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DW Duke
by DW Duke

We all have our favorite clients.  I have two or three that are the best.  One of them is an adoption agency (ICA) that never ceases to amaze and amuse me.  They are always bringing government officials from foreign countries to visit the US to learn about our legal system.  I usually introduce the officials to judges and others in the US and they have a wonderful time.  They also bring other interesting people.  Once they called me at my office, from a shoe store, and said they had a crisis.  They asked me to buy shoes for 8 nuns from Guatemala.  I bought the shoes and the nuns were literally dancing in the parking lot with excitment. 

Today, they out did themselves.  Several months ago their office was broken into by a homeless person who stoled several thousand dollars worth of cameras and equipment.  They have a video showing his face as clear as can be.  Today, he showed up again wearing only underwear.  He walked in the front door and asked for help.  They took him in and never told him they knew he burglarized them before.  But they told him it is good to come in the front door during office hours rather than coming in the back door at night.  They fed him and gave him clothes. 

Now bear in mind that this adoption agency is maintained by eighteen young females and one male.  This guest thought he was in seventh heaven.  In fact, he was so excited he made up a song for them.  When he had broken in before he had collected about 10 cans of tuna in a bag but forgot the bag and left in on a table.  For some reason, the girls had left the tuna in that bag though they really didn't know why.  As he was leaving they gave him that bag and said "This is for you."  He started to cry as did they.  They said, "Come back and visit us again." 

Some clients are so awesome.  :)


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Free Spirit


by Free Spirit on

Talk about forgive and forget.


Arash Monzavi-Kia

18 to 1 ratio

by Arash Monzavi-Kia on

Dear DW,

Thanks for sharing the heart warming story. The key may have been in the 18 to 1 ratio. I know full well that I would be much happier living in such a society ;-)

Arash M-K


There are still people like

by layla (not verified) on

There are still people like these ladies at the adoption agency in this world?!
After reading your account, I think I too shall dance like the 8 Guatemalan nuns on my way to work today!