As Cats Playing With Cornered Mice, The West Toys With Its' Victims, But the People of the West Are Also Victims!


Dan Huck
by Dan Huck

Did Iran withdraw its' cooperation with the IAEA? Oh, my God!

No, they're still there trying to work things out, taking the heat and sanctions even though it seems agreed they have no nuclear weapons program. We're beating up on the people of Iran because of a suspicion a suspicion is warranted, warranted regarding the possibility Iran might, might mind you, consider deviating from their peaceful nuclear program's progress to re-start a weaponization program that had been ended in 2003. (In spite of the fact Iran had been a victim, more than a million dead, of a war instigated by the West, by our Ally, Saddam Hussein). Doubly confirmed, it now seems, by the discovery we heard it with our own ears on intercepted phone calls of the leader of the weaponization program.

No, it was Israel which has withdrawn its' cooperation with the UN Human Rights Council over the decision, only the US opposing, to send an official investigating body to the West Bank to determine the treatment the Palestinians are receiving at the hands of their captors, (their jailers, really). It was only a few years ago the Israelis were killing Palestinians in Gaza like birds in a cage. Now they are getting ready to do it again. Then, it started around Christmas 2008, fourteen hundred Gazans dead to thirteen Israelis was the final tally, 300 of whom were sitting duck children.

Now, the UN Human Rights Council is calling, in effect, for a new Goldstone Inquiry into the effect of the illegal Israeli settlements in the Occupied Territories! Likud leaders are thinking of all the bad press they received, all the friends they lost, all of the Jews throughout the world who are ashamed when they think their friends and customers will lump them together with the images and stories they have seen and read on and other courageous internet sites which are doing their damnedest to get the word out in the larger Jewish community about what's really going on in Israel. These people are heroes, like the student, professor, and clerical leaders of the White Rose movement in Germany during the Nazi era were.

The Israeli leadership thinks this is a trick to distract the nations of the world from the Syrian debacle, which of course is partly due to our meddling through 'well intentioned' NGO democracy advocacy. What has resulted is hugely in response to the secret support of dissident elements by nations of the West. More than 300 of the fatalities there are children, the difference being those Syrian kids are dying in the crossfire of the government and the forces armed by outside instigators.

Jews rightly, justifiably, were outraged the 'International Community' turned mostly deaf ears to their cries from Auschwitz, calling for the West to bomb the camps, and went on playing power politics talking and thinking about millions of Poles, Jews, Gays, Catholics, Roma, etc., in a dispassionate manner, perhaps just collateral damage as were the children of Dresden who died in our massive bombing of that city, basically after the war was over, in an exercise of needless violence.

It takes a lot to get big countries to wake up! But now the shoe is on the other foot.

Israel (I mean the Jewish People), you have been abused like no other. But now, in your name, but not to your benefit, so-called leaders are using your history for their own purposes, by dominating and devastating peoples and nations in their neighborhood they are working to bring the fantastic profits brought to their armaments industries through their unholy alliance with our own military-industrial complex in the Iraq War to any new flashpoint they can exploit. Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, wherever they can.
We may lose these wars, but they are winning big!

It's not about nuclear, it's not about Hamas.   Because it's not about what's in the news, people who are opposed to the cruelty and apparent senselessness of the West's behavior are at a loss to understand why there is no debate, how the neocons and the Likud partisans simply do not respond when their lies are pointed out, their facts are wrong, they are wrong. But you see, it doesn't matter! They are holding the marbles; they control the media, they simply ignore dissident voices, and isn't it about time the rest of us accept them for what they are? They are the controllers. They have control and they will not give it up until it is taken from them at the ballot box.

It's about population manipulation through propaganda for the benefit of the few who will do anything, anything, for massive profits and the domination of nations into the future.

For a clearer explanation of what I'm referring to, see the article by Paul Craig Roberts, at institute for Political Economy, "Empires Then and Now", posted March 26.


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Soosan Khanoom

Exactly !

by Soosan Khanoom on

It's about population manipulation through propaganda for the benefit of the few who will do anything, anything, for massive profits and the domination of nations into the future. "