CONSTITUTIONALIST FORUM: Daryoush Homayoun Political and Journalistic life Honored in Germany


CONSTITUTIONALIST FORUM: Daryoush Homayoun Political and Journalistic life Honored in Germany
by Darius Kadivar

Former Minister of Imperial Iran and Founder of the  Constitutionalist Party of Iran, Daryoush Homayoun, celebrated his 80th Birthday amongst Old acquaintances equally friends, colleagues and political foes who have always admired his intellectual integrity. 

(NOTE: Particularly Long Video to watch so I recommend you to divide your time on several days but worth particularly for comments by Massoud Behnoud and Ali Reza Nourizadeh)

Amongst the speakers Khanbaba Tehrani, Ali Reza Nourizadeh, Massoud Behnoud, Cyrus Amouzeghar.

Constitutionalist Party of Iran is a liberal democratic party founded in 1994 (originally as theConstitutional Movement of Iran) and is based in exile. The party favors a constitutional monarchy in Iran but is not opposed to a republic based on referendum. It can be considered to have a center-right political orientation.

The other party with this name was founded in 1908 after Iranian Constitutional Revolution.

The party's project is available: a party for the present and the future of Iran


On Iranian TV: During the 1979 Revolution - Dariush Homayoun Declaring Martial Law in Isfahan:

Dariush Homayoun 12.12.2009 Heidelberg United 4 Free Iran:



Berlin Gathering: 

Amongst the speakers Khanbaba Tehrani, Ali Reza Nourizadeh, Massoud behnoud, Cyrus Amouzeghar




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About Daryoush Homayoun:


Dariush Homayoon is an Iranian journalist, author, intellectual, and politician. He is a former minister of information and tourism in the cabinet of Jamshid Amouzegar, founder of the daily newspaperAyandegan, and a former high-ranking member of the Rastakhiz party. In exile he became one of the founders of the Constitutionalist Party of Iran. He is famous for his analytical writings and largely impartial assessment of history. His outspoken manner, criticizing the Islamic Republic with harsh tones, but also directing his criticism at the Pahlavi policies, has earned him respect of many, though also made him many enemies. He is one of the most influential Iranian opposition leaders in exile.

Born in Tehran in 1928, he started political activity at the age of fourteen. In his younger years he was member of several Iranian parties, generally with nationalist views opposing the rise of leftist ideas and the influence of the Tudeh party, such as SUMKA. He turned gradually from a supporter of Mohammad Mossadegh to an opponent, and was imprisoned during Mossadegh's premiership.

In the years following 1953, Homayoun finished his university studies, obtaining a doctorate in political science from the University of Tehran. He worked at the Iranian daily Ettelaat and later founded the highly successful daily newspaper Ayandegan. In the cabinet of Jamshid Amouzegar, he became the minister of information and tourism. Following the events leading up to the Iranian Revolution, he was arrested in the autumn of 1978, together with many other former officials whom the monarchy tried to use as scapegoats in order to prevent its own eventual downfall. He escaped prison on February 12, 1979, just after the revolution, and went into hiding. Fifteen months later, he left Iran through the border with Turkey and went to Paris.

In exile, he has been an influential political analyst, writer, and opposition leader. In the nineties he initiated and helped create the Constitutionalist Party of Iran, a political party seeking to establish a liberal democrat Iran.

Official Website of the Constitutionalist Party of Iran:

Official Website


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Islamic devil will be defeated soon

by siavash1000 on

With all these intellectuals and the uprising our great nation against barbric laws of lizard eater Arabs so called Islam, we will defeat these bastards soon and clean our AryanLand from these monsters. Lightness always prevail over the darkness. In next political wave from each trees on Pahlavi streets in Tehran the corpse of one mullah will be hanged. That is historical promise and it is near in light of june 12, 2009.

Darius Kadivar

SPink's Definition of Democracy ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Sargord Pofuse blew a fuse ... 

Bob Hope on Democrats

Sargord Pirouz

Not opposed to a republic

by Sargord Pirouz on

Not opposed to a republic based on referendum? Great! There was one held in 1979, remember?

Look how old these characters appear these days, condemned to an irrelevant life in exile. So deserving of it, too.