The Children Betrayed

DW Duke
by DW Duke

A little child looks to "his adult" for protection from the harms of the world.  A little child doesn't understand the evil that dominates this corrupt world.  He cannot fathom the concept of an adult who would do evil because to a child everything an adult does is correct and good. "Afterall," says the child, "they are the big people who know right from wrong."  

Imagine the terror of a little child experiencing an explosion from a bomb at 180 decibels or greater and the building collapsing around her.  The child doesn't understand that she is the victim of adult hate.  A child who is taught to be a suicide bomber or is the victim of child abuse doesn't understand that the one in whom she has placed her trust has lied to her.  She doesn't understand that the one who should be protecting her has betrayed her.  She only knows terror, pain and suffering often as the last moment of experience in her life. She was not given the opportunity to reach adulthood to learn the knowledge of good and evil.  She only knows that she hurts really bad and she wants someone to make it stop.  With the last whisper of her tiny breath she cries "Please, make it stop."  Child executions take many forms. From war to death sentences.  "Somebody, please make it stop."  For more information visit

Hear is something to listen to and think about:





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David ET

Dear DW

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I just wish we can leave a better world for children before we leave..

thank you for caring

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Audrey Hepburn UNICEF Former Ambassador

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But who listens ...


Thanks for the Update Duke