TOP GUN: Grumman F-14 promotional film 1970's Iran


TOP GUN: Grumman F-14 promotional film 1970's Iran
by Darius Kadivar

1970's Iran showcase F14 Tomcat introduction in a promotional film by the Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation.
The Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation, later Grumman Aerospace Corporation, was a leading 20th century U.S. producer of military and civilian aircraft. Founded on December 6, 1929, by Leroy Grumman with Jake Swirbul and William Schwendler, its independent existence ended in 1994 when it was acquired by Northrop Corporation to form Northrop Grumman.

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Part II:

  Part III:

Part IV:

************************** **************************     Shah of Iran's Defense Policy  
************************** **************************

  BBC News at ten report on Imperial Iranian Air Force broadcasted on 
27/04/1978, less than a year before 1979:

Shah Of Iran Talks About British Arms:


Barbara Walters questions Shah about the CIA and Oil Price Vs Arms : During Jimmy Carter's Presidency (1977)

Shah of Iran Meets Saddam Hussein at Algiers to Sign a Non aggression Treaty under the auspice of the Arab League:

Sadat and Shah supervise Military Operations in Persian Gulf:
Iran Iraq 8 years War Begins:


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pictory:Imperial Iranian Airforce 53rd Year in Service Celebration (1977)


pictory: Soviet Propaganda Film - Iran, Tabriz 1945-46      


pictory: Shah Interview with Barbara Walters and US Networks (1974-77)   


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mullah-kosh joon jack

by Cost-of-Progress on

I am always hungry for knowledge and since we Iranians know everything, why don't you enlighten me... "jack"? 





COP,i am disappointed in you jack

by mullah-kosh on


if you are comparing Iran with U.S, and the president of the US to the Shah of Iran, I say good luck, and believe in fairy tales, and you might as well listen to the donkey mullahs rooze khooni. All the best to you....

you just proved my point about misunderstanding the underlying fundamentals of Power.


Expensive Toys

by Cost-of-Progress on

Let's not forget that the alliance of reesh-o pashm used these "expensive toys" of the 70's era to fight the Iraqis. And let's also not forget that the alliance still uses, albeit painted Blue Angels blue, the F4's of the Shah's era to showcase their "air power".....

By your own account, all the US leaders must also have had little penises to want the mightiest military in the world!





Oh and one more thing..

by mullah-kosh on

Hopefully, America will use today's version of F-14 (the F-22) to eradicate the mullahs in Iran, something the incompetent Shah, and the rest of the Iranians have been unable to do.

Let there be no doubt that mullahs and their progeny, whereever they may be must be exterminated ,and eradicated as a sociopolitical class in order for the world to be a better place. Let's go U.S Airforce, and Navy. Let's get it done.


bunch of expensive toys..

by mullah-kosh on

These planes, like the rest of the Iran of 1970s was nothing but cosmetic, superficial progress. These are toys for men with little penis complexes who got try to prove their manhood by spending tons of money on things that shoot and blow shit up.

Only if he had spent a little more time, and a lot less money on more important things, like developing a civil society in Iran, political freedom, liberty, democracy, eradicating illiteracy that created the uncivilized basiji thugs we see today, and perhaps even eradicating the mullahs, Iran would have been building these fancy machines itself today.

Too bad none of these toys saved his "majesty's" ass from a bunch of barbarians roaming the streets of Tehran with sticks and stones. Monarchists, and the rest of gangs who get turned on every time an F-14 video is shown from 1970s, or our current IR stiff meisters (iranmilitaryforum) who have a wet dream every time when a flying aftabeh with that spider looking insignia is shown completely misunderstand the fundamental meannig of what "Power" is.

I have to admit though, it is fun seeing these great American achievements. Makes me proud not to be an Iranian, but to be an American. It shows America kicked ass in the 1970s, and it continues to kick ass today.

Darius Kadivar

Thanks SamSamIIII Jaan for Correction

by Darius Kadivar on

Yes I thought I would get away with it ;0) 

But I needed a cool photo for my blog ;0)) 

For you information, I believe Iran was also to get delivery of AWAC's Airplanes ( in it's initial rudimentary prototype form for tests on the Soviet Iranian Frontier ) but that was also canceled due to the revolution.  

Thank you again for your knowledgeable feedbacks !




DK jaan

by SamSamIIII on


Great doc. However the 1st picture is of the F16 Falcon(Not Grumman Tomcat) that late Shahanshah Aryamehr ordered 300 of and was cancelled by late prime minister of ommah, Mr Bazargan. Suffice to say that Saudi Arabia,Israel & Pakistan were more than willing to fill up the gap & took delivery of the same cancelled fighter order on the same month.  Cheers!!!


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