British Monarchy To Remove Sexist Rules Regarding Royal Succession


British Monarchy To Remove Sexist Rules Regarding Royal Succession
by Darius Kadivar

The British government is planning to allow any first born to succeed to the throne, regardless of gender or religion. But what about Other Monarchies ?

London,England (CNN) --The British government has accepted that laws surrounding succession to the throne could be "discriminatory" and that "discussions have started" to change them, CNN has learned. (See Related News Here)

CNN Report (

April 17, 2011): Royal succession change?
The U.K. government is planning to allow any first bornto succeed to the throne, regardless of gender or religion.

CBC News (

April 17, 2011): 
Should Britian Change It's Sexist Rules About Succession To The Throne Of England

British Monarchy's new rules (Jan 1, 2009) :

SATIRE: Women Know Your Limits:

An important public service announcement brought to you by the comedy legend Harry Enfield and his Chums. From BBC.

Succession To The Throne Viewed From Canada ( Member ofthe Commonwealth) (14 April, 2011)
In this interview with theleading Canadian broadcaster,CTV on 14 April, 2011, the Anglo-Canadian expert on matters royal, Rafal Heydel- Mankoo, explains the law of succession to thethrone sof the sixteen countries which have The Queen as their Sovereign.

Mar 9, 2011 : The Structure of Power : 
The Historical roots of the Structure of Power in the British Monarchy explained by Professor Wrightson Yale University

Description Yale Course : Early Modern England: Politics, Religion, and Society under the Tudors and Stuarts (HIST251)

 Professor Wright son begins by discussing recent trends in English political history, which has expanded from focusing solely on institutions to include analysis of political culture. After this, the formal institutions of government, such as the various law courts, the offices of royal administration, and Parliament, are briefly defined and situated. In the remainder of the lecture, Professor Wrightson explores the dynamics of royal power and authority. The impact of the personalities of Henry VII and Henry VIII on their individual reigns are noted and their relationships with the nobility are focused upon. Professor Wrightson addresses the manner in which the early Tudor kings solidified and extended royal authority through the uses of propaganda, patronage, consultations, and coercion. He ends by signaling the expansion of government which was to occur post-1530 as a result of the issues of the succession and religious change.


Iran’s 1906 Constitution also
demands a Male Heir to the Throne


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Shah of Iran and Soraya visits the UK in 1955 :
Without a male heir at the time, One of the Shah’s brothers son’s the 7 year old Prince Ali Patrick Pahlavi ( born to a French Polish mother and one of the Shah's brothers) was considered as a possible heir to the Persian Monarch upon his majority – (Go to 1min 46 sec to see explanation)

Shah of Iran’s controversial interview with Barbara Walters 
on the issue of Women and Power (1977):
Iran’s Shahbanou had been recently named Regent by royal decree and approved by a vote in Parliament in case of vacuum of power

Birth of Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi - Oct 31 – 1960 :

Crown Prince Reza Takes Oath in exile as “Roi de Jure” aka “King Apparent”upon 20th Birthday at Cairo Koubeh Palace :


Sweden’s Crown Princess’s Status

was recognized Only by 1980 upon

a Constitutional Amendment submitted

by the King Carl XVI Gustaf and approved by



Prince Carl Philip Edged Out of Throne

Swedish royal succession policies changed in 1980 to make the monarch's eldest child,regardless of gender, first in line for the throne. So, Princess Victoria will be the reigning queen coming up -- edging out her Brother. (Read Sweden’s Act of Royal Succession, 1810-present)

Swedish Crown Princess Victoria To Marry Personal Trainer (SKY News):

Crown Princess of Sweden Video Tribute:


The Spanish Constitution Challenged


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Spanish royal birth prompts succession debate (Daily Mail)

Under Spain's current constitution, male children take precedence over females in the line of succession, so if Felipe and Letizia later had a boy, he would be next in line to the throne.


29th anniversary of the Spanish constitution-En-France24 (Dec 5, 2007):
December 6th marks the 29th anniversary of the Spanish constitution. And for the first time, its basic tenets are being challenged by the far left, and by the far right.


UK's 'discriminatory' royal law 
may be changed by Max Foster CNN


London,England (CNN) --The British government has accepted that laws surrounding succession to the throne could be "discriminatory" and that "discussions have started" to change them, CNN has learned. (See Related News Here)


Current rules state older daughters are overlooked in favor of the first-born son, and non-Protestants are banned from assuming the throne.

The development comes as Britain gears up for the royal wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William -- second-in-line to the throne as the eldest son of theheir to the throne, Prince Charles.

Asthe wedding preparations gather speed it was almost inevitable the couple would be asked about their hopes for children.

Prince William told ITN: "I think we'll take it one step at a time. We'll sort of get over the marriage first and then maybe look at the kids. But obviously wewant a family so we'll have to start thinking about that."

It's the most simple of wishes for any engaged couple but, if you're second in line to become king, and head of state for the Commonwealth countries as well, the first born could spark a constitutional crisis.

If Kate and William were to have a daughter followed by a son, then the son would currently be next in line for the throne after William.

Inthe 21st century that will likely be more unpalatable than it was in the 18th century when the 1701 Act of Settlement laid down the succession laws.

The British government confirmed to CNN that it has been working on this matter behind closed doors.

The Cabinet Office said: "The Government accepts there are provisions which could be discriminatory.

"Discussion shave started with those Commonwealth countries who would be directly affected by any change in the rules, and are continuing, but it would not be appropriate to release details at this stage."

These discussions also deal with religious discrimination inherent in the laws surrounding succession, the Cabinet Office says.

If William was Catholic, he could not succeed to the throne. He also could notbecome king if Kate had been Catholic.

The anti-Catholic clause is a throw back to the 1600s when the Catholic King James II was perceived as favoring Catholics and appointing them to positions of power.

While the Act of Settlement says only Protestants are eligible to succeed, it also specifically bans Catholics.

Professor Rebecca Probert, a family law expert at Warwick University in central England,explained the shortcomings of the anti-Catholic clause.

"The reason that's bizarre is because you don't forfeit the right to the throne if you marry someone who subsequently becomes a Catholic so the act doesn't even achieve what it sets out to achieve.

"He could marry any other religion. He could marry a Satanist, a Scientologist, aMuslim, a Methodist and that would have no impact whatsoever in his right to succeed to the throne."

Keith Vaz, a British member of parliament, said: "I think they are all sitting down praying that Prince William and Kate Middleton have a son first, because if they do there is no need to consider this for some time to come."

Vaz added that the current boys' first rule was "offensive" and he wants to see the 310-year-old law updated.

He has proposed a bill to outlaw the discriminatory parts of the succession rules,which says: In determining the line of succession to the Crown and to all the rights, privileges and dignities belonging there to, no account shall be taken of gender.

But he doesn't just need to get it through the UK parliament. He also needs the support of every parliament in all 15 realms or countries where the queen is monarch. So far he has the support of just one, St Lucia.

A Buckingham Palace spokesperson said the laws for succession and the possibility of changing them was a matter for government.


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