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DW Duke
by DW Duke

SMHB, if I ask you a question will you answer it with total honesty?  Will you be completely honest with this forum?  My question is very simple.  Based upon the weight of evidence as revealed in your writings, it appears to me that you hate Jews.  So, my question to you is very simple but I would like you to give your most honest answer.  If you could cause every Jew in Israel to die today would you do it?  Would you like to see all Jews in Israel exterminated forever? If it were suddenly placed in your hands to kill every Jew in Israel with the snap of a finger, would you snap that finger?


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by DW Duke on

I am asking SMHB a serious question about his position based upon his repeated comments on this issue. 

As for you non-lawyers, slander is verbal, libel is written.  Morever the victim of slander has to be an identifiable person not a screen name, lastly, statement of opinion is not slander or libel.   

As to your question would I snap my fingers and destroy all Iranians, of course not. I love Iranians, some more than others. And if you must know, my ancient ancestors lived in Iran so I am Iranian too. :) But how would Iranians like it if someone were constantly posting insults about them as an entire group of people the way SMHB does Jews (or Zionists as he calls them?)  Fortunately, SMHB does not speak for all Iranians and hopefullly not even most Isranians on this site.  His statements are roughly the equivalent to the stereotyping and generalizing that were lodged against African Americans in the US 60 years ago. 

For your further information folks, I support a single unified government in Israel/Palestine wherein one religious group does not dominate the other and where people are able to worship according to their own conscience whether it be Islam or Judaism or any other religion.  My issue with SMHB isn't that he is Muslim or whatever he may be.  It is that he is constantly steroetyping and generalizing a class of people in a negative way and it is unfair to anyone who may or may not be in that class of persons but who could be construed as a member of that class.  And it is also unfair to others in our society in that it is a negativity that is non-productive and in fact destructive.  It fosters division and hatred. 

Other than that, I have no issue with SMHB.

Mehdi Mazloom

Gharib - did you do your homework?

by Mehdi Mazloom on

You wrote:

Do you not know that Iran holds the largest Jewish community in the world after Israel

On which planet do you live. here are the statistics:


The Jewish Population of
the World (2006)

Countries with Largest Jewish Populations  
Rank Country Jews % of World Jewish Population 1 Israel 5,313,800 40.6% 2 United States 5,275,000 40.3% 3 France 491,500 3.8% 4 Canada 373,500 2.9% 5 United
297,000 2.3% 6 Russia 228,000 1.7% 7 Argentina 184,500 1.4% 8 Germany 118,000 0.9% 9 Australia 103,000 0.8% 10 Brazil 96,500 0.7% 11 Ukraine 80,000 0.6% 12 South
72,000 0.6% 13 Hungary 49,700 0.4% 14 Mexico 39,800 0.3% 15 Belgium 31,200 0.2%


and Here is the breakdown for Asia, which includes IRAN.


Country Total Population Jews % Jewish of Total Population % of World Jewish Population Israel 6,750,700 5,073,800 75.2% 38.8% West Bank and Gaza 3,640,000 240,000 6.6% 1.8% Total Israel &
10,320,700 5,131,800 51.5% 40.6% Azerbaijan 8,400,000 6,800 0.08% <.05% Georgia 4,500,000 3,500 0.08% <.05% Kazakhstan 15,100,000 3,700 <.05% <.05% Kyrgyzstan 5,200,000 800 <.05% <.05% Turkmenistan 5,200,000 300 <.05% <.05% Uzbekistan 26,400,000 4,800 <.05% <.05% Total FSU in Asia 74,600,000 19,900 <.05% 0.15% China 1,303,700,000 1,500 <.05% <.05% India 1,103,600,000 5,000 <.05% <.05% Iran 69,500,000 10,800 <.05% 0.08% Japan 127,700,000 1,000 <.05% <.05% Korea, South 48,300,000 100 <.05% <.05% Philippines 84,800,000 100 <.05% <.05% Singapore 4,300,000 300 <.05% <.05% Syria 18,400,000 100 <.05% <.05% Thailand 65,000,000 200 <.05% <.05% Yemen 20,700,000 200 <.05% <.05% Other 893,411,400 200 <.05% <.05% Total Other Asia 3,762,111,400 19,600 <.05% 0.15% Total 3,847,032,100 5,349,000 .14% 40.9%

Can't help it. The website removes the spaces tables. But you get the idea. 


legal definition of slander

by Anonymous1122 (not verified) on

1. Law Oral communication of false statements injurious to a person's reputation.
2. A false and malicious statement or report about someone.

SLANDER - A false defamation (expressed in spoken words, signs, or gestures) which injures the character or reputation of the person defamed; distinguished from libel.
Falsity and malice are ingredients of slander. Written or printed slanders are libels.

Shame on you!


Every good question deserves another

by A. Gharib (not verified) on

You asked SMHB this question on another thread and he replied to you. I hope he comes and provides a longer and more comprehensive reply to you.

And here's a question for you DW Duke. If SMHB replies comprehensively that he doesn't hate Jews and he doesn't wish them dead and no, he wouldn't snap that finger, will you and the rest of your Zionist friends go away or at least stop spamming this site with your propaganda?

Are you here to ascertain that Iranians are not antisemites? Is that your mission? Have you not read the Iranian history? Do you not know that Iran holds the largest Jewish community in the world after Israel? Do you not know that this didn't happen since World War II, but a long, long time ago, say a few thousand years ago?

In case you haven't noticed, from what we hear from Zion, there is no question in our minds that if she had that finger to snap and destroy and kill all Iranians, she would. I am sure of it. Would you do the same Mr. Duke?

Stop harassing and persecuting others for expressing their opinions. You are a lawyer. You should know this is against the law, Sir.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

The old anti-semitic slam

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

No evidence. Just a way to slander this person. 

Sm follows Israel and the hypocrisy of their foreign policy. I've liked a few of his postings a lot that exposed the special treatment Israelis get in drug trafficking. 


It is sad that anti-semites

by .... (not verified) on

It is sad that anti-semites have been able to spew their venoms on this site with impunity. However, I'm glad that they are exposed.