LOVE ME TENDER: Shah tours Zurich & West Germany with Granddaughter Mahnaz (1966)


LOVE ME TENDER: Shah tours Zurich & West Germany with Granddaughter Mahnaz (1966)
by Darius Kadivar

Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi tours Zurich with grand daughter Mahnaz Zahedi during an official visit to Zurich, Switzerland and West Germany. Mahnaz Zahedi was born to the Shah’s first daughter Princess Shahnaz and Ardeshir Zahedi, Iran’s then ambassador to the UN ( Later Ambassador to the UK and the United States). (Source:

Shah and granddaughter Mahnaz Tour Switzeland and West Germany :


Elvis Sings « Wooden Heart » :

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Darius Kadivar

Thank you for confirming my first impression ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Esfand Aashena

No Darius jaan I just meant Shahnaz is better than Reza!

by Esfand Aashena on

Reza wants to be a Prince Chubby!  He wants to leave his wife and 3 daughters (born in USA) and go home and become a Shah.  Though he says he'll respect whatever people decide. 

Presumably it means if people choose him as king he'll oblige and move back to Iran and be a king.  As if!  Forget about what I'd say, what'd his wife and 3 daughters say?!  Has he told the Iranians what his family would say if he's chosen a king?  Is he going to "commute"?!  LOL!

So you see he has wasted his life.  Shahnaz on the other hand has fared better.  We don't hear from her and I see that as a sign of success.  Enjoying her life and not gloating. 

Everything is sacred

Darius Kadivar

Esfand Aashena jan Yes and 13 x 7 is 28

by Darius Kadivar on

I see ...


so you think the Shah and his young dynasty should have done what took the British Monarchs 300 years to come to terms with as early as Last year ? 


British Monarchy Removes Gender Rules Regarding Royal Succession 


How Truly Democratic And Stable Is The British Monarchy?


I sometimes wonder if you ever bother to scratch your head before making a meaningful comment ? ...


Abbott And Costello 13 X 7 is 28


No hard feelings just asking ... 



Otherwise No wonder your Role Models screwed up your Republic ...


Khomeyni in Paris with Ghotbzadeh  as interpreter aired on Iranian TV



KhomeiniNo To Monarchy Even if Constitutional | 





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Cyrus Amir-Mokri on Pros and Cons of 1906 Constitution 


Constitutionalist's Rebuttal of Republican Assessment that Revolution was "Highjacked"

Esfand Aashena

Shahnaz Pahlavi is a far better Pahlavi.

by Esfand Aashena on

Perhaps another screw up by the Shah was to wait and expect Reza (ala Qajar's last teenage 12 year old prince Akbar Shah) to become another Shah, though what happened to Akbar happened to Reza as well!

Had Shah crowned Shahnaz perhaps she could've done something.  Comparing the half-siblings of Prince Chubby they're far more humble and know their place in history.  They're living their lives and away from all the nonesense that Prince Chubby is saying.  He himself doesn't know what he is saying or wants.  If he knew he'd be more like his half-sister. 

Everything is sacred


Simply amazing that

by Cost-of-Progress on

we iranians still get all emotional and buldge at the neck about the shah and pahlavis after 32 plus years of this abortion called islamic re...., I say republic.

Clear sign that we will never change.

CoP, the secular Iranian

Darius Kadivar

1/2 of the 'tyrants' named were supported by you Lefties

by Darius Kadivar on

jasonrobardas What are you doing in the country of the Great Satan anyways ? ...  


SOURCES OF FURY:Nader Naderpour on origins of IRI's "Death Slogans" towards US and Israel  


Half of the tyrants you named were supported by you Jomhurykhah Lefties and other "Liberal Democrats" throughout the 1960's and 1970's in the name of Anti American "Imperialism" to which you and your kind contributed to their coming to power ...


PHOTO :Gaddafi hailed as the « Che Guevera » of North Africa by West Residing « Hippies » Left Wing Students and Intellectuals after his Coup against the Libyan Constitutional Monarchy


So it's not surprising that you wash your own responsibility in their making ...



After all you folks even made a profession out of lying ...


American CBS TV network airs Fake Tapes on Shah's Speech (1979)  


But that should explain why you have become a Bitter ol' man ...


But do be careful with your heart your peacemaker seems rusted ...




Take Care "Liberal Democrat" ... 





The glittery , glamerous life of a fallen dictator!!

by jasonrobardas on

   DK needs to include the following great men in his on-going advertisements:

    Saddam Hossein






     Idi Amin

     Malek Hossein 

     Also the incompetent, worthless shahs and kings of the Ghajar period like Nasseredin Shah, Sultan Hossein, Mozzaffar........

      Maybe the people will learn about some of DK's other objects of infatuation!!!



by nitemustfall on

DK, Gholam-e-Jan-Nesar, Get a life and instead of sitting in front of pc all day advertising garbage why don't you do something useful in your life, for a change.