Not the SS, But the Literature of a Great Country - Hear (a Jew) O Israel

Dan Huck
by Dan Huck

This poem, "Hore, O Israel", written by German Poet, Erich Fried, now deceased, was a German Jew, a friend of Gunter Grass.  This poem speaks even more eloquently to Jews and Gentiles with a heart and tear ducts now than it did in 1967, when it was written.  Mr. Fried's widow, name to follow, referred to the fact he was a Jew, that he had been expelled by the Nazis from Austria in 1938, that later when he became critical of Israel and wrote many poems about the Israeli/Arab conflict, that he had been followed by the Mossad, and himself scapegoated by Zionists, in a letter to the Guardian 4/8 in which she commented on the irony of Grass being pilloried because he had been enrolled in the junior SS when he was 17, and her husband because he was a Jew! 

Hear, O Israel!

When we were the persecuted

I was one of you

How can I remain one

when you become the persecutors?

Your longing was

to become like other nations

who murdered you

Now you have become like them

You have outlived those

who were cruel to you

Does their cruelty

live on in you now?

You ordered the defeated:
'Take off your boots
Like the scapegoat
you drove them into the wilderness

into the great mosque of death
whose sandals are of sand
But they did not take upon them the sin
you wished to lay on them

The imprint of their naked feet
in the desert sand
outlasts the traces
of your bombs and your tanks

Written in 1967, After the Six Day War, name of translator to follow


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Excellent poem....

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Thank you

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Dan Huck

This Poem, "Hear, O Israel" is by German Jewish Poet Erich Fried

by Dan Huck on

Initially, when I was preparing this blog, the credit info was included.  I apologize for the lack of proper credit to internationally acclaimed German Jewish poet Erich Fried, who passed away in 1988.   


Thanks Dan,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

This poem points to part of the reason Democracy as practiced by the USA isn't something we will ever see recreated in iran or actually anywhere in the world after it is brought down.  If polticians can run and function independently of the constitution, with just the power at their disposal then such forms of government are guarateed rise and fall. 

Your longing was

to become like other nations

who murdered you

Now you have become like them

 Dan, This  is a great intro to this blog //



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Excellent Post.

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