VOA OFOGH: Washington Gathering of 'Opposition' Think Tank


VOA OFOGH: Washington Gathering of 'Opposition' Think Tank
by Darius Kadivar

Siamak Dehganpour interviews members of the Iranian opposition in exile who are organizing talks in Washington as a follow up to a previous gathering in Stokholm, Sweden.  (Source: persianrealm.com)


Program Ofogh Hosted by Siamak Dehganpour with Mohamad Tahavori, Shahriar Ahi, Hassan Shariatmadari:


Program Ofogh Hosted by Siamak Dehganpour with Abdollah Mohtadi, Amir Hossein Ganjbakhsh, Moshtabah Vahedi and Fatemeh Haghighatjoo, :

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Who are they ?

by Shemirani on

Ex revolutionaries self decrared Democratic opposition?

Some one must explain to them that It's not because they get on a plane, flighted directly to VOA (or BBC) and now they are wearing ties (or converse or giveh depends on their age) that they suddenly became democratic & openmind and avant gardiste people of our nation! You haven't more legitimacy than many others well educated iranians ( who lived in democratic places much more than you did and are much more aware  western freedoms and failures as well ...)

Many of you (i could say almost allll) You still have your mental alienation due to religious & cultural insanity back in your mind (Fatemeh Haghighatjoo,Vahedi,Shariatmadari even Batebi (what desapointement when i heard him about golshifteh pic !! he still is narrowmind !!!)

how dare you lecture us what democracy is or not and to decide what we should do in our future ? !!!

Beautiful word were used such as "Plurialism in parlement", sounds so great like a dream  !!

but in the panel there is no plurialism these people are all Republicans (some with more religious attachement some with less) Do you really see this as progress that you finaly organized a meeting ? !! i see it as nothing hard to achieve and if you had difficulties it means you have problems inside your sides (republican sides)

And WHY are you starting by the end ?! doesn't make sense !

1 we should all agree that the islamic regime must GO ! reformists should wake up and divorce with their velayat faghid and islamist constitution. And just talk of How !!! entire we reach it)

2 We should organise a National referundum For all IRANIANS vote DIRECTLY to choose the system they want !!

Its not because 33 years ago A republic was declared that we are OBLIGED to like it and keep it !! What do you answer people who never voted for this republic (or voted no in 79 referundum ) ???too bad for you, go to hell, We ex revolutionaries we decided for you, it would be a Republic ?!!! (...) not very democratic isn't it ?!!

3 We must have a Plurialism in Parlement from left to right with i hope people like Mansoor Osanloo for left seats !!! or even minister of work ( ...i stop dreaming)

But what you are doing its not talking of a parlement Its Squeezing the right to Choose a System by Voting in a direct referundum ! in other words joojeh rang kon hastid)



Thank You DK Jaan

by Faramarz on

The second clip that covers the discussions after the meeting is fascinating.

The Koomleh (Kurdish) guy and the fast talking Karroubi supporter (Vahedi) are really sharp and right to the point.

The Jomhouri guy and the lady in the head scarf are trying to walk the line and at the end they look weak and irrelevant like many people on this site that eventually end up being the Regime supporters. 

The conversation about the disintegration of Iran is also very solid and to the point.

Thanks again. 



by Demo on

Washington tanks are all but 'septic tanks.' There is no such thing as a 'think tank' there!

PS: With all due respect just commenting in regard to the subject title & on the basis of available enviromental facts. Otherwise, have no  interest to examine the blog contents. Regards.