and time again!

Even the recent blog by NIAC’s Nobar Elmi appeared to be written by Trita. After all, NIAC is a small group of people that is run very tightly by their top guy so it made sense that he would write or co-write any material that went out. In a small and highly political organization like NIAC, somebody like Nobar is never given the authority to either write a blog or the authority to reply to the comments or questions.

But my second discovery was what sold me on Dai’s comment! Iraj Khan in his comments on several occasions used lofty and grandiose adjectives to praise Trita. That seemed unusual to the point that one would wonder if he is completely infatuated with him, or in fact he is just praising himself!

Well, I assembled a small sample of comments here. Take a look for yourself and see what you think.

Here is Iraj Khan commenting about Trita's interview with Shohreh Asemi.

"Mr. Trita Parsi proves once again to be an interesting person to watch. He is at ease when she asks her highly charged questions, he is at ease with her as well as with himself. "

"Mr. Trita Parsi and NIAC are as effective and as active as ever because they represent the position of the majority of Iranian Americans on the subject of Sanctions and War on Iran.”

“We Iranian Americans are lucky to have someone like him around, someone who started as an intern observing the political games being played inside the centers of power in Washington. “

Here is another set of comment by Iraj Khan on Nobar Elmi's blog.

"Meanwhile, Trita Parsi shines on international tribunes through his books, articles, interviews and blogs. He is representing the position of the vast majority of Iranian Americans on the subject of Sanctions and War on Iran.”  

"It is about the powerful Israel Lobby trying to 'Destroy' and 'Discredit' a brilliant mind and the organization that he has created with the help of others. The Lobby has failed on both points."

Here is Ramin J commenting about my blog about a panel discussion that Trita participated with a Palestinian and an Israeli.

"Trita is the calmest coolest debater ever and he completely kicked the Israeli general's ass!”

“Parsi came at him with facts and numbers, "empirical data" as he said."

You know, let me be very honest with you. Here is my problem with this whole thing. For someone who should be very busy representing Iranian-Americans, advocating “Grand Bargain”, fighting AIPAC and lobbying for the Regime, he sure is spending too much time commenting on Iranian.com!


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Soosan Khanoom

By the way, I brought the fight here from the other blog

by Soosan Khanoom on

This blog is the right place to be for this never ending discussions.   I couldn't find more accurate blog describing Trita than this one anyway.  



Soosan Khanoom

Vildemose ,

by Soosan Khanoom on

So according to you who read all the statments made in the court, based on the Trita's confession he was paid  by the CIA.  Paid to do what?  Nevermind , don't bother with an IRI supporter motor mouth blond dumb dizzy who also lies ...  .  It will interfere with your  smart  gene that seems not to  even comprehend the "  anti war " campaign.   

If such a branch of CIA is still active then that is great   At least unlike you Trita does not beg his daddy CIA to bomb democracy on the head of Iranian people.  I repeat once again if you are against IRI move your butt over there and fight rather than  running to your own daddy CIA to take care of it for you!!  

And if asking  me , since according to you I am an IRI supporter, then I have to stay here and fight for the peace ... 

Now, I am short of more nice words by you to be added to my title.   Oh please don't hesitate ... be my guest.  

The more I discuss NIAC with you Sarbazaneh Imam Fred the more I  actually like to join  this organization.     Who knows I may even get invited to the daily show.   




Soosan Khanoom

And by poor people what actually Watt means is Neocons.

by Soosan Khanoom on

Hiring George Bush's manipulative lawyer with tons of dollars paid by you know where !!! Somehow does NOT match with any poor person's profile on the Watt's list.



Gold Card

by Walt on

Dorood Bahmani,

Well now that you announced your intentions with NIAC I doubt you will accomplish any of your goals.  Many have had the same idea but Parsi doesn't want partners, he wants loyal little regime fanatics to abide by his every command, e.g. his scripted internet response team.  Right now you could accomplish more by blocking Parsi's path in DC and by exposing his fraud operation.  One way would be to not vote for his supporters like Ellison and vote for someone like Timmerman (Maryland) for Congress.  Parsi knows if Timmerman gets in that his game is over in DC.

PS, next time you have $50 to throw away, I know some hungry and needy Iranian refugees with kids that you could help out. :) V Free Iran!


i take that back i guess he

by Kingreza3 on

i take that back i guess he really doesnt like the MEK. i would have fought for those poor lost soals too, so they can see how normal people live adn think and Maryam Rajavi is an ugly joke not just fortold by IRI. his response to the article was also not cool. i come to this website and thats enough to make this site important. Mr. Parsi if these acusation about you and getting money, and what not, is true that does not make you a bad person, it makes you a smart man with agenda (getting money from CIA to advocate for USA "enemy") though your response on this website points out that you are feeling guilty about it. I would have said yes I am tarita and not make fun of others and their affiliations and suing them for bullshit reason. this is a sign of weakness even though it doesnt appear so. 



Damn I am NOT parsi

by Kingreza3 on

so i still don't get the fight over NIAC right now . not after the regime is gone or some shit like that. reading tarita parsi comments about himself as funny as it sounds has nothing to do with what he does. as a matter of fact i sounds like advertising for NIAC more than for him. In my book NIAC continues to fight for every iranian regardless of political affiliation. and like evry turn in the history we tend to discredit any one that is trying to help us.

i am more intrested to find out who is the rest of the peops here. i would like to know the real identy of anti regime commentator and if they are even Iranian.


oh i am king of my own land and have no affiliation with the pahlavis. and i really like the Rahim Mashaei. i followed him before he was the regime (ahmdinejad) trick to take back the power. he is legit. and no i am NOT Mahmmud 


I am Trita Parsi :O)

by Peacock_Feather on



Reply to Walt

by bahmani on

Goldmember? I'll have to check on that. That may be why my $50 basic membership hasn't gotten me any sort of diddly squat.

Read my reply just now to Sohrab Ferdows on why I joined NIAC. It isn;t why you think.

My point is to join to object internally, in case NIAC is run democratically. So far, no evidence of it. As expected, but still a great disappointment. I would have expected Trita to at least cover that sham claim in some deft way too. But maybe an internal NIAC election is coming, and they just haven't announced it yet.

Let me know as soon as you hear of a NIAC election though. I have a great idea!

To read more bahmani posts visit: //bozkuhi.blogspot.com/


Reply to Walt

by bahmani on

Goldmember? I'll have to check on that. That may be why my $50 basic membership hasn't gotten me any sort of diddly squat.

Read my reply just now to Sohrab Ferdows on why I joined NIAC. It isn;t why you think.

My point is to join to object internally, in case NIAC is run democratically. So far, no evidence of it. As expected, but still a great disappointment. I would have expected Trita to at least cover that sham claim in some deft way too. But maybe an internal NIAC election is coming, and they just haven't announced it yet.

Let me know as soon as you hear of a NIAC election though. I have a great idea!

To read more bahmani posts visit: //bozkuhi.blogspot.com/


Reply to Sohrab Ferdows

by bahmani on

All your points are correct.

M point is that if you orI or anyone objects to Trita and NIAC, we must put up, or largely shut up. No amount of admiring Dai's win or Trita's loss, is stopping the conference being held tomorrow. The conference wins. Sow e continue to lose. Even though all of us who object to NIAC's misclaim and fraudulent assertion that there is this official sounding NATIONAL COUNCIL OF IRANIAN-AMERICANS in every nook and cranny of the US, with shiny offices filled with hopeful young Iranian volunteers and staff and that overwhelmingly, the majority of the more than a million Iranians in the US have chosen and anointed the best among them, namely Trita Parsi, as their representative to speak on their behalf to senators, and politicians around the globe.

This illusion, is what I object to most. I joined NIAC in order to protest it from the inside. I should not be surprised, to-ate there has not been one opportunity to do so, no meeting of members, no secret handshakes, no members-only internal memos. NOTHING. My investigation into how NIAC works as not surprisingly turned up zilch. Which we sort of expected. No?

My point is this, NIAC is not being stopped. It continues to assert itself to US politicians on out behalf. Unauthorized, and rogue. IT is causing us harm by it's mis-portrayal of our opinions, and it debatably causing ultimately even greater harm between the US and Iran relations.

I am saying that writing about it yet again, is not useful anymore. we now know what we need to know in order to begin to shut down NIAC and disclaim it's claims.

I am doing this by writing the politicians whom I discover are under NIAC's spell, and offer them an alternative viewpoint and inform them that NIAC does not legally or technically or theoretically represent the majority opinion of the Iranian-American community and why.


To read more bahmani posts visit: //bozkuhi.blogspot.com/

iraj khan

تا سيه روى شود هر كه درو غش باشد.

iraj khan

This half 'Bait' by Hafez rings true on this website. As you may know, Mr Trita Parsi has already confessed and apologized. here's what he said:

"Now, I ask you the good readers of this website and you the Iranian Americans to be the judge. What else could I’ve done to keep Mr. Dai satisfied? Now that my real identity is exposed , I like to ask for your forgiveness and.."

You can read the complete text of his confession here:


Amin Neshati

Moment of Truth

by Amin Neshati on

در اين آشفته بازار سياسى كه ما ايرانيان خارج نشين براى خودمون دست و پا كرديم رأى دادگاه تا حدى نور افكنى كرد و بعضى چيزها روشن شد. رسيدن به حقيقت هوشيارى ميطلبه و گهگاه يكى دو نفر كه خودشون رو بخطر بندازند و استقامت كنند. خوش گفت حافظ: تا سيه روى شود هر كه درو غش باشد.


Mamour: the law of the jungle.....

by Souri on

I don't support nor I can even tolerate MaramJoon/Wahid tactics.
It is like saying that we support the bear because she is the only animal who can counterattack the tiger!
How about the rest of the animals of the jungle?
Are they condemned to bear all the atrocities/attacks of the two parts, just because they don't want or they can't have the same wild attitude?
Have you heard of that poem of Moshiri which says : Vaay, jangal ra biabaan mikonand?
This is exactly what these two parties are doing to the otherwise decent and respectful climate of this site.


I m a member of a cult as well as a true person

by مآمور on

Listen guys, you (as a true cult in this site) make the true people
run out of this site, with all your accusations and insults and

People like Q ( one of my favorite icons here) quit the site. You
made Mammad quit the site. You made Dr Ala quit the site. You made many
many people who were here either with their true names or their identity
known to all, running out from the site. You went even as far as
calling at their work place to bad mouthing them and destroy their
private life and reputation!

Well said Souri. they try to intimidate ' true' people who dont share their views!! that is why I support people like Maryamjoon, whahid..... their views and tacticts are just as radical and suicidal as our distiguished ' cult' they are match for each other!!


I wear an Omega watch


 Any reputable

by vildemose on

 Any reputable organization would have launched an independent investigation into this tragedy of a "lawsuit" to figure out how this travesty could have taken place in the first place.

They will never do this. Because their dear leader is not very bright.

Hope at least the dues paying donors take some legal actions and demand accountability and transparency.

This is so embarrassing for all of us; not just Terita.

All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


hear hear

by Fesenjoon2 on

AO: "Instead of learning accountabilty and transparency from a democratic system, you're creating your own little islands of dictatorship and oligarchy in the United States."

Bulls eye. 

Anonymous Observer

The fact that Trita Parsi is still in charge of NIAC

by Anonymous Observer on

should give any reasonable, objective observer pause.  Any reputable, responsible organization that gave the slightest hoot about its membership would have fired the guy who intiated this pathetic travesty of a lawsuit, had alteration of legal documents happen under his watch and may be even with his acquiescence, and forced this organization to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to no other than Daii and his lawyers for misdeeds before the court.  Any reputable organization would have launched an independent investigation into this tragedy of a "lawsuit" to figure out how this travesty could have taken place in the first place.

But not NIAC!  Not Iranians!  If anything--and in true Iranian "zero reponsibility," "everything is always someone else's fault," fashion--they're doubling down on their screw ups and accusing a bunch of commenters on Iranian.com of being "MEK" and "AIPAC."  What a travesty this organization and its dim wit supporters are!  And what about their dues paying membership?  Do they realize they just paid for another BMW for Hassan Daii and / or his lawyers?  Shouldn't they be pissed off?!!  Instead, here they are like a bunch of automotons defending this shady character and justifying his misdeeds.  

This is why the Iranian American community will never advance.  You just don't have it in you.  Instead of learning accountabilty and transparency from a democratic system, you're creating your own little islands of dictatorship and oligarchy in the United States.  Further reading:




by Walt on

Dear Bahmani,

I'm just curious, would you happen to be a 'GOLD CARD' member of NIAC?

The reason I ask is that you were just very careful to use the terms advocating, advocates and advocacy in reference to NIAC and Parsi. 

It just strikes one of those notes with me that you are trying to push something over on the crowd here, especially after those terms were the exact terms Parsi changed "LOBBY" to, on documents for two days during Christmas and exactly the reason why the judge sanctioned Parsi for contempt.   

NIAC stonewalled the court at multiple times during the two-year process by refusing to release documents in a timely fashion.

It was also caught altering pertinent materials, which led Judge Bates to sanction the group by ordering it to pay a large portion of Daioleslam’s legal fees.

One example that provoked the judge’s ire was NIAC’s alteration of a document that billed its precursor, Iranians for International Cooperation (IIC), as a “lobbying” outfit. The 1999 document, however, was changed to label IIC as an “advocacy” group before it was submitted to the court—drawing a rebuke from the judge.

“It does appear that something very odd is going on with this file,” Judge Bates wrote in his opinion. “The Court is prepared to find by a preponderance of the evidence that [NIAC] intentionally altered the document.”

The term 'LOBBY' in reference to NIAC has been widely used for the last four years, even by Parsi, Disney, Ney and most of their other staff until "FARA" was mentioned and the documents were illegally altered.

Changing the 'word' doesn't change the 'FACT' that even Parsi referred to himself as a lobby.  In fact, Parsi did a lot of 'LOBBYING' and in other discovery documents they were talking about adjusting times because their 501C3 didn't allow for more than 20 percent of their activities to include 'LOBBYING'.

My point is that, it really seems strange that you would come in throwing the terms advocating, advocates and advocacy at us after years of "NIAC" being known as a "LOBBY' and then not mention the word "LOBBY" once in your post until the very end where, I guess you lost your train of thought and slipped up. 

Anyway, just kinda thinking out loud, if you get my drift.


Walt aka TheVeni1, MEK, Jew Lawyer, Zionist, Warmonger, etc etc

PS: I think the only thing NIAC Trolls haven't called me is Sandis Khor.   Have a nice evening. :)


where was the focus Mr. Bahmani?

by Sohrab_Ferdows on

Advising others to focus on what Mr. Trita Parsi did/does is very good advice but where was the focus in your writing? I can say with full certainty that the reaction which we see from some members of iranian.com towards recent developments regarding Mr. Parsi's actions is understandable. The action that I am talking about is the lawsuit which was launched by Mr. Parsi against Mr. Dai to silence him but backfired on Mr. Parsi and his organization, the NIAC. Yes, it is true that NIAC is Mr. Parsi's organization or better yet, "dokkaan", to take advantage of the good name and reputation of Iranian community in U.S. for personal and political gains. Speaking up against such character which misrepresent himself and his "dokkaan" as representative of majority of Iranian in U.S. is absolute right of any Iranian who thinks his/her nationality and his/her ethnicity has been used and abused by a greedy person and his organization. Mr. Parsi's actions have not been anything but attempts to get ahead and make money in the world of politics by misrepresenting himself on behalf of Iranian community while making false claims and exaggerate about his own activities and achievements in helping Iranians.

"put up" about Mr. Parsi or NIAC's actions does not mean you have to join him in the actions and behaviors that you oppose. Exposing the actions of NIAC and its leader which in direction of harming the national struggle of Iranian people against one of the most brutal and savage regimes in the history of mankind is how people like Mr. Dai has "put up" with that issue while having support of many others. The small number of people who speak up here against Mr. Parsi and his NIAC are in fact "putting up" with this suspicious organization which misrepresents itself in their name while many may not even be aware of such entity that is using their identity and nationality to its own credit in order to make political and monetary gains.

The issue which has been brought up here in this blog most certainly indicates how Mr. Parsi have tried to advance his agenda (whatever it might be) through posting under multi ids, just to falsely show that his agendas and ideas are supported by others too. We all know that most online magazines do not require much personal information when someone creates an account to publish his/her materials and that makes it easy for some people who have plenty of free time on their hands to spread their own propaganda and advance their own agendas. From what I have seen/heard so far, these claims may very well be true and if so, that speaks a volume about leadership of such organization like NIAC and I do not believe that your action in joining them after many of your softly written critiques about them on iranian.com is really a surprise news. You are either not very serious in your critiques or just passive. Other than that you may share the same agenda while pretending that you don't and that is not a very unusual and new trend in this business either.




I would rather focus on Trita's Actions

by bahmani on

It may be fun to poke him in the eye now and then, and lord knows I have done more than my fair share of it.

But ever since I joined NIAC as part of my attempt to put up or shut up, and better understand this confounding organization, I have to now say, look at the actions of NIAC and Trita.

It is a business. Or better, a Kasebi.

As with all businesses the goal is to make a living. A decent one. Say $100k a year or so to start. That is both reasonable and respectable and better, certainly within reach, if you run a shop that churns out a product that enough people seem to want to buy.

Unfortunately, advocating for Iran or against Israel or for the US while against the US, has a certain market. My $50 membership to begin. Then the donors, the fans, the friends, and yes, even Iranians inside Iran desperate to have their ill-gotten money washed clean by mattering.

While Dai may or may not have proved his case. What should be crystal clear to everyone is that while many of us may not like it when NIAC advocates FOR or in FAVOR of Iran at times. As an organization run by folks who think otherwise, they are in fact free to do so.

Don't like it? Put up or Shut up.Call all the senators and congressmen and tell them not to listen to NIAC. Call CNN and the Daily Show and Colbert, and complain about it. Put up. That's what you do if you object.

While Dai may thcream hith way ath he plodth hith way to the truth, not many else seem to care enough to do anything about NIAC. Like say, shut it down. Even me a semi-proud member.

So, while US-Iran relations may be at their lowest in history, there is technically nothing wrong if Trita and NIAC choose to accept payment for advocacy. If that is in fact what NIAC does. I'm not 100% sure. Yet. I have my doubts and I have even more Yagheens.

As does Dai. Definitive proof positive, and even then, the necessarily illegality of it in the end, is entirely another matter.

What is clear tough is that if NIAC and Trita do not turn this around. The market for whatever it is that they are selling will most certainly dry up.

But if that happens, NIAC and Trita might consider moving back to Iran and try lobbying the Iranian government to look more favorably to the West.

Actually there might be more money in it!

To read more bahmani posts visit: //bozkuhi.blogspot.com/


MM: The more you talk the

by vildemose on

MM: The more you talk the more I am convinced that you might be TP...


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


If Parsi is not Irajkhan,

by vildemose on

If Parsi is not Irajkhan, he can sue Daie again for slander...

How about it Terry?? Shouldn't you sue Daie if you are not 'Irajkhan'??

You can tell everyone here right now that You are not Irankhan. I am sure your are reading every comment or at least your "response team" is.

How about being honest and straight forward with Iranian-Americans once and for all?



All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


So what?

by MM on

Sometimes, I think that you and DM are each others' alter egos but of same body, but so what?

HD and his alter ego, Iransoost, have also accused me of being TP.  Although, now, they cannot remember whether it was MM or MMM. Good luck with that!

BTW, TP was on IC a while ago, but he was asked so many childish  questions that even I apologized for asking him to come to IC to answer questions.


DM jon

by Souri on

The term "cult" has been mentioned here first, by another person, to name all the opposit views, including me.

So, I used it to give him a taste of his own medicine. How does it feel?

I don't know if you were following my last blog (two days ago) some  people, got their ID's blocked because of the same abusing actions which you are talking about.

I am not for or against anybody here. I am taking this place as a true "virtual world" and that is it!

All of the users should do the same! But unfortunately, the group that I mentioend below (As a cult) don't understand that! They attack true people by the way of the user Id's which they don't like!

This is incredibly out of line!

This blog, should never be featured for that matters. Because we don't know if this is meant to be an attack at Trita Parsi (a true person) or IrajKhan ( a virtual member of the site).

I hope you get what I means, this time.


Another Iranian.com *BSUC's Board of Directors Meeting

by Zaferoon on

Here we go again, the Iranian.com BSUC's getting together to trash and silence another user. Actually, every occasion is a membership drive with this group to see how many new members they can pick up, or more to the point, how many non-member users with an opposing viewpoint they can push off the site.

*Bikar Sixtyish Unaccountable Commentators (pronounced Bee-Sucks)


No, no, no, no

by Peacock_Feather on



by Shepesh on

Some suspect ALLGOTTI  is Parsi. 

Dr. Mohandes

Souri jan

by Dr. Mohandes on

Would you please take a look at what Peacock feather is doing here?

Have a read at his recent "malcolm X'' blog and you will know exactly what his mission is and what he is upto. Can anyone get any more demeaning and nastier than this?

And whatdo you think a proper reaction to this would be? Leaving the site? crying like a baby?

I am sure that those whochose to leave had theirown very good reasons, But honey, you can not just throw around the name "cult" everytime people reveal the facts that won't leave a good taste in the mouths of Cartoonish and fake characters, and those who stand for nothing and in the end show their true selves, and makes all sorts of BS excuses to Justify it.

If anything, and judging by their non-stop bloggs and accusations, they would be the prime candidates for taking the title of a cult!

Peacocks fotoros:

how are Moamar ghaddafi and Hosni moabarak these days? Talking to them still??

ahlan va sahlan ya akhi. Hey, when are those missiles you talked about in one of your last comments are going to targert Tel aviv? off the assembly line yet or is there still a peech here and a mohre there missing? 


I know it Ao, I know it well! ** reposted

by Souri on

We all like the conspiracy, because we are from a culture and especially a genaration who is raised with the "conspiracy theories".

This is in our culture. * I said : I do believe in conspiracy. It means that I believe that "conspiracy" exists. You guys are the true example of this!

But fortunately, i AM  NOT as Obsessed with that, as YOU GUYS!

You, do LOVE the conspiracy so much that  you are becoming a part of it!

You are doing all this as a true cult in this site. You, act in group!

I, don't!

And I am proud of being still a free person, free mind and free thoughts.


Vice-President Cheney

by Peacock_Feather on

Don't know who you are talking about, and your beliefs are your business. But you should take a look at the blog I just posted. It indirectly refers to a lot of folks on this site