What would be your epitaph?

What would be your epitaph?
by Farah Rusta

With Halloween looming perhaps it is about time we gave some time and thoughts to death and the afterlife. We can't determine the date, the time or the manner in which we finally kick the bucket. But we can think of how we would like to be remembered after we are gone. Whether you believe in the hereafter or even if you are an atheist you might give yourself to a little fancy and take part in this seasonal quiz.

A few years ago around this time of the year in an office party we were asked to take part in a fun quiz and the winner of the wittiest answers was given a spooky prize. Just thought to share this memory with you and see what you might come up with. Don't be shy or reserved. Give it a go even if you don't like me or my politics - after all we have levelled out our differences by the time we go down and under - literally :)

Halloween Quiz:

A - What would be your final words before the Departure?

B - What music would you like to be played out on your arrival at the Pearly Gates?

C - What would you like to hear from God in your first meeting?

D - What would you like to be your epitaph?


Well lets see how you would fare with the quiz!


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Alot of Liars

by Escape on


I find it amazing so many people have died and come back to tell the same story.

NDE search


I think if there is a Hell and you're going ,it's your right to do so.

But it's not your right to drag other's with you.Go to Hell on your own.

Farah Rusta

My dear Aryana

by Farah Rusta on

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You solved a most intricate mystery. I particularly loved to learn about Khatim-e Solayman. Now it all makes sense. I salute you and your great knowledge of Persian mysticism.


With all the good wishes






Dearest Farah, thank you :-)

by Aryana-Vaeja on

But shouldn't the second to last word of the bayt be Solayman instead of mosalman since the legend is Solomon commanded the Angels, demons and all 4 elements for knowing the Greatest Name? Incidentally that symbol of the Sharaf-e-Shams is also known as Khitam-e-Solayman. Here is the version in my Divan-e-Hafez

اسم اعظم كند كار خود اي دل خوش باش

كه  به تلبيس و حيل ديو سلیمان نشود

:-) Much love to you and yours with all blessings

یا مهر یا عشق 



Farah Rusta

Thanks AO jaan

by Farah Rusta on

for a refreshing take on the subject :)




Anonymous Observer

I'm torn between these two options

by Anonymous Observer on

1) "Raftam keh raftam", OR

2) F**k you all for outlasting me. 

as to your questions:

 A - What would be your final words before the Departure? 

Don't let a f@@king akhoond get within a mile of my grave, you hear me?

B - What music would you like to be played out on your arrival at the Pearly Gates?

No music.  Just a tape of a speech by Richard Dawkins talking about science and evolution. 

C - What would you like to hear from God in your first meeting?

N/A.  There is no God. 

D - What would you like to be your epitaph?

See the options above.

Farah Rusta

    اسم اعظم

Farah Rusta



اسم اعظم بكند كار خود اي دل خوش باش

كه به تلبيس و حيل ديو مسلمان نشود


Dear Aryana


Your chosen verse from Hafiz is the most siutable piece of poetry as an epitaph for those whose love of the Almighty keeps their presence felt even after their mortal life. Which reminded me of this another great verse by Hafiz in relation to your ealierr comment.


Many thanks




Amendation to my epitaph. I also want this with the symbol...

by Aryana-Vaeja on

هرگز نمیرد آن که دلش زنده شد به عشق

  ثبت است بر جریدۀ عالم دوام ما

Farah Rusta

At my age Angel ...

by Farah Rusta on

I know that you are as harmeless as a safety match darling :))



Farah Rusta

Olive tree is fine Rea

by Farah Rusta on

Thanks for another original suggestion. The only thing is that I feel hell is where one may have left behind, with all its fun :)



Dirty Angel

amirkabear4u and Farah

by Dirty Angel on

amirkabear4u - thanks!

Farah, at your age you really should know better and be careful on the internet: I could be a pedo in speedos!

"Why do you want to be happy when you could just be normal?"


Ufff ;o)

by Rea on

1. I'll be back, he,he

2. I did it my way


3. "Hell is on the left" (they say that's where the fun is)

4. Does an olive tree count as an epitaph ? Hope it does. 

Farah Rusta

استاد محترم جناب امیر حسینی

Farah Rusta


رباعی جاودانی خیّام که شما اهدا فرمودید من را بیاد رباعی دیگری از عارف انداخت که در حقیقت وصف حال تمامی کسانی است، نظیر این حقیر، که در غربت آواره هستیم چه بسا که گور نبشته بسیاری از ما همین باشد:

عمرم گهی به هجر و گهی در سفر گذشت

تاریخ زندگی‌ همه در درد سر گذشت

گویند عمر سفر کوته است و من

ترسم عمر من ز سفر زودتر گذشت 

با تشکر فراوان


Farah Rusta

Anahid jaan that was really an original verse

by Farah Rusta on

... and you dear young lady, moved me to tears.


Thanks for your pure emotions. Highly valued. 



ebi amirhosseini

Dear Ms Rusta

by ebi amirhosseini on

ای دوست بیا تا غم فردا نخوریم

وین یکدم عمر را غنیمت شمریم

فردا که ازین دیر فنا درگذریم

با هفت هزار سالگان سر بسریم

Ebi aka Haaji

Anahid Hojjati

Nikki jan, imitation is highest form of flattery ..

by Anahid Hojjati on

Dear Farah, I like to repeat most of "Nikki" 's answers. They are clever. As far as my "epitaph", since it is important, I am going to need more time but it will possibly include lines:

اکنون که من از دنیا رفته ام

خاک گردیده هم سقف هم بسترم


Niloufar Parsi

thanks farah jan

by Niloufar Parsi on

great, sweet blog! :)


Farah Rusta

Niloufar jaan you are certainly sweet but not short :)

by Farah Rusta on

Your answers are fun and fabulous - thanks for sharing them with us.


Farah Rusta

And these were my answers back then:

by Farah Rusta on

A -  Don't keep me waiting!

B - Piaf's Non, Je ne regrrete rien

C - Next!

D - I missed the plot*!

 * pun was intended


Niloufar Parsi

short n sweet

by Niloufar Parsi on

A - fook mi - is this for real?!

B - emshab shab-e mahtab-e, azizam ro mikham...

C - fook u - u don't really exist!

D - guess what! i told god he don't exist!


Thanks Legionnaire

by kazem0574 on

Just to clarify, that was not my father but it still touches me when I see it, perhps in a different way now that I have seen your info.

Will look into the additional info too.

kind regards


Farah Rusta

Dear Amirkabir4u

by Farah Rusta on

I always welcome a visitation from behind the grave :)) Now  while you are still with us I must ask you the same question i asked the other Amir Kabir!! : what happened after your left the Fin bath house?



13th Legion

Kazem Jaan, I’m glad

by 13th Legion on

Kazem Jaan,

I’m glad you enjoyed Michael Newton’s clips, I also really enjoy  the video you posted in memory of your  father, I’m sure he was a very interesting man and so full of love, I am sure he is surfing in joy in the realm of eternal love and light ;)

I have been interested in and following such spiritual and philosophical topics for about 15 years now and what I found most interesting about Michael Newton is that his experience and knowledge on the topic is very close, similar and in par with the works of some of the other contemporary scalars and philosophers of our time that has gradually lead me to believe there is indeed a universal truth and science to answers about WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE?

A very interesting and fascinating example is in the works and philosophy of “Ostad Elahi” which happens to be from an Iranian origin and was covering such topics such as “successive life’s” , “the afterlife” and the” intermediate world” in great detail and as early as the mid 1960s, I found his philosophy to be extremely universal and not bound or limited to specific religions, later on one of his son’s Dr. Bahram Elahi followed his footsteps and published many books on the subject, you can Google Ostad Elahi or visit ostadelahi.com to read up on him, also another fantastic source that comes to mind is the works of Dr. Joseph Murphy which is psychologist that believes in the existence of the soul and has written many practical books of the topic of the power of our thoughts etc.

All though life is still complicated and strange at times and as a dear friend once seed “ life is a over whelming experience for most of us” educating myself on such topics has allowed me to make better since of life and make it a bit more bearable and much more optimistic about the outcome and beyond ;)

Hope you enjoy my friend.Cheers,




Best answer for A

by amirkabear4u on

is from DA.




by amirkabear4u on

I absolutely agee with 'kolah makhmalee'.

Fairness and Equality in Justice

Farah Rusta

Now Legion jaan you are taking me to a different dimension

by Farah Rusta on

Here is Rumi talking to us:


روز ها فکر من اینست و همه شب سخنم


                                                                که چرا غافل از احوال دل خویشتنم

از کجا آمده ام آمدنم بهر چه بود؟

                                                      به کجا می روم آخر ننمایی وطنم

مانده ام سخت عجب کز چه سبب ساخت مرا

                                                         یا چه بودست مراد وی از این ساختنم 

مرغ باغ ملکوتم نیم از عالم خاک

                                               چند روزی قفسی ساخته اند از بدنم

خنک آن روز که پرواز کنم تا بر دوست

                                                  به هوای سر کویش پر و بالی بزنم

کیست در دیده که از دیده برون می نگرد

                                                    یا چه جانیست نگویی که منش پیرهنم

من به خود نامدم اینجا که به خود باز روم

                                                            آنکه آورد مرا باز برد در وطنم

تو مپندار که من شعر به خود می گویم

                                                       تا که هشیارم و بیدار یکی دم نزم


                                      شمس تبریزی اگر روی به من بنمایی

                                       والله این قالب مردار زهم برشکنم



Thanks Farah khanom and Legionnaire

by kazem0574 on

Legionnaire, I think Michael Newton has virtually answered the question all 6 billion people on earth are seeking:


Well that's it then, very interesting, I am going to look into this guy and perhaps start to be less worried about this life and simply enjoy it.

Dear Farah, glad you liked the video, it does remind one of how transitory this life really is.


13th Legion

Michael Newton, Ph.D.

by 13th Legion on

Farah Jaan,

Thank you for your kind reply ;)

Would like to also compliment you on this interesting post, I was so refreshing to participate in a subject other than politics, to tell you he truth is my least favorite subject!

I have always been interested in such topics as the immortality of the soul, the afterlife and past lives, and have tried to maintain an optimistic view toward the topic of death and the afterlife and found this a great opportunity to share these interesting YouTube clips from Michael Newton, Ph.D. to begin with he was a true scientist at heart and did not dabble with such topics, until….see the clips 5 parts.

Hope you enjoy ;) and HAPPY HALLOWEEN ;)

Michael Newton, Ph.D., started as a California state-certified Master Hypnotherapist. He is the renowned author of several groundbreaking books on the subject of past life regression: Journey of Souls (1994), Destiny of Souls (2000), and more recently, Life between lives (2004). He is also the editor of Memories of the Afterlife (2009), which includes a host of case studies written by members of his growing network of Life between Lives therapists.










Farah Rusta

Very moving Kazem jaan

by Farah Rusta on

Thank you for your poem and video. It brought back many memories.



In memory of a father

by kazem0574 on

Pics are of the father's childhood to when he passes


Yesterday, when I was young,

The taste of life was sweet, as rain upon my tongue,

I teased at life, as if it were a foolish game,

The way the evening breeze may tease a candle flame

The thousand dreams I dreamed, the splendid things I planned,

I always built, alas, on weak and shifting sand,

I lived by night, and shunned the naked light of day,

And only now, I see, how the years ran away

Yesterday, when I was young,

So many happy songs were waiting to be sung,

So many wild pleasures lay in store for me,

And so much pain, my dazzled eyes refused to see

I ran so fast that time, and youth at last ran out,

I never stopped to think, what life, was all about,

And every conversation, I can now recall,

Concerned itself with me, and nothing else at all

Yesterday, the moon was blue,

And every crazy day, brought something new to do,

I used my magic age, as if it were a wand,

And never saw the worst, and the emptiness beyond

The game of love I played, with arrogance and pride,

And every flame I lit, too quickly, quickly died,

The friends I made, all seemed somehow to drift away,

And only I am left, on stage to end the play

There are so many songs in me, that won't be sung,

I feel the bitter taste, of tears upon my tongue,

The time has come for me to pay,

For yesterday, when I was young


Roy Clark sang this song at Mickey Mantle's funeral in 1995. Mickey had heard
Roy sing it before and thought it depicted his life so well that he specifically
asked Roy to someday sing it at his funeral


Farah Rusta

Dear Aryana, you ARE a ladies man!

by Farah Rusta on

And my God what a fantastic choice of music!  I thought you would have chosen the Prince of Denmark's march as you will become an item with your eternal beloved.

Thanks for your blissful presence Aryana.


ps - and thanks too for correcting the typo :)