(Pardon me, Mr. President.) The Obama Doctrine, For Bullies Who Feel Threatened?

Dan Huck
by Dan Huck

"Just Preemptive Total Devastation",  prior to now, had been the exclusive option of the God of Abraham. Under the terms of our new nuclear policy, not only are 2d class, non-nuclear weapon nations, not to be allowed to have enrichment capability, which they are entitled to under the terms of the NPT,  but the claim is being made by my country we will reserve the right to use a nuclear weapon against Iran and North Korea, neither of whom are at war with us

Our fear regarding Iran ostensibly is they 'may' develop the ability to create nuclear weapons, and if they do, they 'may', if they are enriching uranium even for peaceful purposes, develop the competence and have the wherewithal to actually create the weapon. The Obama Doctrine, which appears to state the US has determined it will decide on it's own, the option is on the table,  we will use a nuclear weapon first strike against Iran if we choose to.  I won't say unprovoked, because provocation can be in the eye of the beholder.

I'm sure we believe it will never come to that; I imagine every lawbreaker never thinks the worst case scenario of their evil endeavor will come to pass. However, they frequently do.

"We are doing it for a 'friend'", something like what former Mayor (of Boston) Curley once said. We want Israel, which wreaks havoc at the drop of a hat, not to feel left out in the cold, worried it might be unable to devastate Iran without suffering mutual destruction, to be assured we will do it for them, if Iran does not give in to Israeli and American ultimatums.

Is there not something indecorous and embarassing, perhaps shameful, about threatening a relatively weak  country (unarmed with nuclear weapons) with a nuclear weapon attack less than a week before an international Nuclear Security Summit we are sponsoring?


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Peace Prize Winner

by capt_ayhab on

I suppose this is how Nobel Peace Prize winner earns his marks. By killing millions with Atomic Bombs.

Sane world............ Freedom Loving World.... What an empty vessel full of crap.


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Israel must return ALL US Tax Dollars

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Obama clearly let Netanyahu take over after the last trip to the US.

Again, Israel should stay away. Let them try to be independent for one year. Just one. There are Americans who are eating out of trashcans and who are filling homeless shelters (with young children). Israeli apartment settlements can surely wait, right Bibi??!?! Sicko.

Israel is ineligible for AID packages because it prohibits IAEA inspection, wont' sign NPT, and is nuclear armed.


Great points

by Abarmard on

Thanks for this important blog.



by Sirius on

I don't worry for North Korea...

 ( They are arsch kickers... ;)  )

Music, Maestro....




Their cartoons are cool too ;)







Great blog and thanks for honest look at this issue

by Bavafa on

When a nuclear armed nation threatens a non nuclear nation with atomic bombs, it believe it is the world's collective responsibility to reign in this rouge nation.

These are dangerous words coming from a nation that has elected herself as the world's leader. This is setting up examples for others to follow and we ought to be careful what sort of examples we are setting as it may come and hunt us later.