Can Anyone Tell Me Who Said This?

DW Duke
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"A woman is the most beautiful creation of God.  In occupations and professions a woman’s holiness must be observed. We must not forget that she is responsible for the generation of civilization.  She must never be forced to trade her chastity for marketing and we must never abuse this sacred gender."   

"A woman in the partner of man in all affairs of life.  Women have the same position of integrity that men have achieved and any law that violates this integrity is invalid.  All laws which seek to diminish the status and integrity of women are a violation of human rights.  Any law that impedes the equality and the rights of a woman and which imposes limits on the success of a woman is invalid and unenforceable." 

"It is important to understand that the laws of Islam are based on jurisprudence and thus are subject to change under different situations of time and location.  When religion and state are separated such changes are possible  through a greater vision."

"It is my belief that women have a special place in creation and honoring their place in creation is to honor God."


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Who said this?

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The one who said this is obviously a man or a woman who is deeply atuned to the Divine. I would say that he/she is someone like Ghandi or perhaps the Baal Shem Tov. There is no question that this person has insight that is extremely rare. I would venture to say that he/she is either what Islam calls the 12th Imam or someone very close to him, perhaps what Jews call the Moshiach ben David. Is this something that has been said in recent years? Is this a person we can find and interview? I believe that this person should be revealed if he/she decides it is time.