I am reformed

Farah Rusta
by Farah Rusta

Hello my friends. After a few weeks of absence, I am back. I am here to rejoin this great and gargantuan community of my fellow Iranians. I really missed you all. Whether you consider me as your friend or as your foe, I missed you. But I am nobody's foe. I may not agree with some of the ideas expressed here but I am not your foe.

And I did a good deal of soul searching. I realized that, through my careless comments, I have offended many of you friends and may have caused undue upsets. I was silly and I cannot find an expression of regret to convey my being so sorry. But I am a changed person now. I hope you forgive me.

Above all, ought to offer my sincere apologies to Jahanshah Javid. He has been most tolerant of my transgressions and yet I so foolishly kept testing his tolerance. I want to use this opportunity to publicly, sincerely and unreservedly apologize to him. I am sure in his heart he has forgiven me. He is a true son of Iran and man of peace.

It is great to be back!

Wishing you all a happy festive season and a brilliant year for the freedom seeking people of our homeland, Iran.


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Farah Rusta

Dear Friends

by Farah Rusta on

Thank you for all your kind messages. We may not be known to each other in person but the fact that we know each other means a lot to me. For more than three weeks I lived out in the cold and wilderness of loneliness and now I am back to the warmth of this great community of Iraniandotcomers. I had never appreciated the value of this gathering before as much as I do now. It was like being away from a family whose members, like any other family, have their own conflicts as well as conformities, and yet they are still one big family. I came to appreciate more than ever, these eternal words of Hafiz that:


آسایش دو گیتی‌ تفسیر این دو حرف است

با دوستان مروّت با دشمنان مدارا 

God bless you all



Welcome back

by masoudA on

and welcome to the Green - I hope many more do what you did. 


Hi Farah

by MM on

Sounds great,

I hope that we can all be civil here and discuss the message without attacking the messenger.


What do u mean "Transgressions"? u mean same as Tiger Woods'?!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.


Good to see you back Farah

by benross on

Good to see you back Farah Rusta. Now I wonder what happened to Darius Kadivar again.

Now that you are reformed, I hope you don't think that IRI can be reformed too! 

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

Hey Phantom...!?

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

If you are so curious about the Pahlavi's assets, why don't you stop by Reza's residence in Potomac MD and ask him? If I were him, I would greet you with my bank statement attached underneath my Remington 870!? Believe you me, you would never ever inquire about anybody's financial matter!?


You Are on Your Way, Glory Hallelujah

by Faramarz on

There has been much misconduct on this site lately, but all by men.

It is great to see our women are stepping up too!

Welcome back Farah Khanoom, Glory Hallelujah!


The Phantom Of The Opera

Something was missing without you...and stop sucking up

by The Phantom Of The Opera on

JJ paid, all out of his own pocket, for my plastic surgery and a new ID. Guess what? As you see, the surgeon was a monarchist with a passion for architecture. As for the username although not as melancholic as Faghan, it's still reflective of a disaster. One thing remains intact which is: The Pahlavis and all mullahs must disclose the source and the amount of their wealth.