NAMAK-NASHNAS NOT: Jamshid (Jimmy) Delshad Greets Shahbanou Farah


NAMAK-NASHNAS NOT: Jamshid (Jimmy) Delshad Greets Shahbanou Farah
by Darius Kadivar

Fortunately not All IRANICANS suffer from Alzheimers to forget where they come from nor are ungreatful to their past. Jamshid ('Jimmy") Delshad a native of Shiraz, Iran offers City Key of Beverly Hills to Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi during City Hall Ceremony. Delshad starts 2nd Term in Office.

Photo Courtesy Jimmy Delshad Official Website 

Delshad left Shiraz, Iran in 1959 and came to the United States with his brothers. He studied at the University of Minnesota and received his bachelor's degree from California State University, Northridge.He started a technology company in 1978. In 1990 he became the first Persian Jew to be elected as president of Sinai Temple, Los Angeles' oldest and largest Conservative congregation. In 2003 he was elected to the the Beverly Hills city council, and became mayor in 2007.

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On March 16, 2010, Delshad began his second one-year term as mayor of Beverly Hils

In the 105 year history of Beverly Hills, Jamshid ("Jimmy") Delshad, is the second person to be Mayor twice in a 4-year city council term. He is the first Iranian Mayor and is the highest ranking Iranian public official in the U.S. To learn more about him, please watch this video and see how he brought Iran into Beverly Hills on the night of second term installation March 16th.

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iran_zameen Her name was Not Yasmin to begin with ...

by Darius Kadivar on

But Leila ...


This is Who Yasmin is and she is Alive and Kicking:


And certainly Very Far From being Namak Nashnas:

Yasmine Pahlavi's Mission for Iran's Mission by Darius KADIVAR

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who is Nemak Nashnash

by iran_zameen on

some may rightfully or wrongfully argue that Yasmin was one. Did she or did she not count her blessing? Was she too a Namak Nashnas because she took her own life?

Furthermore, the iranian people are not a petty group waiting for handouts from the royals just to make it through the day

Dk's use of Nemak Nashnash reminds me of the villagers or Dehaati folks who blindly follow their kat khoda because he is simply feeding them. They have no capacity to think for themselves or their future and only care about staying full

I have nothing against you Mr Kadivar. I just think that using such language in your title only invites these sorts of wuieries




by mehdi79 on

Jimmy makes iranians proud ... someone who remembers where he came from