Houshang Nahavandi on Mossadegh's Downfall


Houshang Nahavandi on Mossadegh's Downfall
by Darius Kadivar

Now Full time Historian at Belgium's prestigious ULB University in Brussels, Houshang Nahavandi was Once considered as a potential successor to Amir Abbas Hoveyda as Prime Minister. He speaks about events leading to Mossadegh's downfall.

Nahavandi was also a Former Minister of Education, Chair of Pahlavi University of Shiraz and a close associate to Shahbanou Farah's Office in the mid 70's. A Unique Witness of the Historical events that unfolded in his country at the time of his tenure, his testimony is all the more interesting.

In addition to his newly released book "Iran, the clash ofambitions" Mr Nahavandi has a book dedicated to the late Shah of Iranentitled:"The Last Shah of Iran: Fatal Countdown of a Great Patriot Betrayed by the Free World, a Great Country Whose Fault Was Success".

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A Very Interesting Interview .....

by R2-D2 on

The account given on Dr. Mossadeq towards the end of the interview, believe it or not, is quite balanced ..... :)

P.S. Hindsight is 20/20, but our beloved Dr. Mossadeq could have struck a deal to avoid the coup (or whatever you want to call it) -

He was very much an idealist, not that much of a politician (being pragmatic) ..... :) !